Kamen Rider Stronger!( KAMEN RIDER STRONGER) Shigeru Jo volunteered to be a cyborg, and became the Electric Humanknown as Kamen Rider Stronger. As the soldier of Justice and Peace, he defends Japan against Black Satan, the immorality organizationbent on world domination. I am Stronger, the Electric Human! This is Mikawa Bay. A boat slips across the harmonious irrigates, its passengers blissfully unaware of the dangers that lie onward Thank you for joining uson our hovercraft tour today. We are likely to be performing stopsat Gamagori, Irako, and Toba.Powered by jet fuel, the hovercraftreleases pressurise aura from underneath. This allows the hovercraft to floatover the water on an breath cushion. The hovercraft is easier to controlthan traditional ships. It is likewise comfortable to ride in, with a maximum speed of 100 km per Shut up! I’ve had enough of your blabbing! Quiet! Listen up! This hovercraft belongs to us now! It’s a seajack! The cockpit is ours! Excellent.Steer us towards our destination. This hovercraft is now our move send. Follow my teachings, and no one has to die. No! Let me off! Shut up! Sir, we’re being followed. What? We’re being followed? Let’s see who it is. Out of my course! Is that him? You! Get out there and learn him a instruction! One down! -He’s gone! -He can’t have gone far.Where’d he croak ?! Find him! Hear that? Who’s whistling? -Is it you? -No. Over now! You bastard! Who are you ?! That’s not really nice. I suppose you Black Satan goonsdeserve to know who you’re up against. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jo. Shigeru Jo. He known about Black Satan. We trying to kill him! -Get down from there! -You asked for it! What’s going on? Who are you ?! Electrowave Human Tackle. Electrowave Human Tackle? What do you want ?! Me? I fight for Freedom and Peace.You’re going down, Black Satan Psyborg! Die! Damn you! He’s gone Well? How’s it going? Shigeru, the Psyborg disappeared. What? That’s odd. I didn’t see him outside. You shouldn’t have transformed.Timing is everything, you are familiar with. What, is it my fault now? Knock it off, I don’t want to fight you. There’s something else I don’t understand What does Black Satanwant with this hovercraft? Matches from a hotel? We should check it out.Hey, wait! Later! Ugh, he makes me fucking crazy! Pardon me. Ostentatious dork. Don’t suggestion me. I hear that someone forestalled our proposals. Yes. Shigeru Jo, an insensitive fool with a death instinct. And a woman who announces herselfElectrowave Human Tackle. We know who Tackle is. Gangar will kill her soon enough. You think of everything, Lord Titan. We have to find out what they’re after. Keep an eye on Shigeru Jo. -Yes, sir! -Yes, sir! Electrowave Human Tacklewill never know what smacked her. It’s been five minutes. What’s deterring Yuriko? Women, sheesh. I’ll start without her. He looks familiar And that’s another minute exit. What am I, her nanny? You bastard! Like I said, that’s not very nice. You could at least call me “Mr. Jo.” Get back here! Since you knocked Yuriko out, how’ bout you show me around instead? -Let’s get out of here.-Yeah. Well? Where’s the woman ?! Shigeru Jo went in our route again. What ?! That scornful rascal! That whistling! Show yourself, Shigeru Jo! What’s that?( KAMEN RIDER STRONGER)( KAMEN RIDER STRONGER) Who are you ?! The Heavens, the Earth, and the People cry out to me They call upon me to demolish Evil.I am the warrior of Justice! What ?! My name is Kamen Rider Stronger! What? Rider Stronger? Gangar, Black Satan’s Psyborg Why are you here? What are you after? I realise. So you’re our enemy. I’ve had enough of your rudenes! Time to die, Kamen Rider Stronger! Get him! Gangar Bazooka! Die! Black Biker Squad, keep it moving! Assist Gangar! Damn it! Gangar, Rider Stronger is looking for you. Use your flowersto kill everyone in the hotel , now. Yes, sir, right away. I know I’ve seen him somewhere( ATSUMI FLOWER CENTER) My, what beautiful blooms. Go apart, I’m busy. -Where are you taking these blooms? -Hands off. You violate it, you buy it.I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere Like I care. I retain now! You were in the hovercraft. That was where the Psyborg, Gangar, evaporated into thin aura. I hear that Psyborgscan disguise themselves as humen. What are you talking about? Don’t play dumb. You know what they say Every rose has its thornOr should I say deadly, in such cases? Don’t touch that! I knew it. The pollen’s poison. You little brat You’re not get out of there alive. Show yourself, Gangar! Perhaps you’d better transform extremely, Electrowave Human Tackle. I knew it! I’ll killing yourself! Electrowave Throw! Tie her up and hang herfrom the Satan Dome! Serves you right, Yuriko Misaki.Allow me to teach you. This is where we grow the deadly flowersbefore sending them to the local florists. All all the persons who inhalethe pollen will pass out and die. The part town will drop like flies! I was so close to catching you! If merely I is able to Shigeru! Shut up. This is where you die! -If merely I’d-That’s enough “if”s for the working day. Shigeru! You! Where were you ?! You’re one to talk. I thought we were a team. Hold it! Let’s make this a fair fight.Let’s do this! Henshin! Stronger! Rider Stronger! The Heavens, the Earth, and the People cry out to me They call upon me to overcome Evil. I am the fighter of Justice Kamen Rider Stronger! Get him! Damn you! Gangar Bazooka! Gangar Spring Attack! What happened? Well, Rider Stronger? Still up for this? I don’t get it How does his attack work? Rider Video Signal! Stronger’s Video Signal toy a recordingof what “hes seen” in slow motion, accepting him to analyze it in detail. I investigate. He consumed a spring to assault me! Stronger Electric Kick! Shigeru! Wait! Try to keep up! And with that, Kamen Rider Stronger and Electrowave Human Tacklesucceeded in foiling Gangar’s plan. What are they after? Where did they come from? What mysteries are they hiding?( TO BE CONTINUED)( NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW) Next week, we will see how Shigeru Jobecame an Electric Human. Shigeru’s boasts falsify with painas he stands the frightening surgery.Why make Shigeru invite Black Satanto turn him into a cyborg? What is his motive? Next time on Kamen Rider Stronger, “Stronger and Tackle’s Secret! ” Don’t miss it!( “STRONGER AND TACKLE’S SECRET! ” ).

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