Kamen Rider Drive Tire Koukan Series TYPE SPEED & TIRE SET 1: EmGo’s Kamen Rider Reviews N’ Stuff

I see you like red and black we like red and black – he's one of us hey what's up my peoples em go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing the Kamen Rider Drive tire cocon series TK 0 1 and TK 0 to drive on tire sets 1 so here we are and there they are ready first and foremost as always we'll take a quick look at the packaging so here is dry as packaging they have an expression there of Drive up top you have a picture of drive 0 1 in the series that you have drive with the max Flair tire on on the back of the box you have your oblique Ettore product shots does this that the other all that good stuff and of course you gets our pokémon that's basically it for that the packaging for the tires set right here you just have drive with with the three tires on the top of the box with the same thing on the side you have the three individual tires on the bottom just got a drive logo on the back of the box forget your obligatory product shots does this that yeah they're all that good stuff and a second side piranha and you get two of them in one show that's awesome and that's it's for that packaging so here we have Kamen Rider drives this is basically their budget line this is the kind of chippy gimmick line um but it's kind of fun um but we'll take a look at the figure itself so here we have Kamen Rider Drive Tamati shinnosuke and I like drive design I really do it is very obviously very car oriented it's definitely a car motif going on here but it looks really really cool getting closer on the head sculpt and it's very nice nicely detailed it's not all picked out in paint but it's still nicely detailed with nice white stripes here nice silver Ryder logo right there the eyes are very nice the eyes obviously are made to look like car headlights so it's cool and you do get a lot of detail here in the mouth plate and very cool back of the helmet again lots of nice detail and a really nice design I really like drives design and these I guess maybe are supposed to be the turn signals on the shoulders and it's an overall very very cool design again not everything is picked out in pain see the driver here is just great plastic it just has the type speed logo on it and you got the shift card holder right here again nothing has picked out in pain it's all just great plastic as well as the shift brace right here again nothing is picked out in paints and we do get some those silver details here need to get some striping down the side his knee pads are actually picked out with some nice silver paint and they are made to look like I guess he brake and the gas pedals we got the design here on the boots air down to his feet just some copyright information on the bottoms of issues I like the back of the suit the back of the suit is really cool because it is made to look like the underside of a car and and this is accurate through the suit on the show the back of the suit doesn't have anything like you know actually colored it's all just black so this is actually pretty accurate so they go but it's it's a very very cool figure articulation wise his head is on a ball-joint so you get some Wiggly lightly movements the shoulders are on a ball-joint also they're a little limited in their range you can only move this arm up that launch you can do a full 360 you do get a little bit of inward and outward flex you do get a bicep so we do get an elbow joint you do get rotation at the forearm here as well as a wrist level the hands open and close you can see the four fingers are kind of molded separately here you have these two fingers molded together and these two fingers molded together he does have a wrist swivel that likes to go forward that much back that much out full outward movement there you do get a thigh swivel you a little over 90 degrees there of knee bend and you do get nice ball jointed feet with a nice range of movement nice range of tilt there so there you go now he does have his tire it's tire sash right here and there's some molded detail on it actually does have type speed mold it into it which is pretty cool with nice red and black and it does spin it doesn't spend true freely online I seen others where it just spins nice and smoothly Oh mines it doesn't spin die freely but it spins it's there and of course for a comparison we will bring in the arms change game so you can see how the last gimmick line scales with the new gimmick lines as you can see there they're basically the same heights so there you go there is with gaim and yeah as the name of this series suggests he can tire coke on or tire change you can change his tires so the tire that is included with drive with the figure itself is the max flair tire now it is done in a very nice trans clear and orange plastic I don't know how well you can see it but you can see it's molded right in there max flair with a nice silver rim on the inside very cool and to change the tires you're basically just going to you're going to rip them in half you're literally going to rip them in half just freaking like that yeah it's that's horrific that's really just horrific and remove the tire and again has the same silver painted details on the inner rim there then you take your max Flair now you want to insert the tire with the screws side down that's the only way it will go in so you just take it clip right on clip the other half of his body back on and there you go now the one little gimmick with this tire is then you can come here you can flip out these little panels and these are little fire panels there on the next layer tire just go around just push out each one come on some of them want to get stuck on me there we go I think pushing some of them in as I'm rotating the tire there we go and I don't know how well you can see it but each each of these little panels actually does have a little a little flame design molded onto it so there's quite an attention to detail even being the you know the gimmick line so there he is with the max Flair tire and obviously as the name implies it gives him the power of fire and also this can spin again that is not as freely as that as I've seen on other copies of the toy but it can spin so there he is with the max flat tire natural is pretty cool I like the max Flair tire now unfortunately you can't switch out you know the little plate on here to have the next or logo or anything these are like the figure arts you know again this is the kind of budget gimmick line so these are figure arts they're not going to have that level of detail they're just meant to be fun toys that you can mess with now we'll get down to tire set number one in this line and with this set you get three tires you get just this hunter you get massive monster and you get funky spike so we'll work on wery well then this is where my tongue stops working because it has to happen because it's my video we will start from the least interesting into the most interesting so the least interesting is the funky spike tire now unfortunately these the rim is not picked out in silver it's just gray plastic as you can see it's just a green tire with spikes on it that are funky as you can see right there mold it into the tire funkier spike and there