Gentoxin solution replenished. Altered-state has reached nominal levels. Suit up. What? What's going on? It's an attack! What? Let's evacuate! What's going on? (KAMEN RIDER 555) (EPISODE 1) (1 YEAR AGO) (KIBA RESIDENCE) So cute! It's funny seeing you so small. Enough already. -This is embarrassing!
-So what? Next one! You two sure are having fun! Here you are. Here. Wow, look at him! He's making the peace sign. Peace! Peace, peace! So this is when we met! Weren't you lucky to meet a girl like me? Don't just agree with her! That just ends the conversation! I'm sorry my son is so boring.

No, it's not a problem. It's that same personality that's let us
go a year without fighting once! Wow, so it's already been a year? Yes, tomorrow makes it one year exactly. A bicycle date? Why not take a car? Well, the first time we dated… I still didn't have my license. We just biked around then. She wants to do the same thing again. She sounds like a good girl,
so take good care of her! Okay! Didn't I tell you
to stop agreeing so easily? Who knows what your father might tell you. You must be jealous. Of course not. I love Chie too. He's dead! So this patient has been
in a coma for two years? Yes, ever since a terrible accident. His parents both died,
and only he survived.

Lately, nobody has come to visit him. Not even his girlfriend,
who used to come every day. -Get the doctor!
-Yes! Death confirmed. Unfortunately,
this is the end of the line. Time of death… Help! (KYUSHU) Hey! I said wait up! I'll have the cold soup with extra sesame,
and light on the cucumber. Alright! And we're looking forward to
another year of broadcasting… -What'll you have?
-Nothing, I'm not hungry. -Then you should go.
-That's cold! You fixed my bike even though
you don't know me from Adam! And what was I supposed to do,
leave you stranded in the street? -On second thought, I probably should've.
-Welcome! I just wanna thank you! -What'll you have?
-I'm going to meet my friends. So come with us on our trip! Here you go. That looks great! I'll have one of the same! Okay! Thanks for the food! Thank you! Hey, hang on a sec! I said hang on! Come on, let's hang out a minute! Hey, are you trying to dine and dash? -Stop!
-Life is frail, life is limited.

So why don't you think about true life? Be smart, true life original start. Explosive sales, kaboom! Welcome home, Yuji! I bet you were cold! Sorry to keep you waiting. So you got out of the hospital today. Listen, Uncle, there's something
I need to ask. I went back to the house, but… After the accident… your father's company went bankrupt. Leaving behind a great debt. Your house was
handed over to his creditors. I'm sorry. What are we gonna do? I don't wanna take him in. We won't do that. Don't worry. And what if he finds out… that you lied about the company? You sold the house
and the company for yourself, right? I never thought… that Yuji would rejoin the living. Sheesh. I wish he died peacefully and left us. Hey! You never know when to quit, huh? I almost respect it. We didn't introduce ourselves. -I'm Daisuke Makino.
-I'm Kohei Noma.

And I'm Hiroshi Isawa. We aren't causing any trouble! Yeah, we're just taking a trip… -Wait, where are you going?
-Somewhere you aren't. Hang on, we'll come too. Don't touch that, never touch that! Got it? All of you? -Understood.
-Understood. Alright, say "Cheese!" Alright, this one's good! My turn. Hurry it up! Okay! Give me a break, what is their problem? Sorry to keep you waiting,
get it while it's hot! But Daisuke sure is late. -He's always taken years on the commode.
-Yeah. -Hey, where are you going?
-The bathroom! Or so you thought, bye! No way. How? What do you mean Daisuke's dead? What? -Where is he?
-He's gone! He disappeared! There was a body here! Yuji! Chie, do you remember what today is? Congratulations
on getting out of the hospital.

Yuji, I have to tell you… Hey, it's our first anniversary! You said you wanted to go
on a bike date, remember? Get on! Today isn't our first anniversary. It might be for you. But not for me. What are you talking about? Get on! Yuji. Nothing's changed for you. But I'm not… the same person I was. Sorry. What's wrong, Chie? Yuji, this isn't your girlfriend anymore. Come on. A lot has changed while you were sleeping. What, you're still worried about Daisuke? It's fine, it was just some prank. His bike was missing too,
so he'll be back soon. That's right. See, there he is. Now listen here! How could you laugh at this? What is going on? What is this? -Who are you?
-Hand over your bag. Could it be that you're the… Hey. It's no use, you can't get away from me. Yuji! Who are you, and what did you
do to the others? Run away, this guy's a killer! No, that's not right.

Yuji, what do you want? I could care less about your grudges. What did I ever do? Tell me. Why is this happening to me? You died already. It's what you get for coming back! Hand over the belt. Give it back, that's my belt! Wait, this isn't mine. What is this? My fault? No. No! It's not my fault! What, so it's my problem? Yeah, I think so. Standing by. Henshin! Error.

It seems you can't
harness the power of the belt. What are you doing? Give it a try! Standing by. Complete. What's with this getup? So this is… the power of the belt. Open your eyes for the next Faiz. So your name's Takumi Inui? How did I do it? What am I? Yo, how 'bout you hand over that bag? Do you have any idea what this is? That's him, that's the criminal! How's this? Orphnocs are beings
which have transcended humanity. Orphnoc? Henshin! What is your journey? (KAMEN RIDER 555 IS FICTION).

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