Kamen Rider Revice DX Megalodon Vistamp Unboxing

Contract with the Devil Megalodon Vistamp button stamp Megalodon! special cards distributed at toy stores for arcade game and smart phone app APP Vice Talking Vice Talking! Let's talk to me! I'm full! You know, it's important to brush your teeth after eating Are you brushing your teeth properly? I'm on a roll today How about you? That's good. That's good. Let's play together! Let's play rock-paper-scissors! Okay, I gonna win! Okay, let's go! Rock, Paper, Scissors! Rock, Paper, Scissors! I've lost Well done! Scan the card to get the special sound! Come on! We're gonna make a good team, aren't we? Scan the Vistamp to get the photo frame but it doesn't work Finally, I was able to scan the stamp image from the official website. Photo Frame
Rex Vistamp Photo Frame Megalodon Vistamp It's time to Henshin? Megalodon! Come on! Megalodon! Come on! Megalodon! Come on! Megalodon! Come on! Megalodon! subscribe for updates thanks for watching.

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