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For those who do not know yet, Kamen Rider Faiz was the one who gave me a start and free rein inside from the world of the Masked Horseman, since it was the first series I saw complete, I had already seen some before, but this was the first one I finished seeing, conferring the title of my favorite series in the franchise. And of course, anyone hearing this will say that my criticism will not be impartial and I will pass it on giving [ __ ] to this work … and my answer is: Yes …

And no. My criticism will be impartial, but also half of the video I'll be sucking on Faiz. So enjoy the video As always started the videos, I had planned to start with the plot of the series but OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW MUCH TEXT. The synopsis of the series, in itself is complicated and extensive, and I want to start from here. Until then, Kamen Rider had been characterized by having simple plots but with a deeper development of bliss, climbing these plots to go up steps for each little story. In Agito we have in the first episode this brunette discussing the purchases with the good-looking Mana, and in the final episodes you have him giving his mother to God. But with Faiz it is different, the plots are exposed from the first chapters, They give you all the questions and character plots from the beginning to develop. This makes the series feel constantly in action and from the first moments, the doubts regarding the mysteries of the plot.

It's not your typical Ryuki where in the middle of the series, the rhythm is lost and in the end things are accelerated. But I get involved, what is Faiz about then? Look, I could just read the wiki, but I'd be here for two hours, The work is about the evolution of humanity, the Orpheonocs, and how the Smart Brain company tries to make all humans turn into this race, but this leads to the death of one The vast majority, this leads to two groups (which I will talk about shortly), the first of which humans that are Takumi (hehehe), Mari and Keitaro to fight against these beings, and the second conformed by Kiba, Kaido and Osada, three rogue orpheonocs who do not seek to kill humans. And now yes, let's start gutting the characters. As I said before, the play divides the protagonists into two groups, so far in even the series after this one, they have formed a standard containing three main characters, two men, one woman. Two men a woman. Two men one woman, two men one woman. And Faiz, is no exception … More however, unlike the previous ones, it places TWO groups of protagonists who acquire a similar importance, more inclined towards the group of humans, but in the end, it is quite fair.

The series begins by introducing you to Kiba, fooling you that he will be the main Rider and Mari gives it a lot of importance that when you least expect it PUM, this guy you don't know about nor does his name end up transforming into Rider. And the series does not stop giving bombs because you with him very first episode, Kiba was already introduced to you as a villain, but no, Kiba forms his group of orpheonocs that he eventually meets and is trained as a protagonist trying to be a hero. Looking at the sides of the coin like it's some strange subversion from the Rider narrative, Takumi is introduced as someone annoying, selfish and does not even want to face his role as the main Rider, and Kiba on the other hand is someone kind to people, who seeks the common good and who faces the standard of the orpheonocs, it is as if the villain had crossed his role with the main Rider.

And it doesn't stop there, because these two meet throughout the series and they support each other to develop constantly, since they get along and they both look like admirable figures to each other, BUT DOESN'T STOP, because under the mask of Rider and orpheonoc these two hate each other to death without knowing their identities. And because of this son of a [ __ ] eventually they both know who each other is but they They fight over a series of misunderstandings and PUM PAM PEM are friends again, They fight together, but PUM Takumi is an orpheonoc, Kiba becomes evil, they fight, they reconcile for a greater good, Kiba sacrifices himself and PUM CREDITS. Well, I'll have to say better in a few moments, but let's go back. The division of these two groups of characters creates a better development in your story, While these groups are mostly seen separately, there are constantly small plots where the paths normally cross to create drama between them.

