Kamen Rider Gaim Toy Review Part 2: DX Sengoku Driver Ft. Genesis Core

hi guys since I 62 and today I'm going to review the d/dx or detox sangoku driver as you know this is my second game toy review and i haven't uploaded for a long time so a single driver you have it includes to lock seats one is the orange lock seed LS or seven and a second bananalogue seed LS 08 these two locks eat are one of my favorite are one of my favorites are two of my brief it's actually sorry two of my favorites dog seed so these are like best lock see if i have so i really like and the package I don't have the package here because I didn't bring it to UK because it will be crushed by my clothes or you'll be crushed by my needles odd news I bring new goes back to you hop UK but not my package because I put in the back the package would be crush so yeah that's basically no point bringing it back anyway I bring it back because I wanted to carry on doing reviews so yeah but I haven't upload quite recently because I have exam coming soon and I've got to revise and I got drama performance as well so yeah yeah I'm acting as piggy in my drama performance as you know piggy is from a lot of lot of flies so yeah well nevermind so the package I don't have it so I'm sorry guys I haven't got a package but never mind that I got the Chanku driver so what the package includes is the belt strap of course the yellow belt strap the two lock seats as I as you know i just talked about these two to your my favorites oxy increase is also include the driver itself guards face play and barons faceplate so these two make different sounds that you know some people did a review on those already but my I did my review quite late because I haven't done a review on that but as you see I have the you of Buddha lock seed from my camera under guardianship series and melon Kenny Choi lock seed actually nearly every single armored rider apart from the new generation rider I basically ordered main lock seed apart from the main energy Locksley basically as you know from my last video also if you notice that I got the same gets the same gets to UM faithfully yeah I I need to find that next time but I got this thing its new face play um yeah I brought that I didn't sell that baby I mean sorry I mean I didn't get it for free I actually brought that for 80 hong kong dollars so yeah so here here at these two lock seats so this is our interlock seed it's quite nice it looks like real orange lock see from the show but with without the screw with the switch switch on the bottom and another back the warning stuff here and then here doesn't have like been die soft if you compare a normal any toilet see has the warning stuff here a normal still upset lock seeds as a warning no no not not warning like copyrights and then I make in a product number of something don't know and then here basically this is the morning stuff with the battery compartment here and then like a switch here to switch for the mutual saber and then sing it super sangaku driver and then a to switch if you press it together it will make the chamber sound thing not really jean bar because these are standard lock seed is like hey like i don't know how to explain its like one lock seat say its arms and then next one say its arms as well basically its function similar to jean bar arms things but like not jumba i'll show you in a minute um this is the thing where you open the lock like that you push your pool or I don't know you push that way and you open this up it's like sliced orange with died I Mario here and then yeah this is orange lock seed then banana lok SI of course banana with silver on the top and then switch on the button here you this stock seed you push up just like the ichigo lock seed and dongri locks eat some dumb doxy a kurumi lock seed appeared recently coming right on that cool they all push up oh yeah TV lock seat as well I think Kiwi lock seed they push up there or pushed up and then on the back same as orange you have the compacted compartment of the warning stuff or like the battery warning thing I don't know and then you don't have a copyright and series number here speaker oh yeah I forgot with the orange lock see your speaker here quite loud so quite loud and then yeah these two locks it and then sliced banana with burn a spear here so yeah these to add lock seed I really like them so yeah and we have the faceplate faceplate and you have you have time here guards face plate is a bit you can't really see the blue with my camera but if you have the thing you can see this blue in the background but now you can see it's like black on a book background and bar on yeah so yeah and then driver itself yeah bit scratch because i play with quite a lot quite a lot there's stress really stress release really when I playing on it really I don't like I don't I don't claim i sang local driver like door I just like do his arms and stuff just for stress release because do you a lot of revision gives you a lot of pressure as well so I'd play on this force just for stress release really so yeah and then on the back you have the copyrights our staff and it made in China and then as the product number or something on the back and the back is actually these out quite nice with the line stuff and in here you can see in the show it looks actually like that and then the blade you can actually take the blade out but don't risk yourself you may damage your driver because don't really like take the blade out don't take the knife out cuz you may damage the driver if you do so when you slice it you can see here it's like something coming coming up right when you slice it it press the button on the lock seat and here as well it press the Genesis call if you see ya oh yeah I have the Genesis cool so I just show you that we're press Genesis driver here so this is the genesis core and you see this white button thing when you slice actually press that button I'll show you that in a minute with the gene BAM gene Baur melon arms so yeah um let's go and play with this driver then firstly you have the sound of the driver and then saying single sorry sengoku driver and i hope this did and for now I'll juice crimes faceplate first as he's the main character of course the legend quarter does that Abba court oh yeah so a orange lock seat so I turn that on as you see it has like a samurai sound thing awesome you know some Japanese music always have like 0 or something like that so that is what it is when you turn orange Rock zedong so when you turn orange lock seed it has one funk is that it has quite a lot of function without the plane with the driver so firstly of course opening the lock orange I 10 / do that again yep orangi and yeah so and then on the back you see this button you can press it for the infest game noise basically you get for sound you get battle starts you win uh rank up or sometime you randomly you get you lose some of that yeah you lose so yes you loose is come the sound comes randomly so sometimes if you press you win you in and then sometimes you lose for like a few times so i really like lock seats because the DX lock these are really detail really nice and I like this the way they put the infest game into the lock see even banana does