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check out Big Bad toy store calm for this and other great toys okay I know that fruit ninja game is popular but but this this is going too far hey what's up YouTube land and go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing the Kamen Rider gaim Arms change series game so here we are and there he is and first and foremost as always don't think I pick a look at the packaging so here it is you got half of guide me at all of gaming I'm going to cut you with things and on the other side you have got a more like I'm going to cut you some more and you're gonna like it on the top of the box you got it easy as one two three on the bottom of the box you have a picture of the actual actor in suit right there on the back of the box you have some bucket or II product shots does this that the other all that stuff bananas are coming up inside pac-man is always here moving right along so before we get down to the review I just want to give a shout out to some people here I want to give a shout out to Pandora and chance um they contacted me on Twitter a couple days ago and they sent me and Laurie planned these cool bracelets right here well Laurie plan has hers right now but yeah mainly these cool little bracelet it's very cool made one for more you play on the purple and silver one for her and thank you so much we love them really needs thank you you guys rock very cool very much appreciated thank you so much the awesome little bracelets I appreciate it thank you guys again you guys Rock so moving right along here we have right here a common or either guy now this is basically the base the base suit before you actually put the orange arms on it and I will just take a closer look here and then close there on the head you can see the head is done quite nicely you got the gold crest up here gots a nice silver detailing going on then the suit here you got some gold accents along with the silver here you got a single crew driver um no real paint on it the only thing they painted was a lock seat and they painted it silver and they're all painted silver the belt is done to that nice neon green as it should be you know not a lot of paint detail on these figures but again this is kind of the you know the budget line these are figure arts so you're not going to get like super detailed on them but still you know what detail needs to be there is there of course you get a little the paint detail here on the suit itself got some gold here on the gauntlets and some more gold paint going on right there you see here he actually has his lock seat holder on the side with three locks eats not painted but still cool that it is included here you have the holster for the mousou saber it on the back just you know screws and whatnot but they have the base figure articulation wise on it if the head is on a nice ball joints the arms can do a full 360 they can go in and out only about that far you do get a bicep swivel you get an elbow joint you do get a wrist swivel the fingers hands do open basically these two fingers are molded together and these two fingers are bolted together so it's basically all the hand articulation here to get he does have a waist joints the hips can go forward they can go back and go in and out you do get a thigh football you do get about 90 degrees of movement there on the knee and the feet are on the ball joint so you can get some good pivoting action going on so so breaking opposed ability on these guys now if you notice I don't know if you really saw this initially but we turn them sideways you notice that he has a big just gaping just gap in his head here now you see the visor here is done in a transparent plastic totally clear nothing behind it and he has this big gap in his head because basically the way the arms change figures work is here's the helmet piece that will go on you can see the the orange the orange slice texture going on in there and it's actually done a nice like metallic orange to which looks very nice all the details on it but basically this orange wedge is meant to slide right into that slot right there and as it does that it will fill in the visor and then you will see that are in slice in the visor it's a pretty cool effect it's not completely successful but it still works you know fairly well trying to get it in the light that's right there you go yeah that's basically how that works so if you're wondering why he has an enormous gap in his skull that that's why it's facilitate the actual gimmick there so of course speaking of the gimmick here is the orange this is the orange arms this is what will be his armor right here it's a done and a nice orange plastic there is some detailing here and what will be the chest piece got some gold trim here some silver got some metallic green up top so it is your orange now basically how this works is you're going to take this helmet Peecher gonna put it inside the orange how are you going to do that well you have to open it up it folds out into four panels like that oops this part popped off there we go we basically want to take this back panel here you notice here that there is a port and a slots and right here there is a peg any tab so you're just going to take it and just plug it in right there then hold them pretty securely and then you just bring that back up and you just tap it all back together so this will tab in right up front and these pieces will tab into the sides and there you got the orange all ready to go now how it works you'll see here that these pieces right here have little ah little tabs here for Clips basically and on his shoulders he has four notches right there so basically just going to take the orange you want to make sure that this the chest piece is facing forward your base is going to work as crust in there get that over his head and you want to make sure that those four clips all line up push it down go nice and locked in and now he has a big orange on his head which is pretty hilarious but once you have that done you just take the sides bring them down fold them up meet the shoulder pieces let's have that on tab it bring that down against the back there's even some silver detailing on the inner part here which is nice then you take this chest piece here bring it down hold it up and there you go there you have guy in his orange arms that's pretty cool it's it's really neat how this gimmick works and it is very nicely done now obviously this is not as streamlined as contoured to his body as the actual suit as you can see it that you know chest piece does stick out quite a ways and he has this giant thing hanging off his back obviously the in show suit it's a lot more condensed and a lot more streamlined but you know considering this actually has to work in real life this is the best I can do and it still looks good I still like the way it came out and again you can enough you can but you know in the right light you can actually see that orange in the visor itself and it's pretty cool it doesn't really hinder are much articulation at all I mean it's still pretty much your brush pose Marya one and these are on a hinge so they will move out of the way if you need them to be out of the way so pretty pretty neat figure I really do dig this line and of course it does come with his extra weapons he comes with his orange sword the guy Daimaru you can see here just you know the everything was basically done in this this blue plastic you can see here the handles then on the blue and the blade itself is painted orange which is nicely done and of course he comes with his Musso saber again just in that same blue plastic they did actually pick out some detail here they picked out the blade in silver and this inner here in gold so it does have a bit of pain app so you have that now one neat thing is there is actually storage for the mousou saber you notice here there is a port right here basically where the lock seed goes on the holster here there is a post and you just take it and you plug it in and there you go and you have storage for your mousou saber you can add the holster what's cool and of course you can old is orange sword the diamond who is putting his hands just closes fingers around it and he holds it fairly securely so there you have that and of course if you want to holding as Musso saber as well you can totally have that I've been wielding both of his weapons just close his hands around it it can be hard just to get his hands around the weapons but thank it is doable so you got them with both of his weapons but the cool thing is is that just like in the show you can take the die die module and the Musel saber and you can combine them you see here there is a slot right here and you just did handle plug it in and there you go you have the combine mode you see a double bladed orange sword saber Musso guy above just this orange miss better but you can all that and there you go neat figures very very neat figures I love this line like I said I basically have everything the only the only one I'm missing right now is is the watermelon arms that's the only one I'm missing on trying to track that down very fun line again you know detail wise you know it's it's not figure art level of detail like I said it's very basic paint apps going on here but they're fun it's fun and all the armors are interchangeable they all work the exact same way so you can take this and put this on where you again on bearing on zenkutsu and vice versa you can totally switch the armors around and that's really fun – gives it a lot of playability very fun figures would definitely recommend that if you're into gaming at all I would say pick these figures out there they're a lot a lot of fun so I think that's pretty much it so don't forget to check out end games check out Laurie plan follow me on Twitter mmm help me get my voice back oh good stuff down in the description below and I think that's pretty much all this to say so there is the Kamen Rider gaim arms change a series game and this is em go saying remember you don't stop playing because a grow old you grow old because you stop playing big eek be proud balm in your face Oh Mitchie Mitchie Mitchie count the Sun what's wrong I I was transforming and the orange got stuck they got stuck it won't come off I don't know what to do I'm getting scared uh help me Michi help me count the Sun count the Sun don't run into them he ran into the wall

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