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hello and welcome i'm hi c and i like tokusatsu 
i never really use twitter until i created this   channel my account pretty much only follows 
tokusatsu or at least like tokusatsu fans   so my twitter experience has been pretty 
different from what i hear about in like   news and other traditional medias walling 
myself inside of toku twitter and the rate at   which information travels through toku twitter is 
amazing everyone's recycling the same information   and putting together all these hot takes and it 
can just be so much to sort through or just feel   like everybody else knows something that you don't 
every time a new series of super sentai or kamen   rider comes out everybody scurries around trying 
to find each little nugget of intel they can   and maybe i'm just built a little different when 
it comes to knowing the latest in like pop culture   franchise stuff but i could barely care about any 
of this i do like to know the name of the show and   draw a couple conclusions in my mind's eye about 
what i think the narrative will be following the   title but that's really it if the first reveal of 
the suit looks cool i might get a little bit more   excited but not nearly as excited as i am when i 
get like an actual show trailer give me an idea of   what the story is that i'm supposed to be excited 
about because like i said in the why do i even   like tokusatsu video i'm really just interested 
in seeing new stories from this mother genre from   the time a trademark with a new name is discovered 
it's just a chorus of people screaming out mostly   with hyperbole about how this new series is going 
to change everything you know about kamen rider   or how super sentai is over because they've run 
out of ideas you can tell because they're just   using dinosaurs again and of course that one guy 
who's always saying it's about time kamen rider's   great again without knowing the characters story 
beats and conflicts it's just impossible for me to   form any kind of definitive opinion then on toku 
twitter you have the fursuit reveal and i think my   favorite version of this commotion was for kamen 
rider geo when the top part of it had a little   bit of a bust and pink highlights everyone went 
wild saying that the new kamen rider was going   to be a female main character and then it started 
just raging back and forth over the validity of   could kamen rider even have a female lead and now 
there have been leaks for a kamen rider revise   from the kamen rider sabre and zheng sentai 
crossover movie poster it looks like the motif is   a dinosaur and not a bug like is traditionally 
found in kamen rider and suddenly you have a   flurry of opinions too oh my god i love this 
is the coolest thing kamen rider's ever done to   this this isn't even a kamen rider anymore i do 
like getting a gauge on the general hive mind of   where people's opinions are on a suit but i so 
rarely weigh in on the early stages of a series   because i just don't know enough to care and at 
the end of the day i think i care more about is it   a good show then is it a good kamen rider show but 
if you're here to get my knee-jerk reaction on how   i feel about kamen rider revise well i'm not 
going to leave you disappointed i think revise   looks a little strange and i'm kind of excited 
that they're trying some new things sometimes the   chains of sentai and kamen rider can make things 
feel really boxed up and limited stunting that   creative process revised doesn't feel as extreme 
to me as something like kamen rider xa did the   first time i saw it but it's definitely a unique 
look i think the eyes on the helmet make it look   like someone stole ultraman jeed's eyes and if 
there's any opinion of substance i have i would   just say the whole helmet design is kind of more 
reminiscent of an ultraman to me there's also his   buddy who no one really knows anything about yet 
i'm hoping that because there were two characters   leaked on the poster that there's really two main 
characters in the show kind of like kamen rider   build where you have two main characters that you 
can bounce stories off of so one character doesn't   get stale there's also these stickers or wherever 
these screens came from showcasing revised a   little bit more and his buddy with this little hat 
helmet hoodie thing i don't know what its deal is   but i'm not a fan of the headpiece it reminds 
me of the homemade mighty morphin black ranger   outfit my mom made for me for halloween when i 
was like seven there is also a leak of the revised   driver i don't think the actual name of the driver 
has been released yet but there's a good chance   it's just going to be called the revised driver 
and its main little gimmick is what looks to be   a stamp i think this has potential to be a really 
cool device but again i need to see it in action   more before i can make a definitive opinion so at 
the time of recording this toku twitter is just   ablaze with revised opinions and theories and 
all kinds of stuff and if that's what you're into   go ahead have a ball with it go crazy just try not 
to take it too seriously we are all coming from   different headspaces and none of this is designed 
with our western design philosophies in mind so   if someone likes something that you don't they are 
not personally attacking you so i ask everyone who   is arguing over if this is awesome or terrible 
to just take the advice from my friend lambo   and remember watch your children shows like adults 
that's it for me so let me know kamen rider revise   how are you feeling about it and this pre-release 
fever we're in how do you deal with it do you   get all wrapped up in it and just need to form 
an opinion or are you like me do you sit back   and kind of wait for more context so you can see 
what the show's really about i don't think there's   a right or a wrong way to enjoy these things 
so however you do it go on and have fun if you   like this video please subscribe for more toku 
content i'm hi-c and i hope you keep watching you

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