( KAMEN RIDER SUPER-1) Fire Kong, a monstrosity from the Kingdomof Dogma, tries to kill Kazuya Oki, but our protagonist subconsciously transformsinto Super-1 and flees the carnage. Now, six months later The mysterious Sekishin Templeis located deep in the Chichibu Mountains. Young friars of every backgroundcome here to prove themselves as friars and as practitionersof Chinese martial arts. No one knows the true purposeor exact location of this temple.Among the practitionersis our hero, Kazuya Oki.( “TIME TO FIGHT! SEKISHIN SHAOLIN FIST! “) C’mon, Choro. Rise and sheen! Are you up? Don’t stir me hose you! Severely? Can’t you let me sleep a bit longer? Don’t be stupid. You have to get up earlyfor your morning to begin. But I hate mornings! -Boss! -Morning! Morning. All title, that’s everyone. Let’s go. I wonder what Kazuya’s like now.He used to be such a risque boy. I can’t wait to see him again! Boss, look.It’s the students from Kashiwagi Dojo.Mornin ‘! Go onward. Morning. All title, let’s go. Boss, can we take a break? Excuse me? Maybe you should join Kashiwagi Dojo. He’s really strong! Wait, I know that face( TANI MOTOR SHOP) I knew it. It’s Saruwatari, Dr. Henry’s murderer.( KASHIWAGI KARATE DOJO)( SARUWATARI KARATE DOJO) Perfect. Choro, have a minute? It’s no use. I still can’t alter. How long is this going to take? Patience, Kazuya. Your desperation will not help you masterthe essence of Sekishin Shaolin Fist. I understand. How did you transformand escape from the sea of flames? I don’t remember any of it.When I returned back to my senses, I located myself in the Nevada desert, transformed into Super-1. Try to think back. But I blanked out.I don’t remember anything. Look into my seeings, Kazuya. Kazuya. You were able to transform then because you were in a stateof perfect existential detachment. Having freed yourself from your ego, you changed your organization into air. You was necessary with the aura you breathe in order to master Sekishin Shaollin Fist. Feel the breath flowing within you. Let your form become air. Kazuya, when you finally master this You’ll be able to transform at will, whenever and wherever you please. Yes, sir! Chororin, you’re going too fast! Slow down! I said, slow down! Ow! Are you deaf? I said “slow down, “not “dump us on the ground”! Harumi, I think that’s Kazuya Oki, the man Boss was telling us about. -What? -Apparently he outranks me at the browse. That’s him? He’s pretty good-looking! Oh, genuinely? Let’s see if he’s as tough as he looks.I furnished! Show yourselves. Hi there You little sidles! How’d you get in here ?! Wait! We don’t mean any disturbance! We were asked to delivera letter to you, Master Genkai. -A letter for me, “youre telling”? -Yes, sir! Let’s see it.( GENJIRO TANI) -Kazuya.-Sir? Gosuke Saruwatari, the renownedkung fu master, is in Tokyo. Gosuke Saruwatari? He’s the three men who killed Dr. Henry! Benkei, we will beginHell’s Training for Kazuya. Master, if I mayKazuya has only been here six months. It’s too early for himto attempt Hell’s Training. We don’t have a choice. Will he demolished 100 ex-serviceman soldiers and lord the true essenceof Sekishin Shaolin Fist? Or will he flee from the challenge, frightened by the prospect of extinction? Master, I’d be honoredfor the opportunity to prove myself. Ready? One left. -I’m practically there.-Kazuya! You’ll have to demolish me if you want to masterthe art of henshin! Show me what you can do, Kazuya! Here I depart! I did it! That’s it. That’s how you transform.Don’t ever forget it. Yes, sir! Thank you for everything, Master! Kazuya, you did it! Thank you, Benkei. Thanks, everyone. Thank you!( KAMEN RIDER SUPER-1)( KAMEN RIDER SUPER-1) Kazuya Oki has a secret labnear Tani Motor Shop. The laboratory is furnished with ultra-moderncomputers and diagnostic material. Kazuya regularly checks the conditionof his cyborg percentages here. Check 1. Change Mecha: OK. Check 2. Energy Mecha: OK. Check 3. Power Mecha: OK. All right. Everything checks out. Excuse me? You are willing to donate my store? What is this, some kind of joke? Master Saruwatari has decidedto build his main dojo now. Oh? Is that right? What am I? Chopped liver? We’re done here. Get out! -Whoops.-Stop that! -What do you think you’re doing ?! -Boss! Are you okay? He refuses to obey us, sir. Why should I? Don’t be ridiculous! Me, donate my patronize to you? My business is booming! -So you refuse to submit to us? -Weren’t you listening? Boss, are you all right? -You’re a big bully! -Shut up! Hold it! Kazuya! Saruwatari, let go of the son. Kazuya Oki? You’re alive? Of route. Try harder next time. Insolent brat! Kazuya? Is it really you? Yes, it’s me. I’ll take care of him. Bring it, Saruwatari! I, Kazuya Oki, will make you downwith my Sekishin Shaolin Fist! Fire KongYou lastly testified your true-blue pattern! This is the day I retaliate Dr.Henry. Show me what you’ve got, Fire Kong! Henshin! Why you! Bring it, Fire Kong! Insolent brat! Get him! Kamen Rider He’s a Kamen Rider! -What? Kamen Rider? -Yeah. -Choro, take them somewhere safe! -Over there! I didn’t expect Kazuyato be a Kamen Rider Change Hand: Blue! Electric Hands! I’ll killing yourself! Change Hand: Green! Thermal Hands! Cryogenic gas! What’s going on ?! Ultra flares! Now’s my probability! Whirlwind Super Kick! Terror Macro! -What? Super-1 is alive ?! -Yes, sir. General Megal. Is it true-blue that Super-1 is alive? My sincerest confessions. No matter. A impressive opponent is what we need to move our designs alongand keep us from being complacent. The shooting star has returned.How highly curious Kamen Rider! Kazuya, you’re Kamen Rider.-Kamen Rider? -That’s right. You’re the successor to the Kamen Riders, the protagonists beloved by children. I’m going to call you Kamen Rider Super-1. Kamen Rider Super-1? That’s right. Kamen Rider Super-1. You’re Super Rider! The screen riseson Super Rider’s battle with Dogma. Run like the wind! Fly like a bird! Roar like a beast! Defeat the Kingdom of Dogma, for the sake of our future! Go, Super Rider!( TO BE CONTINUED)( NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW) Kazuya learns of Dogma’s planto build a City of Gold after saving Sayuri, a Kenpo practitioner with agile punches. The mythology speaks of untold riches, buried underground. How will Super-1 get pastElectropus’s Dogma Barrier Bells? Next period on Kamen Rider Super-1, “Onwards to Dogma’s City of Gold! ” Don’t miss it!

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