( KAMEN RIDER) Hiroshi Tsukuba is Kamen Rider, a cyborg. He crusades to defend mankindfrom Neo-Shocker’s nefarious strategies! What about this spider, sir? Perfect. It’s exactly what we need. We’ll utilize it for our next mutant. Its codename will be “Spider Man.” Which Spare Human will you choose, sir? Serial no. 105. No. 105, come out! Well? What are you waiting for him? Commencing qualifyings. I’m sure this is right the operating roomwas around here somewhere.Modifications end. The inexplicable Spider Man! Do you swear to standwith Neo-Shocker to the very end? I’ll carry out my duties or die trying. Good. Enough with the formalities.Show me what you can do. I like your style, Mr. General. Silence! You’ll “ve brought” a Spare Humanfor our next mutant. A Spare Human? His name is Shinichi Takamori. A former high school baseball playerrenowned for his sciences. Now, catch! It’s a home run! -Shinichi, seem! -Huh? -Hiroshi’s back! -Hey, Hiroshi! How’d it start? Did you find it? Nope. I can’t tell where their hideout is. I identify. I was still in hideout, but I don’t know its accurate location.Guess we’ll have to call it a daytime, Doc. Stop calling me “Doc.” I’m the presidentof the Shido Hang Glider Club now. I’m still tryingto wrap my head around it. I’d never have predicted thatyou dreamed of flying as a young man. -He says he used to hang-glide himself.-Really? I don’t believe it! I’ll get up thereand prove it to you someday. -You “re going to have to” learn me next time.-Sure. -Me too! -Of course. Look at that slowpoke hogging the road. You’re going too fast. This is nothing. Speed isn’t everything. Yes, but we’ll take forever at this pace. -I agree.-I’m about to doze off. Spare Human Shinichi TakamoriI’m ready for you! There “youre ever”! Shido, inspect! Huh? Shinichi? Help! Help me, please! Someone help me, satisfy! Help! Someone, anyone! -Careful, Hiroshi! -Almost there Careful! You’re safe now, kid.That was negligent! What happened? My brother disappeared! Disappeared? -You’re joking, right? -No, it’s true! Shido, could this be? Why’d you “ve brought” here? -You’re not afraid of me? -Not at all. You’re lying. Your hands are shuddering. Your fate is in my hands. Want to kill me? Go onward. It’s not like I have anything to live for. A young man like youshouldn’t give up on life that readily. Did you seize me only to teach me? I can kill you whenever I like. You! I’m Spider Man, one of Neo-Shocker’smutants. Prepare to die! Henshin! Stop! Are you blind? He isn’t human. He’s one of us! Sorry about that, I’m new now. I’m Spider Man. Who are you? I’m Kamen Rider.They asked me to check on you.Take me to your hideout. Well? What do you think? You won’t find a better hideout. Great. Another freak of nature. Shut up! You’ll become members of us soon enough. What are you doing ?! He’s my hostage! I’m taking him with me. You’re go him to General Monster? No. To his younger brother. Have you lost your mind, Kamen Rider ?! Sorry to dishearten, but I’m not one of you. After them! Don’t give them “re going away”! What was that? What on earth? Wow, I feel sorry for you. This isn’t the end!( KAMEN RIDER)( KAMEN RIDER) -I’m back.-Shinichi! -I’m so glad you’re safe.-That’s my text. -Shinichi-Don’t be afraid. This is Kamen Rider. He saved me. -Sorry, did I “re scared”? -You’re done here, right? Run if you see anyone questionable, got it? That’s for me to decide.None of your business. I hope we meet again, Kenji. Wait! Did you miss something, Kenji? He may not search it, but my brother’s smart and kind.And he’s really good at baseball. He’s only acting like this’ cuzhe didn’t get into the college he craved. You must be fond of your friend. -I sure am! -I’ll try to see the good in him more. Thanks! Come back anytime! Spider Man! I’ll kill you first, and then I’ll getthe youngster who got away. His anger and frustrationwill utter him the excellent mutant. Yeah? We’ll see about that! Empty paroles from a soul trapped in my network. I’ll hurl you off this building! Wait. Spider Man. General Monster, he I know. I’ll deal with him myself. Are you sure, sir? I can treat him. Very well, sir. I’ll get the other brat. Tsukuba That’s Mr. Tsukuba to you.I suggest that you stop this thing usand attach Neo-Shocker instead. Me, participate your misfortune company? Never! Our organization is in every country.You can’t escape us. Join Neo-Shocker, and we’ll spare your life. What’s your goal? Our planet is overpopulated. There isn’t enough food for everyone.Mankind is headed for destruction. But we, the chosen ones, deserve to live.To that terminate, we’ll kill off two-thirdsof the current population. We’ll oust this macrocosm of the unworthy. Everyone has the right to live! I’ll oppose Neo-Shocker to the very end! How very disappointing.I have only your best interest in mind. No stuff. I’ll end their own lives now. This is where you die! Henshin! Sailing Jump! Unbelievable Kamen Rider can fly? Shinichi’s in danger. What’s going on? Boy Where’s your brother? Where did he travel? Fine. You’ll be my hostage. Help! Shinichi? I was too late. -I’m back.-Shinichi? -Why are you here? -They didn’t take you? Exactly leave me alone, okay? But they’re when you are. -A spider? -Listen closely, Shinichi. You more, Kamen Rider. I’ve take your friend, Shinichi. Come get him, or he dies by my hands. He kidnapped Kenji! It’s just a deception. You don’t know what they’re capable of. Yeah? They don’t “re scared”. Aren’t you worried about your brother? He looks up to you! He shouldn’t. I’m just a loser.Why are you so fierce and cynical? I spewed my heart and soulinto my studies and baseball. But I failed my collegeentrance exam three times! What’s the point? What was it all for? I’m sick of this stupid life. You should be proud. Your hard work will pay off someday Don’t foster me! Forget about Kenji. Buzz off! I never want to see you again! Listen up! You exclusively have until 3 p. m. Don’t be late, or there’ll be upshots. You think your brother will come, son? Of trend he will! He’s my brother! I’m not so sure about that.He’s given up on everything. He’s not like that! I revere your intent, boy. But you’ll diewhen the clock strikes three.My brother will save me! I know he will! Shinichi Don’t waste your life on bitterness. What? I live my life without unhappiness. I’m coming, Kenji! Shinichi! Kenji! Shinichi! Shinichi! Rider Break! There you are, Kamen Rider! Kenji! Defeat Kamen Rider! I’ll take this kid to the hideout. What on earth? My brother’s over there! -Get somewhere safe.-Okay. Let’s do this! Sky Kick! -Kamen Rider! -Kenji. -You did it! -I sure did. Kenji! Shinichi! -I’m glad he’s safe.Go on now.-Thanks! Kenji! Shinichi I’m so sorry. -I’ll do my best from now on.-Okay! Look, it’s Kamen Rider! The friends recoveredtheir hopes and dreams. But Kamen Rider’s questfor a better future for everyone has only just begun.( TO BE CONTINUED)( NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW) Who’s behind the caseof the missing children? The Vampire Bat Man sounds before Satoru, accompanied by eerie flute music. But Kamen Rider grants Satoruthe courage to fight the Bat Flute. Next time on Kamen Rider, “Courage! The Terrifying Bat Flute.” Don’t miss it!( “COURAGE! THE TERRIFYING BAT FLUTE” ).

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