Kamen Rider Saber DX Kingexcalibur and King of Arthur Wonder Ride Book / ASMR Unboxing Henshin Sound

This is the beginning of the ordeal! extra parts for RKF Kamen Rider Saber King of Arthur Kingexcalibur Kingexcalibur! Jakin! King of Arthur Wonder Ride Book A certain knight king swings down the sword of poetic justice It's time to Henshin 🙂 Rekka draw sword! When two books overlap power will resides in the holy sword Wonder Rider! Dragon! King of Arthur! The blade with two attributes is sharpened Jakin! Kingexcalibur! and… Sword transformation the giant swordman wakes up King of Arthur! Sword Change! Kamen Rider Saber! King Slash! subscribe for updates thanks for watching

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