Kamen Rider Saber DX X Sword Man Wonder Ride Book / ASMR Unboxing and Henshin Sound

Story of Kouogouken Saikou X Swordman
Wonder Ride Book more page than other books X-Swordman! Episode 1: Fight with all the colors! It's time to Henshin 🙂 Saikou Lumination! Get all Colors! X-Swordman! Episode 1: Arrived in Full Color! Ba-ba-ba-ban! Moving Saikou! The greatest arm! Fullcolor goes to arm! Episode 2: Hack'N' Slash with the Colorful Sword! Moving Saikou! The greatest leg! Fullcolor goes to leg! Episode 3: Strike down with the Colorful Kick! subscribe for updates thanks for watching

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