it as well I'll show you in a minute once i transformed into x orange arms so yeah orange lock seed really nice so let's henshin so when you put the locks the lock seed onto driver it has to like the placing sound so yeah then lot let's lock on her she who everyone knows this sound orange arms hanamichi on stage of course everyone knows this because it's a classic game hen xin sound really cool i really like that sound it's like I really like orange lock seed it's one of my it's my favorite Loxy so the second okay now once you transform to guide you get free you can do a free attacks if you slice one you get orange squash if you slice to twice sorry too bad english if you saw a slice twice sliced up or Loxy twice you get orange ola and then if you slice the orange free time or yeah free time you get orange sparking so yeah I think I'll show you that in my time henshin series already but i'm going to do again as i'm doing a review on this angle who driver so yeah let's do it so one slice for orange squash and to slice I mean try a slice the orange twice sorry about to just now so bad english don't know what in my mind yup that's that there you have the audio tag noise and basically the orange lock seed still have more function about wit with the what do you call the moose or saber by don't have the Museo saber i'll probably get DJ gun and i probably have the orange charge stuff i'll show you now i just need to get something to press the button on on the back so here is something i found and you have one button here that is that your saber that's this button here this one Musa saber so I'm going to press that and then you press this button okay re yup orange power and that's it and I will help put on a speaker I mean microphone so you can hear more yeah more like a more yep I'm sure you can hear that orange charge orange power so yeah this is orange lock see also you still get the Jing buh sound for it I'll show you that in a minute it's not gene bosambo like a Don armes sound thing so yeah I'll turn this off for now then we're going to change into baron so we remove the faceplate actually you can still turn into guns banana you can turn into garden banana arms but i'm going to show you after i do barons henching yep bar on here and when i put the face plate when i put the face plate on the San google driver it will make it come on noise and you know come on noise and you know thats piron's henching office of course because he's a knight so yep come on so banana very nice music daddy so yeah bad singing sorry yep so this lock seed basically the same function as the orange lakhs each so I'm going to hope open this lock seed yeah banana and then on the back you have that button for the infest game noise yeah it's really hard to get you this the you lose sound comes like randomly so I don't know when I'm gonna get you to I can do it all day without you lose sound on this lock seat sometimes ya just random so yeah so let's tension to barrel Oh Heshy yet nidal wispy I love that so we're going to do attack again so one slice force cash we're going to slice the banana twice now three times yep that's it for d banana Loxy and then i'm going to show you the extra sound for the Museo saver or the sonic arrow or whatever weapon you put on lock see I'm just got to open this I don't know just going to keep it closed only yeah keep close so press this this button here I don't have the mucho saber some need to do this so everyone knows yeah so I'm look good on this purty to speak microphone so everyone can hear so yeah that is the sound for me to say Bersani Carol whatever weapon you put lock seed in it guess it has to that sound so yeah and that's it for them this locks eat when you play with oh yeah oh yeah when you remove one of the faceplate with these on you see games faceplate doesn't have anything because the driver is already set with crimes henshin noise but if you see here that's white stuff that's like white buttons it I don't think is it that's like one what you see that's white but a white button there and another white button here that's for the different rider noise so when you lock on you get the China noises like the Yugen noise and then the Bravo boo jean-guy noise with the rock sound I got this I got the the other faceplate I got boo think I'm here and you can so I show this next time you I think you saw this in my henshin series already so i'll show you in d time with my blood orange and boodle set Rudy then um yeah and then now i'm going to put back games gum this and make any sound because it doesn't have any thing like to push the button so doesn't have any noise when you put the games faceplate and a driver because it's already set with time sound now i'm going to turn into gum banana arms as you see in the series yep you got that noise and that is sport banana arms you can do balance orange am as well so i'll show you now i'm not going to do the attack at the end because we already done it for the riders it's going to be the same with like just like diff a little bit different but it's gonna be quite similar anyway so sorry yep now you have orange pound banana no soy or Baron orange arms so yeah okay now we're gonna down to this point where we're going to do the chin bar melon arms I bet no one sees it in my seat in my videos so I'm going to do it now so this is a Genesis core it's like a faceplate so you're going to put here so yeah and then we have the orange box seat of course and the mellanox I don't have the gin bar lemon or timber lemon locks I mean sorry lemon Loxy flips a lemon energy lock seat sorry lemon energy I don't have that locks it yet I do have the cherry and peach energy lock seed but they're in Hong Kong so I can't do it do it yeah I'll do you a gym badge hairy arms or ching by peach arms in my cherry entity cherry energy or peach energy roxicet figure so yeah let's do it just check if my single driver still turning on sorry you mean yep we have Jimba melon arms here so let's do one scash attack then sparking attack yep and that's it this is the Ginga melon attack I mean gene my melon arms fork I'm then let's swap these two locks eat around because I want to show you the orange lock seed I'm probably have to hold in in this one because the one you when when we when I flip the orange around it may hit the at the table so i probably need I don't want I don't want it to scratch log seat so already have to do that so let's do this you can still place the energy lock seat on the single good driver so yeah and then sorry about that I didn't cut it like fully so yeah when if you cut if you want to cut energy lock seat you have to cut it all the way brighter than half way you may think you cut it all the way but it doesn't it's not because I don't know what I mean I mean it doesn't like cut it all away so you have to press a little bit harder for Sawyer sound so let's do again yeah you have to flip that yourself so yeah that is the Ginga orange I don't know mastery orange arms I call it so yeah this is the what you get if you put the regular lock seed on Genesis call and let's do st orange banana arms so yeah this is for this then we can do King Bach Maranzano homes

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