you go so we'll just rip Temari in half let the next flare tires close it all up and off the side air plug again funky spike again screw sides down plug that in put them back together and there you go there he is with funky spike stand stand man stand your men of the law stand Strix hey there he is a funky spike nothing all that exciting I mean it looks cool on them and again it can spin so there you have them with funkier spike so next up we have stand up stand thank you next up we have justice hunter now this comes in two pieces and one nice thing is that you know you can basically put everything together to make it you know freeze your storage so that's nice so here's he justice hunter tire bite itself and again it's just kind of a it's kind of a lighter red a lighter red plastic it's just got that again no no this is picked out in silver paint it's just gray and you can see right here molded into the tire itself Justice Hunter and this is this great weapon you know he throws he throws this over the enemy and actual bars will come down around it basically making a jail around them so that's how Justice Hunter works and you know to peg everything together for storage use here just two tabs right here on either side in there two slots right there so you just taken and just step together and there you go for easy storage but now well actually give him the tire so we'll wrap up it off rip that out plug into justice hunter tighter lock him back together and we'll give him his great of Justice neiko and when he's done with it he can make some barbecue so there he is with you Justice Hunter tire and again this one as you can see this one spins nice and freely so there you go so he is with the Justice Hunter tire which is not that different from the type speed tire it's pretty plain so now you have that and last but not least get this out of his hands for now last but not least we have the most interesting one and my favorite one from this set the massive monster tire this was really cool this is done in a nice it's almost kind of a this Green has a nice Sheen to it and it just it gives it gives it almost a metallic to it but it's really nicely done I see the eyes they're more pupils picked out in purple and very cool so basically this is this consists of three different parts here so you have to take this apart and inside you have the tire itself so you just remove the tire which is pegged in there very well there we go you can see the tire itself actually has a monster face on it that's just yelling at you it's so angry why is it so angry if it's still nicely done the teeth are picked out and wipe the eyes are in white the pupils they're in green you see here again mold it in there must've mom Stas oh there you go and again nothing's picked out in silver here as far as the rim goes now these stories for this how you put this all back together you can see those two little post right here in two ports right there so you're just gonna line everything out plug it together and then you take the top half there's one you can see you know it has a couple teeth here there's one big tooth so basically you just want to line up the big tooth with the big gap here in the bottom line it all up and it plugs all together into a nice neat little package which I really do appreciate that's really cool so we will get this on Drive here that there we go so we'll put this on Drive let's rip it off take that off put this back together here oops come on work with me there we go put that back together put that off to the side and we'll get massive monster on him that's just hilarious plug in back together here and there you have that and these will basically become his weapons when he uses this tires so you can see they actually have handles here you just want to take it wrapping represents around if he doesn't hold them super solid they are pretty loose but if you can get it into a good pose you can get kind of a good chomping pose going here so let's just wrap his hand around this and there you go now you have them with the massive monster tiger and the massive monster weapon here that's pretty cool it's it's so silly but I like it I think this is I think it's just really fun so they have him with massive monster I like that I just really like that he just had this just has this is like monstrous screaming face on his chest now and again the tire can spin this one spins a bit more smoothly but of course you want that face just staring right at you just staring into your soul so there you have them with the massive monster tire and there you have it so let me just get his type speed tire back on them get him back together here for some final thoughts hoops then at the plug it all the way in there and go get these out of his hands let's go that Garamond let scare so there you have it you have the first two installments of the tire cocon series for kamen rider drive and yeah it's it's fun um Chad dill this lineup it's a fun line it definitely it it doesn't have the playability of the arms change line the one fun thing about the arms change line is you can just mix and match the armors to your heart's content you can't really do this you can't really do that with this line because all you're doing is just switching out the tire on his chest so while it doesn't have the playability of the arms change line it's still it's a fun idea it's still a fun gimmick it still gives you display options because you can have him with whatever tire you want and there is another set of tires that is out and all the tires that come with these tire cocon series figures are all interchangeable so you have that there it's a neat fun little toy if drive interest you in any way then this is definitely a way to go at this point now with the figure arts coming out I'm sure these are becoming a lot more readily available because I'm sure people are selling off these in place of the figure arts I know a lot of people did that with the gaim line I mean once the guy figure art started coming out I saw a bunch of Martin arms change figures on Monday and on eBay like people were just selling them off because they were replacing them with the figure arts so you know if this interests you in any way I am pretty sure it's not going to be hard to hunt down especially now with the figure arts coming out so this is you in any way by all means pick it up and if you would like any other common writer merchandise or toys you can check out big bad toy store come for availability there will be a link in the description down below so do check it out and I think that's pretty much it so don't forget to check out mmm check out Laurie plan follow me on Twitter all of that good stuff down in the description below and I think that's pretty much all there is si so there is the Kamen Rider Drive tire cocon series TK 0 1 and TK 0 to drive and tire set 1 and this is M gosain remember you don't stop playing because we grow old you grow old because you stop playing be geek be proud palm in your face do you know you have a big tire stuck to you yes but it's kind of silly isn't it you realize you're wearing a big orange right we have an orange sword what's your point what's your point have a good day sir you too

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