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someday Specter will find you break those chains that bind you journey hey what's up my peoples and go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing the Kamen Rider Ghost the X machine hoodie and Houdini ghost icon so here we are and there it is any first and foremost as always we'll take a quick look at the packaging so I know front you have the Machine ready and you have Spectre with thee Houdini damashii up top you have the Houdini dumbest on this side of the box we need Amish e on the other side of the bar clear Specter just shown out with the bike on the bottom I love this picture because this picture to me just screams how you doing anyway oh the back of the box you have your old blicket or e product shots does this set the other all that stuff and of course you get sorry for the packaging so moving right along here we have the machine hoodie and the Houdini ghost icon so we'll just put the bike off to the side for now and take a look at the icon so this is the Houdini icon right there done in blue plastic it's you know your typical icon we know what to expect at this point right up top you have the nice sparkly sticker number 13 Houdini the design for the front of the helmets and you have your pins right there at the bottom you have the QR code in the back if you have the app you can go ahead and scan it go ahead be my guest yeah say yeah that's and of course you have the pupil there as the standby and then force button number 13 push it again the design for the front of the helmet push it again you have your Omega drive with chains breaking and all like bit stuff so they go so without further ado we will bring in our good friend yeah all the ghosts old arrivai so let's get right down to it open her up pop in close up I enjoy waiting for her behind the camera right now you even ah yeah there you go you're now using the who da dum 'she and right there in the people you can see the design right there of course you look up top and see what icon sitting in there so now we'll do our Omega Drive so just blink once yeah that'll door up the Corbett tax bling four times by so there you go they have the Houdini ghost icon so I'm moving on to the main event here we have the Machine hoodie and this is a spectres bike right here is motorcycle we'll get in closer you can see a detail you can see the two horns right up front done in silver on the inside actually does have the metallic blue but unfortunately the outer part doesn't have it they let that just plain silver dunno why but oh now let me just a nice silver paint here the chains right here painting and silver you got some nice silver paint going down here and also some nice gold as well I mean at the little bit of white here lots of molded detail but none of us picked out and paint unfortunately by you know is why it is they got some silver back here they've got a lot of molded detail again none of its picked out in paint unfortunately you get these chains right here which are picked out in silver but these chains back here are nuts see how that looks you got the back here right there on the wheels do roll very nicely um and since this does split down the middle for the dimaggio you see the wheels are made up of two pieces they can spin independently but I'm just been very freely which is nice and a little kickstand here you can bring down and yeah so you got the motorcycle and here a specter as you can see how it scales right there with me suspect ah so you have that and of course we can get him riding the bike get him into a seated position here see if we can do this with some relative ease we'll try we'll try this hands around the handlebars here handle borrowers there we go hey that was pretty easy I'm looking up a little bit look up look up there we go there you go you got them on the bike that's a shabby it likes to tip over a little bit there you go I got them right into riding his motorcycle this machine Houdini and here is ghost with the ghost striker so you can say oh they scale with each other there so there you go now of course this does become the Houdini gamma XI so to get all this ready to go we need to remove specs posed on the sheet it's not going to be needing this anymore just remove that and get a little straighten out here there we go we'll put them off this side for now you're going to take this front part of the motorcycle off just remove it from those clips put it off to the side flip up the ya-ya kickstand right there then you're going to take the motorcycle and just split it down the middle like that and then the best part just swings out on that armature right there and you want to take the front part of the vest and just bring it up on that hinge right there raise this up a little bit lesser moon top right and then it's a expector and you just get them into position drop this down and you do have the like every other da machine you have the four port ads right there that will go into the slots on the shoulders just secure everything in place just drop that down make sure everything tabs in properly there we go there we go and you also have these little pegs right there I'll go into ports to further secure the vest on him then we have that going so far this is going to be weird he stuck find any other time on the way stepping back now right now right now we're going to take this section right here just flip up the faceplate make you side pieces right here just bring them down those double hinges and this will dock bug fo way okay fine you want to pop off go ahead and pop off so just take this lower down and these tabs will just go into these brews right here on either side scrub that down right there let's back on like that and there you have specta in the Houdini damashii and uh yeah it's interesting very very interesting one thing I would have liked is you can see like on the inside here you can see there are actually chains molded in it would have been awesome if they had actually picked these out in silver will look great um granted you could probably you know if you have a silver sharpie to pick all this out and silver I might try to do that just to make it pop but um yeah there you go Houdini damashii and spooky little spinning wheels there was like turbines now and yeah and you can see how this piece right here basically serves like a a third like here otherwise he'll fall back even though he wants to fall back anyway for some reason I don't understand why maybe my tables just not level but any other surface I put him on he stood just fine well let it go yeah and since this dama she doesn't actually have sleeves it just has his shoulder pads he still retains full range of movement there in his shoulders and it doesn't look weird so yeah and he has giant horns now just giant giant horns but yeah that now as you saw you can actually just unclip the motorcycle from the hoodie itself slip right there and if you want you can take this little armature right here flip that back in and there are two posts right here and there are two ports on Bono's feet and you can just take specter and plug him on there and you can write it like a cool little hoverboard it doesn't hold them securely if you're tilting back a little bit he falls right off but ya know still it's it's a thing it's a it's a thing you can do it's a display option so leg up so I have that I'm just gonna plug this back on so yeah and I just take a closer look at the dama she itself you can see the chains right here going down the vast are picked up in silver very nice a lot to it but it's almost cool and the blue obviously works with his suit since it is blue so there you go and also you know if you want to you know make sure he has this head articulation you can just untap the one tab the hood there from the shoulders you can give them side articulation so that's not really hindered so that's a bonus now I can't get this back on would you you're fighting me Specter why is it because you think I'm weak sug why I don't know but they in ghosts and man stand you go things just might able to level this is I have to read level my table dang it don't you hate when you have to read level your table but yeah there you go that's pretty much all it does right there there is the Houdini down machine there is the DX Houdini ghost icon cool little set oh my like that Specter finally has his bike and definitely a very interesting damashii right here and again I'm digging this line I'm enjoying it another eyeball for the shelf so I'm definitely not complaining about that it has the right sticker on it it does say 13 hooray but um yeah that's pretty much it now I picked this up from Hobby Lync Japan hlj and of course our other sites you can pick up stuff like this if you are interested there's a CS toys hobby search amiami maunder okay of course there's always a bay and amazon but be wary of their pricing and of course you can always check out my Kamen Rider Ghost playlist if there's any reviews you have missed you can check them out linked in the description down below and you can also check out big back toy store calm they also do have some Kamen Rider items mostly figure arts at this point but if you're interested they'll be a link to their site in the description down below as well so you can check that out and I think that's it so don't forget to check out my Kout Laurie plan follow me on Twitter all of that good stuff down in the description below and I think that's pretty much all there is to say so there is the Kamen Rider Ghost be X machine hoodie and Houdini ghost icon and this is n go saying remember you don't stop playing because of grow old you grow old because you stop playing big geek be proud palm in your face see now this is a through form unlike you and your weak forms yes yes it's it's quite an impressive Spectre ah you merged with your motorcycle cute when you merge the whole car get back to me watch the flaps poof how dare you ooh sick man you

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