( Satisfy WATCH IN A WELL-LITROOM FAR AWAY FROM THE TV .)( FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPSOF MR. SHOTARO ISHINOMORI)( KAMEN RIDER HIBIKI)( EPISODE 1: “THE ECHOING ONI”) Good morning! Good morning! How numerous today? Ten in all. Cool. Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!( ASUMU) Hey, Adachi. Huh? You know, as a educator … I have to make sure. Yeah. So, Jonan’s fine? Uh-huh. At least they havea brass band there, right? Uh-huh. Sorry. Make sure you tell your mom. By the practice, instead of Brass Band, Come on … Seriously? Hey, hey, hey, you’re going this Saturday? Yeah. Around this time of year, is Yakushimausually moderately heated? I imply, it’s been so longsince I was last there. I discover. Don’t catch a freezing. -You caught a cold? -Probably. The brass clique at Jonan is so small-time. You sure you want to go? I said I’m fine with it! I once pertained regardless. You’re the one who told me to apply! I didn’t say it so strongly! Don’t blame this on me.I merely said that Jonan is a good school, so if you can get in, great. Same thing! Mom, gaze! Dolphins! It’s so cold! I ensure dolphins here there are still. Dolphins, dolphins everywhere. Sogairuka. Yo. Wow! Dolphins! Dolphins! Ow, that hurts! Ready, and .. There we go! Thanks, mister! Where saw you? -Where’d you go? -We were worried! I study hard. I look dolphins here there are still. Dolphins, dolphins everywhere. Sogairuka.( MONSTER) Kagoshima Prefecture. Yakushima. Cloudy. Temperature, 15 C. Humidity, 70%. Our prey. Chizu! Auntie! Chizu! -It’s been so long! -How are you ?! -I’m great! -Great! Look at you! He’s great.You’re looking good. Thank you! -You are so beautiful! -Oh, stop saying that! What are you saying? Oh, you! Bon voyage! I’ve come to Yakushima. I came by ferry. Oh. Sorry. -I just arrived.-Wait, do you have a cold? This is the chance to enjoya solo trip with no interference. Relax, have a good time. Hinaka, you’re too kind. Well, you know. Oh, yeah, and um, a souvenirwould be very much appreciated. -Hello? It’s Kasumi.-Wait a sec. What is it? I didn’t finish gettingyour sister’s souvenir petition. Let me approximates, another hearing clean. A brand-new one, got it. Yes, yes. That’s right. And? What would you like? Forget that. A new disk arrived.I think you should try it out ASAP. -Okay.-They do restless. -I would, too.-So, once you find a good replacement, hurry back.Hello? Hellooo? You manager into the mountains? -Yup.-I see. In that case, be careful. Recently, parties have been … going into the mountainsand not coming back. Thanks for the alarming. You’re up. Asumu, you still doing music? -Yeah.-That’s right. You want to be a musician, right? And he’s going to high school soon. Once ?! Wow. That’s why he’s studying really hard. There’s not much day for music. There’s a lot to do.Really? What does that aim? Asumu , where are you going?( SHIRATANI UNSUIKYO) Cool, huh? -Yeah.-I haven’t come here in a while, but it’s a uncommon likelihood for you. -Yeah.-So … I’ll establish you an even bigger tree. -Come on.-Wait up. -Wow.-Oh, I can’t do this. Hold on. I can’t breathe. Yo! We meet again. You know him? I suspect. “I guess”? We razz the same boat now! Here.There you go. Wait up! So, is Hibiki your given name … -or last name? -I’m Hibiki. Hey. Are you in a stripe? -Was that kid on the boat okay? -Just fine. -You were incredible back there.-I train hard. Hibiki, what were you doingnear those trees? How should I lean it? That tree and I … exit style back. I just came to borrow some supremacy from it. Ability? Chizu? This time it’s a young woman. You okay? Hey, kid, watch the girl. Yell if you need help. Chizu! Hibiki! This course, Oni. This room, Oni.( HIBIKI) Hibiki, what do you do for a living? You could say I help people. I believe your father waskilled by an Oni. What they’re parent is Tsuchigumo. -Tsuchigumo? -What’s with this car? The locomotive stopped. Believe in yourself. I think that is the first step … -to being your genuine self.-Hibiki! Episode 2, The Howling Spider

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