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check out Big Bad toy store come for this and other great toys okay so what are we running some kind of weird padlock store now I mean what what's going on here but I don't get it why does he look like a bug I don't get it hey what's up YouTube land and go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing the Kamen Rider gaim si vs. show our writers and lock seed sets so here we are and there they are riding first and foremost as always I'll take a quick look at the packaging so that appear you got a nice picture of gyeom and Ichigo and you have 15 essay writers 15 Shore writers that's a lot of writing going on and stuff I can't read except for DX I know that I know what that looks like on the back you had your obligatory product shot it does this that yeah there you got a picture of carbon writer 15 who looks awesome and I have this Luxy pre-order because it's awesome they got game in the heat you go arms and again whole bunch of stuff that I can't read ah anyway moving right along here we have the to luck seeds from the movie the essay vs.

Show a writers movie which I have not seen yet I think there's actually going to be in actual theaters in Japan and uh yeah I would like to see that I really would like to see it because looks like it's going to be good but I'm daring I have the two lakh seeds we'll look at the essay writers first is he here it's got games helmets all nicely moulded nicely painted really cool trans clear and plastic here on the visor piece as well as the whole of this right here is all transparent orange plastic as well as the back all done in trans clearance orange plastic nice gold paint this nice silver very well done and see the sticker along the outer edge here has pictures of all of the essay writers you got fours a double who's become one of my favorites decayed I believe wizard blade and I don't remember who these other ones are because I just started watching this writer stuff so I don't really know these other guys too well right now all I know is guy and my no.4 is a wizard I know double decayed and blade and yeah and the other ones I've actually watched so far our game and double yeah but I know of the other ones but um yeah very nicely done cool looking lock seat and now we'll look at the Showa riders who has ichigo's helmet right here on the front done a nice silver plastic nice trans clear right here on the eyes and the segmented eyes looks very nice with light catches that just looks really really cool and then the nice metallic paints and the back here is on that a smoky black trans clear and plastic very nicely done and again the outer sticker here has pictures of all of the Showa writers I don't know who any of these guys are that one looks really weird whoa you're ugly okay anyway well yeah Sarah you have that now each of these does 15 sets of noises for all 15 riders 15 riders each so you got 15s a 15 show us OE so it's too many S's so we got allowing noises to go through so we're just going to get started so we'll start off with the essays and with the start on and you get they see how the vitatree all kinds visor lights up very cool now one thing about this locks it is it does work differently from other lock seats now this the button back here it doesn't give you invest game noises basically it will cycle through all the writers so it starts off the default setting is game but then as you cycle through wizard fours a those double de kado Kiba denno Kabuto Hibiki blade o5r Yuki Nagato Kouga then it sends you back to game so it basically cycles through all of them and that's it so basically when you plug it into the Sengoku driver how it works is whatever writer you have it set to it will make the noises for that writer so we'll just turn it off turn it back on and it'll start us back again so we open up the lock seed so it's set to game so now we're going to plug it into our Sengoku driver is it on already okay Sengoku driver all right so we're gonna plug it in close it up so there you have game arms look at unlock so here you have this nice license colorful slices going on there you got the guy in logo right there and you cycle through the three guy Mattacks so once twice three times there you go there were the three attacks four games so so now we'll set it to the next rider now we're set the wizard so now we open up blocks it again you're set to ease our dough or wizard so you have wizard arms so again you have your three attacks once please yeah three times and then you have the sounds for wizard so just close the next one so now we set the four is a so yeah for is a your three tax boys three times and there you have 4z so go to the next one Janos the Evo's near three texts once two times three times and their elbows next and does a cyclone Joker music which is cool so then we have the three texts once twice yeah three times and then you have double so next decade see a decade arms your three tax twice three times and there you have decayed and next Kiba ah you got that your three attacks keep a skoshe twice every time and there you have Kiba next up ah so you have that you're through tux Oh they're three times hey there you