(KAMEN RIDER) Someone is after you.
Danger lurks in the shadows. Who is it? Who could it be? The cyborg flies in the sky! Tsukuba! How long are you planning
on staying up there? I'm not done yet. It's gonna be a new airtime record for me. Hey! Hiroshi! Hiroshi, you'd better join us
before we eat all the food. All right, guess I'd better land.

Is that biker gang harassing that car? I'll get them to play nice. No! I'm never going back! Never! No! Let me go, please! He said "no." Leave him alone! Who are you? Watch out, they're… You can't win. You have to run! I came here to save you.
Run while you can! Hold it! Hurry! Check the other side! They jumped into the water. Get them! Who are these goons? Hey, you! Wake up! He disappeared… What's going on here?! The less you know, the better. What do you mean? You saw nothing. This was all a dream. You mustn't tell anyone. Let's go before they find us. C'mon, let's go! Thanks for saving me. But you should forget you ever met me. What's taking Hiroshi so long? Tsukuba? Tsukuba, are you there? Say something! What if he's crashed somewhere? Him? No way! What? What's wrong? Look! Over there! Your nosy friend thwarted our plans
and killed one of our men. You will pay for his insolence! Help! No! Stop! Sorry I'm late.

Endo? Shizue? Endo! Who… Who could have done this? What are you doing? Dr. Shido asked me to come. Who? -You saved him.
-Oh, him. What did he tell you? He was worried about you. But I was too late. Why didn't he warn me about this? Why?! Take me to him. I can't do that. He won't meet anyone. I think I deserve an explanation. Please. Go ahead. I'm so sorry, Tsukuba.
This is all my fault. Dr. Shido, I need answers. My friends died confused and afraid.
They won't be able to rest in peace. I want to know what happened. I can't tell you that. They'll go after your family next
if you know too much. That's not going to happen. I lost my parents and little sister
in an accident three years ago. But you'd still be risking your life. Are you sure about this? I don't mind.
It's a small price to pay for the truth. You want to know who attacked me
and murdered your friends? It's Neo-Shocker, a secret organization. Neo-Shocker? I've never heard of them.
Do they really exist? I'm telling the truth.

I'm sure you've already heard. People have been vanishing
all over the country. Not to mention the bombings
and political assassinations… Are you saying the secret organization
is responsible for all that? Yes. What happened, Midori? Over there… A monstrous face… They're here. W-W-What do you want? What are you doing?! I-I-I'm not some thief or hooligan!
L-L-Let me go! I'm Konta Tonda, the famous reporter! -Reporter?
-Yes! I'm in the middle of a scoop. Calm down,
it must have been a trick of the light. They'll never find this place. It's okay. We're safe. Dr. Shido, I have come for you. W-Who's there? Show yourself! I'm in your arms. You… Neo-Shocker sent me,
Chameleon Man, to get you. Dr. Shido? Midori? Midori! What's wrong? M-M-M-Monster! The fool appears to be in a hurry to die. Stop! You will join your friends
in the afterlife! Tsukuba? Tsukuba! He'll die soon enough. Five people have died because of me today.

And now, this young man
is going to die too… No, I can still save him. -Chameleon Man!
-What do you want? -I have a favor to ask.
-A favor, you say? I have to save him. Please, let me turn him into a cyborg! That's not for me to decide. Chameleon Man. General Monster! You may operate on him, Dr. Shido. But on one condition… (KAMEN RIDER) (KAMEN RIDER) You may begin, Dr. Shido. Do you know why we gave you permission
to operate on Hiroshi Tsukuba… and turn him into a cyborg, Dr. Shido? He is of special interest to us. Our computers have analyzed him
and deemed him worthy. In other words,
he is an invaluable asset to Neo-Shocker. Am I… Am I alive? Where am I? Where's Dr. Shido? What's going on with my body? Dr. Shido! Dr. Shido! You are now one of us.

One of you freaks?
Is that supposed to be a joke? Tell him, Dr. Shido. Dr. Shido! Allow me to enlighten you. That is no longer your true form. My true form? You've been modified, just like me. Modified? Well, Dr. Shido? Go on, tell him what he has to do
to transform. I can't. You dare disobey me?! That's it! He's gone! Is that… My face… Is this who I am now? Find him! What's going on? Explain yourself! I'm right here! So that's your true form. Yeah. We have the analysis
of the cyborg operation. General Monster… Yes, Commander? The cyborg operation failed. He may be a threat to Neo-Shocker. Dispose of him at once. Yes, sir. How dare he trick us! Enough of this.
Time for something different. Different? Bloodshed! -I've received orders to dispose of you.
-Yeah? Is this the best you can do? Look at what you've become!
You're better off dead. Thanks, but no thanks.

Watch it, you clumsy oaf! Sky Kick! I lose… but if you think
you've won, think again! What? These are Neo-Shocker's execution grounds. You'll never walk out of here alive! Neo-Shocker's execution grounds? Shoot! I'm… I'm flying! I can fly! He was crushed to death… Why… Why did I resurrect him? For this?! Dr. Shido! You resurrected me
so I could fight against evil. You're alive! I already died once.
That's more than enough for me. I'm sorry. Nothing I say will make this right. I wanted to bring you back as you were. But I turned you into a cyborg.
You have every right to hate me. Dr. Shido, don't be so hard on yourself. I don't hate you,
or resent what you've done. I'm grateful to you.

Grateful? You've given me the power I need… to fight Neo-Shocker
and put an end to their evil. Thank you. Tsukuba… I have nothing but contempt for evil.
I'll stand against Neo-Shocker! Cheer up, Doc.
We'll fight Neo-Shocker together! Is that how you truly feel? I was powerless before, but not anymore. You've given me amazing powers! Amazing powers…? Yes, amazing powers. I can fly now. Watch! Sailing Jump! Tsukuba… You're… You're Kamen Rider! Kamen Rider takes to the skies, his determination to destroy Neo-Shocker
burning like a steady flame within him. (TO BE CONTINUED) (NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW) Hiroshi Tsukuba decides to take a stand
against Neo-Shocker as Kamen Rider.

His blood boils with righteous anger
as he fights to put an end… to the secret organization's
nefarious plans. Next time on Kamen Rider,
"The Mysterious Spider Man." Don't miss it! ("THE MYSTERIOUS SPIDER MAN").

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