What is this?( KAMEN RIDER RYUKI)( EPISODE ONE)( UNREAD MESSAGES)( ORE JOURNAL)( CONNECTING)( CORRUPT POLICEOF JAPANESE ISLANDS PART 3)( THE TRUTH THE MASS MEDIA WON’T REPORT) -Good morning! -Morning! -What’s that? -The news. “The corruption and depravityin the police forces … It is ironic that thosean officer should arrest … may well be the colleaguessitting next to him.” Nice! Isn’t this the best articlewe’ve ever published? Our homepage clicks…Have been increasing since this morning. Of direction! Now …( EDITORDAISUKE OKUBO) Hey! Replace this photo of meon the staff list page. Why am I the only onewith a photograph from a drinking party? Ye-es, sir. Yes, ORE Journal! Oh, Reiko! About this morning’s commodity … I’m totally okay with it. Thanks. But I’m callingabout another matter of missing persons case.What? I don’t know yetif it’s a part of the other suits … but I’m headed overto the person’s home right now. The address is … … 203. Got it. Oh, and by the way … I’m going to send Shinji to help you. What? Kido? He’ll only be in the way. Don’t be that highway. Show him the ropes. He’s still in course, and he was my junior at institution. Hey! There’s no reason to stumbled me! Shut up! I distinctly checked my blind spot. You don’t get it. You did not! What the … I did! I just said that I did! No, you didn’t! Perfectly not! You! Did! Not! You’re a long-lasting little … Gimme a sec.( EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OKUBO) Uh-oh! Sorry! Good morning, Mr. Okubo! Call me “Chief.” Ah, right. Good morning, Chief! What are you up to? Were you still sleeping? No, this truck smacked this motorcycle, and…What’s that ?! Are you okay? Are you hurt? I wasn’t in industrial accidents. I was just debating with the trucker … over whether he checked his blind spot. Wait a minute.You were not in the accident, right? Right. So what are you reasoning with the trucker? Well, I was collecting information … but, as far as I could see, the truck … -Shinji.-Yes? -You idiot..-Why? Forget about thatand go to the address I gave you. You’re going to help Reiko. Wait a hour, delight. Let’s see your license. Yes … Yes … got it. I’ll go right away. -Excuse me! -Hey, you reached me drop it! – So, you meet, I…-Excuse me! The thing with that chap … That chap, if you communicate him to covera festival, he objective up one of the purposes of it! What’s the story? Nothing especially out of order. Her wallet and things are still here. Nothing to go on? Reiko! Is it some kind of incident? Where did it happen? Idiot. Oh, Reiko! Listen … You guys again. You barge into this case … so you can criticize us? I’m afraid I don’t have the timeto always follow the officers around.Let’s go. Thank you very much. Go. That cop wasn’t very nice to you. I’m not nice to the police! I “ve told you” not to shout at a scene.Did you forget already? I’m sorry. You have one job! Not getting in the way ofmy investigation, looks just like you did last-place period. I understand! I want to become a journalist like you. I’ll study hard-boiled! Nothing here. It’s still in the area. But now’s not a good time.Let’s come back last-minute. Reiko! Are you listening to me? Hey, Reiko, wait up! Our missing person is … Megumi Iida, 23 years old, a office worker. What does this casehave in common with the others? There is no known causefor the disappearing, and no witnesses.Like in many others, it was a fastened chamber. It’s not that she ran away, or was kidnapped? It’s like she was spirited apart. According to Reiko, these caseshave increased over the last half year … but there is nothingtying the missing persons together … and there’s no crime. How about a bumpy headline, “A Chain of Mysterious Missing Persons”? Oh, that sounds great! Let’s solve it! A real writer discovers the truth! If I found the perpetrator, I’d grasp him and … -Hey, Shinji.-Yes! Idiot. Listen. We are not the police. Got it? I verify. -So, let’s investigate! -Kido. You’re not ready to investigate. First, look over the listof missing persons in this computer.Start with that. -Is that all? -That’s all. Chief! I’ll do allow from Megumi Iida’sfamily to check out the background myself. I want to see itbefore too much occasion elapses.( LIST OF MISSING PERSONS) Huh?( KOICHI SAKAKIBARACOPO MISUZU 203) This person’s suite … is nearby. Huh? I don’t have any leadsfor my mechanical pencils. I’ll just top to the convenience store. He disappeared two months ago? It’s a real bother! No tariff coming in! And the policemen are of no improve! Leave it to me. I’ll unquestionably get to the truth! I hope so! It creeps me out just thinkingof trying to clean up! Why’d he do something like this? Kido? What is it? Can I have you come over here? What? Where? Got it. Yes, if you’ll send us an invoice, we’ll soon pay the money for repairs. -I hope so! -We’re very … We’re very sorry! I’m sorry.Good heartache. Adding insult to injury! I’m really sorry. But this strange monster unexpectedly … may not have appeared. -You can go home.-But … That’s right. This … There is something strange going on. It’s here. What is this? I can feel something now. He can see the villains. How? -It couldn’t be…-It may be. You … Are you a Kamen Rider? Huh? Reiko, get away! Stupid car. This can’t be! What the heck is that ?! Henshin! Come, Dark Wing! What is that now? I’m surprised. You still haven’tcontracted with a monster? Sword Vent. This? Sword Vent. Right. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll join in! It separated! -Ouch! -Stay out of my path! Advent. Final Vent. Did he do it? Wait, wait! You’re just like me, right? You’re a human, right? Right! “Wheres” we? What is this? Stop larking about. Who’s larking about? It’s come, has it? A dragon … Hey, wait! Wait up! Wait! This can’t be happening! Kamen Rider Ryuki! Can I engaged like he does? Make a contract with that dragon. Ryuki, huh? It might be easierto just take him out now.Fight to survive !.

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