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check out Big Bad toy store come for this and other great toys DJ gun huh finally I can use my music as a weapon I make music really hey what's up YouTube land and go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing the Kamen Rider gaim DX DJ gun so here we are and there it is that in the first and foremost as always we'll take a quick look at the packaging here it is you got a picture of the DJ gun and catchy dokie arms game my favorite form of gaim I love it I love it so much on the top you have the two modes yes is compatible with the catchy dokie lock scene duh on the side you got a cool picture there of guy Mandy catchy dokie arms long with the gun on the other side you get a picture I've got you ducky game with the gun in the Taikan mode I love this picture very cool picture there on the bottom is of game catchy doki arms on the back of the box of your obligatory product shots does this does that does all that other good stuff mix all kinds lights noises inside man miss clearance for the packaging so moving right along here we have the DJ gun the weapon of choice of guy him when he is in the catchy dokey arms and again my favorite favorite form of guy um kiwami arms is cool but for me catchy dokie just looked amazing and epic and I I love it and this gun is a really really fun toy I really dig it um you can see here there's just a lot of nice paint we're going on just lots of nice gold paint throughout you got a little bit of that Bandai silver here you have the space for the lock seed the idea the turntable done in a trance clearing plastic you got nice metallic orange going around with metallic green up top you have this nice nice red going down the handle it's a nice metallic orange paint going on there you have your switch for your different modes you have a nice trans clearance chamber right here which will serve a purpose later on very nicely done on the other side not allowed pain just a little stripe of that metallic orange and this is also still picked out with that gold paint and there you go there you have DJ gun and looks really really cool and it's a nice size too it's a really nice nice size for role play toy obviously still not as big as the one used on the show but it's still a nice size fits comfortably in the hand will in my hand anyway because I have small hands but um yeah it's it's a really nice size role play toy I really really dig it and uh yeah they just look down the barrel look down at your device anyway so right here on the back you have your on/off switch turn it on and you get you don't die idee Gigi I like that there you go now it's on now when you're not doing anything you just pull the trigger you get it's a standard shot and will cycle through the three different color LEDs a green orange and red where's that yellow that's yellow but they every basically shots you to rapid fire through it as you please and there you go now to act to activate the special attacks now much like the lock seeds this gun actually has three separate acts depending on how you have this thing set right here this lever set but you have three modes you have low you have medium and you have high so we'll start off on low and you're just going to scratch the turntable justify green light going pull the trigger you basically get like a shotgun blast now we'll move it up to medium and scratch it again just a little bit faster now and I got two lights going pull the trigger they get a much stronger blast and then we'll move it up to high scratch it again lot faster now you have all three lights going pull the trigger you get a rapid-fire sound effect and once you're done that just goes right back to the normal shotgun blast so they have the noises it makes by itself I'll move this back to low now I'll be asleep since this is the weapon for the catchy dokie arms it is compatible with the achacha dokie luck seed that's right so we will just plug this into your lock seed slots close it up again you can adjust the speed Oh so there you go once you have that done you pull the trigger catchy dokie powwow and uh here there you have that and I believe you do get different sound effects that's pretty much the same sound effect but this is also compatible with your other lock seats all about this s now much like with the other role play toys this lock seed is locked in nice and secure there is a clamp on there that holds it in to release it going to push this big button right here on the bottom that will release a lock seat and allow you to remove it so now we will try a regular lock seat how about our good buddy here orange so plug orange in then close it up so food the bus gets the trigger if you open it up lock it again medium yeah of that I'll move it up to high and there you go now we'll make the same noises with the energy lock scene so I'm not going to bother showing that office basically the same thing again push that button to release locks it and there you go in the case anybody is wondering yes you can use the cue AMI you can use the fruit the basket oh look at him over they have separate a glorious jacket lock it back in the kiwami Pawar so yeah that they have that so that's basically everything in the gun mode now so go into the tycoon mode you will need your buddy right here the MU so say BA so in order to do the combination you're going to push this button right here which will release this bed as you can see it's locked in and the only way to unlock it in either mode is to push this button right here so we release it they could bring this down locks into place nice and secure unless you've done that raise the camera here so you can see what I'm doing now when you plug into Musso saber you'll get some noises and also this bit right here will pop out to complete the blade so we'll just go here we will combine play it in and there you go you have a fully combined Taikan mode for the deejay gun and this as you can see makes for a very large weapon right here from end to end this is 24 inches so you have two feet of weapon at your disposal and this is cool I wish all common writer roleplay weapons were this size because this is truly truly impressive now on the show coat I usually holds it you know by both handles right here and very very cool again it's very big this massive weapon very very impressive now I mentioned the trans clearance chamber right here and that is so you can still see the lights from the mousou saber it's all your lights up that chamber which is really nice it's a nice touch I really do appreciate that now the mousou saber will still make will still make its regular russo saber noises doesn't change the noises and the mousou saber itself but it does change the noises in the DJ gun so you have a trigger right here pull that trigger and you'll get two separate slashing noises they have that the turntable is rendered inoperative and also this switch not doing anything but basically now you can do your final attack so we'll bring in our Katja Doki lock seat and we will plug it in turn this around here there we go lock it on then your standby noise then you're going to pull this trigger and you'll get that's explosion explosion things happen because it's all calm but yeah there you go then pull the trigger again you cut you dope your power is a big slash and there you have that but again if you wanted to you can use regular lock seats there you have that and of course you use your kiwami filter yeah you have that but yeah very very impressive weapon when it is fully combined really really dig that now to detach you're just going to you can see there's an arrow right here so it's basically telling you what to do which you raise this section up right here to release it pull the saber out you're disengage annoys and again this is locked into place so to move it back to its original position you're going to push this button right here move it up lock it back into place take the blade just push it back in and there you go you're back into gun mode and I believe that's basically it I don't know if I missed anything if I did I'm sure somebody will tell me but um that's basically as far as I know all the noises you can get out of this gun very impressive roleplay toy I really like this and again love catchy dokie game my favorite form and I love this weapon very cool toy very fun love the noises love the scratching turntable business I dig it I dig it very much very very fun toy definitely worth having even if you don't have the catchy dokie lock seed it still works with the other lock seeds but um obviously this is the companion piece for this gun since this is the the weapon of cacio dokey arms but um so fun toy all the way around I highly recommend it lots of lots of fun so I think that's pretty much it so don't forget to check out mm check out lorry plan follow me on Twitter all of that good stuff down in the description below and I think that's pretty much all there is to say so there is the common writer guy McGee XD jaegun and this is em go saying remember you don't stop playing because it grow old you grow old because you stop playing big eek very proud balmy and you all face

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