And it is that drama is the element that surrounds Faiz the most, it is common to see memes on the internet about how Kiva seems like a soap opera but really, I lean more towards Faiz in this area. Much of the work you will see constant misunderstandings and loves Among the main characters, let's talk about them for each one. Takumi, undoubtedly one of the best protagonists in Kamen Rider, I have always enjoyed the Riders who have a personality beyond the good good notes of turn, those characters who deviate from that formula are the ones who stand out the most, this is why guys like Takumi, Tendou Souji, Sento Kiryuu or Wataru Kurenai are so remembered, regardless of being well or poorly developed, they are more connoted by their different personalities from the conventional. And it is that although, Takumi is an annoying character in the first instance by the other cast, always shows that he actually has affection for those around him, with Kiba It is with whom in small moments of history he has ties that strengthen his friendship little by little, the relationship between these two is so good that it helps to develop each other, Osada Yuka makes Takumi see in an episode that not all orpheonocs are evil and Keitaro is the one who, despite the teasing, ends up being a great influence for his dream.

Mari is a rare character, although she is the main scorer of how these two groups are related and one of the main protagonists does not have a big change around the series, it is perceived in the same way as at the end, he is not an irritating person, but without a doubt his development feels mostly null, even at the angular moment of his death and resurrection, although at first it seems that nothing will be the same as before, episodes later she is the same Mari as always.

Keitaro is ok, as a company character he has his moments and he is the one who makes them feel pleasant situations, he is one of those characters impossible to hate and in the end he is one of those people who It is their turn to see the cruel side of the world, it is lovely to see the scenes that connect it, uh to say that its main development story is introduced very well, the messages text with that unknown person are a good initiator to give us confidence in Osada and Keitaro, BUT, it starts out well, but is completely left out in the middle of the series, and in the end when they discover their identities, yes, it is a captivating and sad moment, because it comes Osada Yuka's death, it feels like a little more drama could be given with these messages. Kiba, perhaps the second or first best character in the series, his story is a constant journey emotional for wanting to trust humanity and fight despite the cards being against them, I have to say that it seems very good to me how his attitude is developed in which he seems to be someone perfect and good-natured, but he really has more facets to his personality than meets the eye, there are moments where he explodes, where he is approved of everything he believes so far angular where it stops relying on humans and joins Smart brain, here we fall into a polarized issue about the final arc of the series and its quality, and we'll talk about it later.

Osada Yuka is the girl of the group of orpheonocs, just like Keitaro is a character who plays see the worst of the world first-hand, without a doubt it is one of the characters that suffer the most around of the series, there are things that I do not like at all, first her personality, although she is treated as a lighter one, a very forgettable one is felt by the viewer, and second, its arc where it is treated like an evil orpheonoc, around the series the thread is pulled that she actually has a grudge for humans and the subject is discussed on several occasions, but in reality it is not reached nothing in particular, yes, his death is triggered in part by these attitudes and leads to this final bow, while it partly feels organic, I think they could do more with this theme.

And finally, Naoya Kaido, this is cataloged within the best characters of the series, He has an explosive personality and although he seeks to appear to be someone who reads, he matters little life and people, is the one who most seeks to protect humans throughout the series. Arguably the inaugurator of the meme characters within Kamen Rider, and without a doubt he is a simple character, but one that fits very well in his world. And those are the 6 main characters that lead to a future in others villains and Riders, here I will be more concise so as not to bore you more than necessary.

Kusaka Masato is undoubtedly a hated and loved character, For my part, I must say that he is one of the best characters in the series, Although he has this annoying attitude for the other protagonists and commits dubious acts of morality, He is the one who most seeks to annihilate the orpheonocs without question, disappears for a good part of the series without justification, but he's a pretty good character. Lucky Clover's villains represent the lazy side of the series, by focusing both in the dramas of the protagonists, it ends up leaving aside the development of these, to the point that they are so forgettable villains that I don't even remember their names. The girl from the bar is introduced like a son of a [ __ ], but it's super flat and forgettable, the same with the guy in the poems, although with the entrance of Kitazaki they turn him into a meme character, it does not stop being flat. Murakami the leader of Lucky Clover and Smart Brain, has a forgettable personality, flat and bitter.

