Kamen Rider OOO! Last time… First, these medal monsters were born! Second, this drifter named Eiji Hino
meets the mysterious arm, Ankh! And third… Eiji transformed into O's! Hang on, officer, I'll call an ambulance! I've found the perfect body. With this… I can move more freely. Like this? Why… How could you do this… This body is mine now. I couldn't be a hand forever. The body's yours? What about the cop!? Who cares? He was at death's door regardless. That's cruel! What are you doing? That's mine! Those are mine, hands off! What were those!? How should I know? It's very strange. Things have changed since I was sealed up. Look at this, Satonaka. All this in one day. I may need these after all,
for my life's work. As well as Greeed.

And O's. Count the medals! How many medals can O's use now? (EPISODE 2: GREED AND POPSICLES
-That'll be 200 yen. -Here you go.
-Thank you very much! Just what are you doing!? -I'm sorry!
-Pay up! I'll pay for it. That's rude. He sure can eat a lot. Sorry about that. Hang on a second! Answer my question already! We Greeed were born
from the core medals… which were made over 800 years ago. -We've been sealed up…
-Wait a second! What are you talking about? I'm asking about the cops! It's fine. I'll feed him
every once in a while, like this. -Feed him?
-Problem? I can enjoy the flavor too.

I understand this is cold and delicious. Or maybe, you want me to eat with this? Cut it out! Sweet, it came off! He won't last ten minutes without me. He's dying. No way, hang on! Get back on there! Hang on now! So he won't last without you? So the cop's done for. Eat it. I need you to last as well. To collect the medals, that is. You drop medals like that other guy? What? Oh, the Yummy.

There are two types of medals. Core medals… and cell medals. That popsicle… The part you're eating is the cell. And the stick's the core. Our cells are stuck to our cores. Us long imprisoned Greeed. The Yummy you defeated… Think of him
like a popsicle without a stick. Man, this really sucks. I guess it's what we get
for being thieves. No way, it's some kind of trick.

-Anyway, listen, man…
-What's your deal? -I got a better job for us.
-What? -Next time…
-What? -We'll hit a cash truck.
-A cash truck!? -Yeah.
-I'm out, man! Idiot, we're talking big money here! I know the route and everything! What is that thing? What? I will release that greed. It seems Uva is at it again. He's not afraid to spend his cell medals. At least two of his core medals… are being used by the O's. He can't afford to pinch pennies. Huh? Once the core medals are in one place,
we can consume this entire world. Us Greeed are interested in
the core medals. Several were lost
while we were imprisoned.

The popsicle will fall without its stick. So none of us can recover completely. You stole your friends' cores, right? A few. This is the only part of me
that's returned to normal. I couldn't hope to face them like this. So I had to play dirty. Clothes of the world? That sounds like a cute job! Right, the detective's phone! I'll be late since I have an interview! Your dinner's in the fridge. He's got a sister. (THIS IS THE SHOP) That girl!? Huh? Excuse me! You've passed! I was waiting for
someone as strong as you! What? How wonderful! We're very practical here.

I can't just hire anyone who's cute! Can you grab that milk can for me? -Is this alright?
-Pardon? You're amazing! I bet you could carry this too! Yes, this is Izumi. Wait just a minute. My brother is missing!? That's the sound of cell medals. -Come!
-Whoah, hang on! Sorry about the wait! What are you doing!? Stop right there! Is that another medal weirdo? Yep, he's a Yummy,
like a popsicle without a stick. What? The medals! I need to transform. Not yet. If we defeat him now,
we'll only get one medal. -What?
-They grow by eating. If we wait, we get more medals. If we're lucky, it could be hundreds. But what's he eating? -It's greed.
-What? Whether it's cell or core medals…

-They're all made of human greed.
-Greed! A pure and wonderful energy! From cakes to tables… houses to buildings, cities to countries! Everything springs from the human desire. They are built from greed! Right, Gotoh!? Speaking of buildings,
you have an invitation. It's a party to celebrate
the completion of a skyscraper. Fabulous! When babies are born, they cry with greed! Life itself is to covet. These medals were created from the highest
form of greed. Once I collect them all… I will own an infinity of things! Or even better… and even larger… O's!! Greed..? Until he harvests that thing for medals. After him! Everyone, the Kougami foundation… has sent us this celebratory cake! Perfect! He's a real money maker. Hey, I need to transform! If he eats this building… What about the people inside!? Don't get confused. Your job is to collect medals. -What?
-I need cell medals too. -Just wait.
-But… You said that saving lives was never
easy, right? Well it ain't cheap, either.

Do exactly as I say. You… (CALLING HINA) What's going on? Big brother, pick up! Big brother! Brother! (HINA) She's crying. What? I said she's crying! Hey! Let me go! How stupid are you!? I can't have you dying. If you separated from the detective's
body… Worry about yourself first. Hurry up and transform! Promise me first! Let me transform when I want! Don't put medals before human life! Otherwise I won't transform again! Eiji! Here! Do you promise? Fine, now do it! Henshin! Ta-to-ba! Ta-to-ba! That was close! It's a birthday present. Birthday present? What? Wowee! Use these medals in that vending machine
over there. That's fine, I'm not really thirsty. Hurry. Here? Sweet, it's a motorcycle! This is a gift as well. Octopus can! Wow, they're octopuses! Look at em all!
Octopuses! Ouch.

Woah, awesome! Put medals into the sword. The sword? I dunno who you are, but thank you! Eiji, what on earth are you doing? Take this! I let my guard down a bit! Hawk! Mantis! Grasshopper! Hiyaa! These are pretty handy! I'm saved! Just hang on for a second… Ta-ka-ba, Takaba ta-ka-ba! Whoops! That jerk. I'm supposed to put a medal in? Let's try this! Sword charge! Hiyaa! Look at them all! -Ouch.
-They're my medals! Hina, I'm wrapped up in a secret mission.

I won't be home for a while. But I'm fine, so don't worry about me. I'll be back someday. Big brother. Understood, take care of yourself. I need to find a way to free the detective
from Ankh's grasp. Why is a human collecting cell medals? Hey, big brother! Big bro! What is her problem? You're kidding! Next time, on Kamen Rider O's! I can't let you get in my way. It'd be easier to just eliminate you. Let me release that greed! You're nothing but an evolved human! Your greatest desire is to die in your
greed! Serves you right!

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