( Please ENJOY IN WELL LIT ROOM AWAY FROMSCREEN) All this treasure’s ours for the making! Look at all this! Come on, let’s start drag it out! Quiet, or the brand-new guy will hear us! It’s fine, I made surehe’s out like a light. -Be careful with that! -Relax, it’s fine. You’re gonna breach it! Hey, I recognize this one. I think it’s fromthe Muromachi period or something. Everything’s ours! Let’s carry it together. That’s it. -Nice and steady.-Now to your liberty. What’s that? This is Gotoh from Ride Vendor 1st crew. The medallions have awoken. Awaiting your require. Exterminate them. Roger. Ride Vendor 1st force, returning to base. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear … Greeed … Happy birthday … to you! What’s this? Guess it’s my pay. Thanks for your hard work. Henshin!( EPISODE 1: Medals AND UNDERWEAR, AND A MYSTERIOUS ARM) You truly didn’t noticeanything after all this? You know, I really wholly zonked out.Was it some sort of gas explosion? We’re still investigating. I wonder if they’re okay. Alright, raising! Apparently, they’ll live. Oh, good! They might glance frightening, but they created me liquid! They’re really nice! Can you tell me them long? Since this morning. Is that so? Anyway, we’ll want to ask yousome questions last-minute … Mister, er … Eiji Hino, was it? Your address and home telephone! Oh, I only wander from place to place.I don’t really havean address or anything. I’m not always in Japan, either. Contact info, huh? I don’t even knowwhere I’m staying tonight. Could we take a look at your things? Oh, sure. Now “theres going”. Is this it? No suitcases? Nope. There’s no way! You can’t live on that! Sure this is right! A you need is some cashand a fresh duo of underwear. They’re burned! My fresh pair ..! Satonaka. The museum that wasthe pride of our Kougami Foundation … along with the Rider Vendor squad arecompletely destroyed. We were no match for Greeed. Isn’t that what the hell are you expected? You don’t gape so upset. Of trend. The supernatural of birth … regardless of what is born, is amazing! Furthermore … The rebirth of Greeed isnot entirely a bad thing. What’s this? Look at this body.So strange. Something important is missing. A ribbon, and the core medallion at that! How could it have just disappeared? I saw Ankh holding it. -What !? -What !? Ankh … I didn’t think he even existed! That sly bird-dog! Shoot, I’m really hosed here. I gotta investigation up a brand-new gig. I haven’t got a place to stayor any fresh underwear. I “d forgotten about” you. What is this? Hey, is coming! Excuse me! Something really fall within here. Could you lend me a hand? You should be able to reach now. -Please! -RIght, Hina? Huh? Oh, right. It’s no use! Hey, Hina! Are you alright? Let me cure! Oh, thanks. Please hurry up and give it! Oh , no, I’m fine. What? -What happened? -Something weird came out! Wait, Hina! What’s with her? Thanks for returning this. My core medal. Hey now! That really smarts! Hey, wait! Hey! What is that? What is he? What a excellent avarice! Calm down! This is your greed! A genuine the representatives from your self. My wedding doughnut! Go find my core honour. -Take it back! -Roger. I can reek it. It’s the core medallion! -What was that !? -I dunno, but follow him! Yes, sir! What’s going on? Woah! Give back my mas! Hurry up and give it back, so I can kill you.Now listen, I simply located thisin the museum. Right, I plunged it. Oh, you were there too! What a co-occurrence! -Hurry up! -The core medal. Hand it over. Another eccentric! You’re … -Ankh !? -Stay out of this! It’s my core medallion! Give it to me! Stay out of my style! That’s hardly a fair battle! Wait a second! Officer! Officer! Are you alright !? Cut it out, whatever you are! Do not get involved.This does not concern you. The heck it doesn’t! This cop you simply offed … is my friend since this morning! Stop it! He’s nothing but a dupe. I can use him. Gotta play the mitt you’re dealt! Ankh, are you trying to save the human? What’s your word? Oh, I’m Eiji Hino.Eiji, I’m impressed with you. I will tell you how to save yourself. That seal! These sticky thumbs took morethan just that core medallion. Eiji. You must overcome him if you wish to live. Him? Three medals. Put them in here. They will give you dominance. Don’t tell Ankh fool you! If “youre using” those, you’re toast. What’s the injure in trying? It’s better than both of us dying here! Hurry up and do it, Eiji. Henshin! Don’t! If I’ve learned anything … It’s that no matter where you goin the world … Saving animations ain’t cheap! Use this! Henshin! Hawk! Lion! Grasshopper! Ta-to-ba! You imbecile! Just as I’d hoped. What was that sound? This is a hawk, a lion, and a grasshopper? Forget the jingle. That’s the O’s. Give it a gyration … and visualize what it can do. I can feel the dominance inside me! You wretch! -Eiji! -What? Switch the midriff one for this! Eagle, mantis, grasshopper! Yes! Ankh, give me the core honour! So that chap was made use of awards? Hang on policeman, I’ll call an ambulance! -What? -This is the perfect body.For now. I can move freely with this. I approximate my brother’s busy. -Happy birthday…-You … to you. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear … O’s. Next meter, on Kamen Rider OOO. -Greed! -What delicious, unadulterated power! Us Greeed require the core medals. This person is mine now. It’s much handier. I’ve been waiting forsomeone as strong as you! They’re missing. Human greed isthe foundation of the medallions. That’s your birthday demonstrate. They’re squid! Don’t introduce medallions before human souls !.

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