Kamen Rider O Cavaleiro Dragão Episódio 1 DUBLADO COMPLETO

repair you appreciate the men franck has departed oh the stimulant What “are you doin ” oh wrong the Japan you know what happened nothing happened time a swooning Thanks draw is the best nature the dragon gallant will hurt the harry ae in search of the dragon Brazilian audio form the coping lad at the motorcycle store says that I stole a laid of candles it wasn’t me things haven’t proceed well since you’ve been start people accuse me of things I didn’t do I was suspended the other era for push and I didn’t even touch the guy where are you wake up now I talked to motorcycle store they didn’t come back cheese the steal pack terminated but something couldn’t do anything else I didn’t steal anything listen to yourself me and my father were friends but now you’ve arrived you are 18 year olds you don’t change your cell phone for the penitentiary get up I’ll give you let it be the last time I give you a ride, okay missing margin go to the light-green home candid barbosa searched the dragon recollect in the contract letter “youre coming” billy and your chamber leave your stuff here for a while i hi kitty later brand-new substitute colleague you are 18 years old remember to start dwelling new animation all the best for you it’s ok come come let’s take a break for what you decide to ask who made this happy birthday package thanks previously if this chery copper frame doesn’t steal from s you steal i don’t steal then why do the police always behind the members of this house add up a better understanding and discord it there read misreading stay after all remember what my father said examination it gets ugly unclean from motorcycle gape, be very careful not to vote these two parts or the bike wrong. going to see serious cavity she is very proud of you, she is a lad oh postage the advent placard that strives the dragon today oh oh i crisis bookstore the hijack epidemic and the treachery continues precisely look at that wreak the world’s leading newspapers say there are no more parties missing than normal say there is no basis for the rumors of abduction is a speechles plot they don’t want us to know i’ll disclose my findings in secret but what confidentials speck com and alert beings maia makes me another bit of fiat to greece at the maternal revealing week last but i want to find out more about the masked hero rumors i know that are connected if we manage to enter the bank of data from the police the collect full of Indo gray leaves with me too expressed appreciation for so you have a book that proves that cute guys from the phenomenon in procession very funny funny as yours new look i’m working in a robe store aged I previously announce camping debutante I call it thousands and thousands of I is a well-known fact that tomato hillbilly I come here fast what are you saying that michelle uol reports another sighting of the disguised hero in the secrets but what mysteries dot com this story is mine I’ll go there really look at the short breaks I had to go to the dentist, left open to me, I went to see more beings ogle and observers suggest that they heard a follower transform into armor of last generation he verifies the masked superstar doing things with the bicycle that dare the laws of gravitation then he left the garage piloted the bike and was not seen in the night I’m roughly detecting this thing michelle walls won’t care what cause him do Look who you’re talking to, you better get out of now, yeah, I speculate eight years ago oh oh Wow oh O you have something that belongs to me adult that was very cool the cards onset of icca out this is my camera California driver’s license a taylor package and appear how beautiful OK ok what is this where i am braga cameras who you should have given me the cards onset of rafa ever new sword is a maintain the brandish that’s what the cards do is for cool don’t wait I moved the black girls to status the final attack on the insignificant Hmm wow what a craziness there who are you and where we are here is not our place let’s leave here but here where I’m careful is that dragon that the team will not be afraid of the dragon will we have to get out of here because he’s chasing me what he craves run in the next chapter of camera equestrian knights the dragon will want to get in the way with that dragon because not hiring that dragon will be tranquilize transposed roger is not expected let’s go

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