Kamen Rider & Super Sentai retrospective #1: 1971-1982

the common rider and Super Sentai franchises are almost as all disposed astroboy anime and it's very intriguing to study how this low-budget action flicks for children kept being refined over the years to the point of becoming their own subculture I'm obviously not going to defend writing or character depth since nobody watches them for that they were never supposed to be more than men in costumes performing silly martial arts full of firework explosions so if we stick to how good they are at just being that let's go over their historical evolution starting with what began everything as far as live-action henching is concerned the original kamen rider in 1971 the premise is a simple one of course a motorcyclist gets kidnapped and experimented by an evil organization becoming a cyborg tamed at following their orders and accidentally during his programming allows him to escape and vows to protect the world from its evil cyborgs from here on it's pretty much episodic with any twists not really changing the formula or any other season for that matter just to get a taste of how little they gave a about the plot all show a Kamen Rider series follow the exact same premise and are in 95% of a Tzadik the only exception was Amazon and even that one isn't something worth talking about even so you see how the creators are learning as they go by changing a few things based on performance for example using doubles to do the really dangerous scenes the original actor hurt his leg and had to be replaced by someone else while he was recovering they excused it in series as if the hero left a successor to do his work while he's abroad and from there on most action scenes would happen while doubles are wearing the costume another change is the mass-produced grunts who after a while wear a mask instead of showing their face this way was making them look robotic instead of human-like which was much closer to the role of a served as a zero-dimensional opponents plus there was no problem in reusing the same actors throughout several episodes major villains were also introduced after a while so the audience will have a specific enemy to hate said villains would still have a human face unlike the grunts because it was making it easier to show their evil emotions instead of having a static mask that was showing none though in final showdowns they would always transform to hideous monsters so doubles could perform the dangerous scenes as well as the audience not seeing them as people anymore as I said the following seasons kept repeating the exact same plots and eventually there wasn't needed to have a show with multiple heroes and more variety in plots it was getting progressively harder to keep the interest of the audience in a mostly episodic format it needed something more to feel each episode with such as more than one main characters interacting with each other as well as better at color costumes that would distinguish them from a distance thus we category anger the original Super Sentai in 1975 the plot was a simple revenge story with the heroes fighting an evil organization that threatens the world and killed many of their friends and that's pretty much the only worth the thing to mention about it an unexpected problem arose in Jack during 1977 so far the premise in all Kamen Riders in Super Sentai was avenging an evil organization for the suffering they caused it to the heroes the second season tried to change that by not having eventual heroes as well as the villains using drugs to enslave their victims despite trying to be more realistic by not making the good guys being driven by a destructive obsession and the mind-control of the villains having some logic behind it the audience hated it it was no longer an empowerment fantasy because it was clashing with real-world problems you see people watching these shows were like the attack was off today introverts probably bullied at school or hated America for bombing their glorious country watching henching series was a way to channel their frustration it's not that different from any video games of today that have a grumpy protagonist driven by hatred look at me I'm wearing a hood I'm gonna kill everybody because the Society was being mean to me taking this a seven year empowerment fantasy away please stop the audience and cast the jack to be considered a failure for trying to be a bit more serious this forced the creator's to go for spectacle in battle fever EJ the thirty season during 1979 and let's start by saying these costumes are the worst I have seen in my life I understand that the creators were still experimenting in how this season was not officially considered as super sentai for many years but holy crap does it look like do you know what else was a every hero coming from a different country dancing something relevant from that country and being named after said country they went for an anti-racism a message in this season and what a better way to do that than to have every hero being a racial stereotype so yeah this is season is not only ugly as it's also pretentious anyways as I said they had to include more so their hatred filled audience can stay interested which began by giant robots trend because what a better way to waste five minutes in every episode of and with stock footage where they have a completely unnecessary battle with a same enemy they just defeated in human size and surprisingly this filler ended up being what most people remember out of the franchise what did you expect to show for kids and eventually man children moving on so far the villains had no personality outside of being one dimensional representations of evil these began to change with dens man in 1980 Queen hadrian is amazing Harris sadistic laughing and the horrible ways as he uses to kill her victims because to her beauties ugly make her the most memorable thing in the fourth season by the way does she remind you of someone only gee it's Rita Repulsa no actually she's just the same actress and she's pretty damn good at what she is doing so good to the point of not having anything else to talk about it ends among the heroes were boring plus she's one of the few villains in the franchise who cares about her minions that's a trait only good guys are supposed to have which make her sympathetic in a twisted way I strongly recommend checking out at least the first five episodes the horrible deaths and a yandere rifle that is hadrian make it worthwhile speaking of twists another villain eventually betrays her and gets trapped in ice meaning this is the season where the villains begin to have internal conflicts automatically making them a more proactive and fun at a boring Boy Scout heroes what you need to understand the dear viewers is how my generation which grew up with ISA shows was defining a show's flair by how much we like the villains instead of its heroes we didn't care about the copy-paste that good guys who only move our butts to stop an enemy attack so far every season of Super Sentai was its own universe they share the same name but they are otherwise not connected with each other Sun Vulcan is an exception since it's a direct sequel to Danza man the criminal organization that is ruled by Darth Vader yes the Darth Vader knockoff because everybody was decrying the success of Star Wars revives Quinn Hadrian as their ally and she's back from her frozen prison as a cyborg with a metal afro and she eventually buck stops Darth Vader and steals his position as a leader how amazing is that of course the creators eventually realized how creating a sequel is a pitch for continuity and how the older characters were always always shadowing the newer ones Adrian was the only thing everybody cared about for two seasons which was very problematic for any new characters and merchandise they wanted to promote in later seasons so they sort of stopped doing this tactic not that this made the next season any better listen we were always expecting to be entertained by guys in spandex and plastic toys that were made to look huge that was a given in any of these types of series the thing that was making us like asses and more than any other was coming down to how cool the bad guys were goggle 5 didn't have that continuity or not it was a rehash of Sun Vulcan – something like Hadrian and seriously the good guys I stop here for now next time comes the Golden Age of the franchise and its eventual decline in sellout tactics – Saban

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