Kamen Rider Saber Belt DX Primitive Dragon and Elemental Dragon Set / ASMR Unboxing & Henshin Sound

Turn your sound up Primitive Dragon Elemental Dragon Check my last video Nice! And become an all-saving divine beast
by joining hands with ancient powers! Take your hand
when you meet the ancient dragon! Unleash and exert the two powers! It's time to mashimashi! It's time to Henshin 🙂 Elemental Dragon! Get! Rekka! Draw sword! Baki! Boki! Bone! Mela! Mela! Burn! Shake Hands! Elemental Dragon! Increase element!
Tightening bonds! Finishing read Mashimashi! Elemental compilating strike! Finishing read Mashimashi! Rekka! Draw sword! Elemental compilating slash! Elemental Dragon!
Thank You! Mashimashi Draw sword! Elemental Mashimashi Nosemental mashimashi Mashimental Mashimashi Elemashi Finishing read mashimashi! Elemental finishing strike! Finishing read mashimashi! Element mashimashi!
Elemental finishing slash! subscribe for updates thanks for watching.

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