He is presented to us as someone super powerful but he only fights once with the protagonists transformed into orpheonoc and, in the end, he ends up sacrificing himself. Kitazaki is ok, he was the first major Delta user and he was amazing while he was, she starts out well, as one of the most powerful characters but then she becomes everyone's [ __ ]. And speaking of Delta users, Mihara, the second Delta user, why? Because Kitazaki pulled the belt, and why did he do this? Well because potato, they did not know how to get rid of the villain, they give him a bow where he decides to fight, but he is always in the shadow of the true protagonists, forgettable, I only know their name because I looked for it right now and it is a 0 to the left. So much drama, so many characters, and it all declines in the series finale, is it good? It is bad?, it is certainly mediocre.

The ending is mainly about this boy who turns out to be the Orpheonoc king, The problem with this story is that it was put on us at the last minute, their presence feels forced to end the series, it does not even make sense that it has his incarnation in a child, if the belts were supposed to be created to protect the king, How is it a boy? In theory, years must have passed after the creation of these. Then you have Kiba's betrayal, although it feels credible that he doesn't have faith in humans, it makes no sense for him to ally himself with Smart Brain, the company that made him suffer so much, even though Hanagata has made the change it doesn't make sense. And then its disappointing presence as evil until the end, where he redeems himself and fights against the king that was not bad.

The final finale, of the series, certainly feels disappointing, the boy who was king orpheonoc lives for some reason, there are unfinished plots and characters like the members of the Lucky Clover, The main group did not have a bad ending, but when you see it you feel an emptiness, They could have done better, but meh, it's Kamen Rider, what to expect from his finals. The fights in Faiz are incredible, the style they handle is amazing, the best camera shots are squeezed here with very good shots, the show's gimmick is properly exploited. The finishers do not They tend to tire because having several for a character, the tone of each one is varied. Apart from the fact that when they do them, they have very stunning effects, and not only the fights with Rider are good, something that differentiates this series from others, is that you will see followed by the orpheonoc fight each other, gives more life to the enemies of the show and sees them organically. The scenes where the orpheonoc kill humans are heartbreaking and graphic.

Something to highlight from the series that also helps argumentatively, is that by giving them so much focus on the villains, they are made to see more as beings with feeling, Wow, in previous series, the monsters on duty were forgettable punching bags, but now having so much focus on them, it feels like a life is claimed after their death. Without a doubt this is a great section for the series. The opening transmits a quite exciting aura and fits very well with the series, the lyrics of the song talk about how the imminent presence of the orpheonoc invades the thoughts of the protagonists and what they have to live, the video has this mysterious but technological aura at the same time.

Unfortunately, like Ryuki, the opening is limited to instead of changing it to the second half of the series as Kuuga and agito had done, to simply put fractions of moments of the episode that you are about to see, It doesn't look bad and it looks better than Ryuki, but it still hurts honestly. Unlike previous series, Faiz had 3 endings, the most recognized is People with no name that you hear now, my favorite is Dead or Alive, the first, huh to say that its endings They are quite good for fights and help to see the progress you are making with the series. As for the OST, it has very good melodies for calm, for action it is a bit lacking, it has good themes, but they really occupy very few, Faiz's songs are mainly piano or guitar melodies, they look good for the dramatic style of the series and I quite like it, it is not the best, but it suits him well.

Kamen Rider Faiz was a great leap after the disappointment of the previous series, and he certainly scored guideline for future series in terms of his handling of drama and the way he sees the monsters on duty. Kamen Rider Faiz takes on the Kamen Rider scale, an 8.9 rating, yes, important enemies are quite mediocre, but it is compensated by the drama of its main characters well carried out, the final bow isn't a big deal, but it stays within the standard. Faiz worth seeing? Absolutely, it is recommended both for someone old in the franchise as for someone who has just started, that was my opinion and now it is your turnp, Leave me your opinion in the comments, and Open your Eyes, for the next video..

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