have denno I know I don't have to close it every time but I like to do it properly so next couple arms are your three times noise every time and there you have come to the next Hibiki there you go Hibiki arms three tacks every time LAF hibiki next blade Oh they got blade arms you through tax twice every time and they are blade next thighs it's very excited about that one excited for fives now you three attacks toys yeah three times there you have ice looky there looky arms in your three attacks boys three times and then you have ryouki next Nagato yeah huggy to arms twice every times hell yeah buddy – next CUDA so Susie asked about some of these any or three attacks twice every time and there you have Kouga next okay okay so about the game so there we go we went through all 15 sets of noises for the essay writers so there we go we got that done so now it's time for another 15 these show our writers so we'll just and again works the exact same way you push the button in the back and it will cycle through all of the different writers turn it on so yeah I got I like the way the eyes light up right cool but guys need to cycle through things about to Ichigo so again you just cycle right through it and works the exact same way whatever one you have it set to you is the noises that you will make so turn it off turn it back on just make sure I have it set to the default Ichigo and pull switch back so we're set to Ichigo oh there you go you got that up and up you see that going on there essay writers logo I'm assuming us essay writers logo this is the center of ichigo's belt I think see this what that is so um they have that and again Jaeger three attacks twice hey every times the I'm Ichigo so next up nigo we have needle arms in your three attacks twice a few times so you have Neagle so next up something three I don't even understand what that said we have that and your three attacks twice three times so yeah something-something three next what to understand what that rider inside of them anyway three its acts the right Ehrman I don't know what that said anyway choice there three times next X wait okay thank you three attacks twice every time hey they have it that's hot next up how about time sounded like oh yeah three attacks twice hey every time yeah about Oh so next step stormed off oh yeah hey your three attacks Dan twice every time so you have stronger next up sky rider that's what sounded like anyway yeah that pre-tax do I pay three times they have skywriter I think that's what it says and next up super one I think you said then you get your three tux Hey hey there you have super one it sounded like super one I could be wrong it's hard to make out what they say sometimes and these things next up said guys I have no idea I don't know what he said there you go three attacks twice if you ever notice they basically all have the same noises next black I think no three attacks twice so yeah black next up black rx moo-hoo and the three sex twice a three so you have black RX next I don't know I don't know what I said there you go attacks toys yeah but yeah but next up set to oh I don't know again I know nothing of these writers and I'm too lazy to do research so I'm just trying to play it by ear but I don't understand what it's saying after time so there you go pay your tax twice then three times so they next up jjg island yeah all the hardcore writer fans like yelling at me right now do not know what the names are good where debris I don't look give me a break I knew to the writer world okay we reload and the attacks twice yeah they go next up okay Brett to Ichigo there we go we've cycled through them all and basically this made all of the attacked and all the same attack noises for each writer but I figured I'd still show it off even though you just hear the same noises over and over and over again but hey I want to be thorough there you go there you have the essay and show our writer lock seeds yes lock seeds yes they're addictive yes you should probably buy them because they're addictive and you probably buy them anyway because if you're going in on gaim and you're buying lock seeds and it will drive you crazy to not have these because they exist but um they're cool they're neat I love the the extremely unique designs of these and just like oh they're very cool lock scenes um obviously the Hesse a lock seed is a lot more definitely has way more noises in it this one again just kind of recycles the same three attack noises this was way more versatile in the end the noises but um so – very cool lock seed I would like to actually see this movie at some point so hopefully uh I will get to see it via kulak seeds noise making powered padlocks you can't beat it it's just fun just fun so I think that's it so don't forget to check out my cowl or you plan follow me on Twitter all that good stuff down in the description below and I think that's pretty much all there is to say so there is the Kamen Rider gaim si vs.

show our writers Locke seed set and this is em go saying remember you don't stop playing because it grow old you grow old because you stop playing big eek they proud bomb in your face.

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