Kamen rider Ichigo helm unboxing e review

a greeting and welcome to all friends of the sony smart channel we are together today for a both xing i will never learn to say it and of one of the things that I bought in Lucca and what better start than ray for the helmet of the first rider or here the tools you need for the job and if necessary we will use this this depending on what you need precisely for now not nothing is needed because this is simply extracted so we are already proceeding with the unboxing here are the antennas let's see if we can say it in a way simple scissor night we extract the antennas as you see are very small ok these are usually worms that pop and open from the two ok in fact we have the front part and the back part that you go to assemble so so you will say malaigia fly disassembled you is not right and oh well patience is not quite regular as shape is a bit I wrong I would say test well this one just put it this way too in in the series here let's take the two antennas come on come on come on wait for it but there is a verse ok I put it in the Veneto so let's recap let's put the second here it is they are not very solid so I think they are in the first place possible this is the base we remove the paper scissors and this base is so and we wish you a dedicated cable ok here we are putting this back on in fact I would say to go get the glue for a moment here is the glue let's see if we can use it without dying with this we are almost one hundred percent sure that it will fail again we just got it a little bit, here's what I wear a little bit here too sciacca theme at 1 ok to me no no we're done thanks for your services and here is lermo by kamen rider should be the food or ongo the first rider of the series as I said is slightly out of shape though frontally respects the baselines here it is and this is I would say then that for this unboxing first unboxing of the for purchases of lucca and everything and see you at the next unboxing and review on the rest hello everyone

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