KAMEN RIDER V3 (Episode 1)

Kamen Rider V3!( KAMEN RIDER V3)( “THE THIRD RIDER! HIS NAME IS V3! “) What was that? Why’d they leave it open? Is person in there? Are you okay? What happened? He dissolved I don’t believe it. Darn you!( KAZAMI) That’s odd.I wonder if my brother’s still asleep. Shiro, your coffee’s ready. Thanks. I don’t get it. Last-place night, I ensure a serviceman evaporate. And then a auto tried to run me over But why? Why would anyone trying to kill me? Boo! Yukiko! -Don’t do that! -Sorry. You were spacing out. Look at this. Shiro, your chocolate was spiked with Lugar, a deadly deadly from Tibet. What? One sip of this, and your mas goes up in flames. You believe me now, don’t you? This can’t be a co-occurrence. This is the second timesomeone’s tried to kill me. Who would want to kill him? Shiro Kazami.He’s your junior at the lab, right? And someone’s trying to kill him? Yes. And I don’t thinkit’s as simple as that. He saw something strange. -He viewed a humankind dissolve.-You think they’re trying to stillnes him? Pops I think something terribleis happening in the shadows, and they’re killing the witness. Don’t be ridiculous. Gel-Shocker is gone.We can finally breathe easy now. I hope you’re right. Your recess are still sloppy! Okay, I’ll do another lap. Why would anyone want to kill him? Kazami! I’ll call for an ambulance! Kazami! Hang in there, Kazami! Kazami? Wake up! A rocket fell from the sky Their third try Kazami! A bomb? Kazami? Can you hear what i just said, Kazami? -Hongo! -Hayato? Why are you here? I hear from Pops.The ambulance will be here soon. Is he all right? Hayato, watch over himuntil the ambulance goes here.Hongo? Where are you going? That’s odd. There isn’t a religion or graveyard nearby. Destron. “The Grave of Takeshi Hongo.” -Where’s Hongo? -He’s analyse the hills adjacent. Who could have done this? -We’re ready to go.-I’ll go with them. Okay, thanks. What’s wrong? I envisioned my grave. What? Your grave? This is the third attempt on “peoples lives”. And then there’s my life-and-death Something is very wrong here. Why is there another ambulance? Which one of you is hurt? Shoot! Will he be all right? I can’t say for sure. -Who put you up to this ?! -No, stop! What’s inside? The same lethal from this morning? How about a delicacy of your own medicine? Well? -Ready to talk now? -Yes! I’ll tell you everything! That’s -We have to get out! -Agreed. No one’s here. What’s going on? Pops! -Pops! -Hongo, they did it again. If Shiro’s right, this reaches itthe fourth age they’ve tried to kill him. But we destroyed Gel-Shocker. The life should be safe now. Maybe it’s a new organization. Darn them! Who’s behind all this? I’ll find them, if it’s the last thing I do! Don’t do anything reckless.Who are those people? Help! Someone help me, delight! Help! Help me, please! I use your help! Please! Help me! What’s wrong? I’m being shot. They don’t glance ordinary! I don’t see anyone. They’re gone Whoa! Miss? Are you okay? What do I do now?( KAMEN RIDER V3)( KAMEN RIDER V3) She’s so pretty. Why didn’t Shirointroduce us to his girlfriend? He says he doesn’t know her. He was nearby when she needed assistant, so he fetched her here. Wow, that’s so dreamy! I’m scared Help me, satisfy! It’s all right, dear. You’re safe now. What? You saved someone? And where is that person now? She was subconscious. I figured it’d be saferto leave her at home. She must have seen somethingif they tried to kill her. We should look into it. I agree. We don’t know who the antagonist is.We mustn’t make our ward down. You should get home right away. What? Why? Are you sayingthey’ll go after my family next?( KAZAMI) It’s okay, don’t get up.My lad, Shiro, brought you here. I’m Yukiko. Pleased to meet you. Where are my politeness? I’m Junko Tama. Thank you so much for helping me. Oh no, it wasn’t any disturb at all. We’re just glad you’re okay. What’s that sound? I’m scared! Scissors Scissors! Scissors Darling! Scissors! Run! Now! Dad! -Shiro! -Save us! Mom! All who realise us must die. Mom! Yukiko! Scissors! Watch. She’s next. Die! -Shiro! -Hongo! Takeshi Hongo! Rider Henshin! You’re a Rider? Run! You’re mine.Scissors! What happened? They killed Kazami’s entire category. -What ?! -They’re ruthless. Come with me. I’m done with being human. I’ll be the Devil himself if that’swhat it takes to avenge my family! Kamen Rider, delight Turn me into a cyborg! Kazami, I know how you feel. But this strength should neverbe used for vengeance. But I We would never wishour requirement on anyone. A cyborg is no longer certainly human. No one should have to suffer our fate. Leave the fighting to us. Kazami If anything were to happen to you, your family will never rest in peace. Junko, we may be able to find Destronnear the place they attacked you. Where did you witness them? -Hongo! -Right behind you. Over now. We’re too late. They’ve flown the coop! Destron! Show yourselves if you’re there! Welcome, Kamen Rider One and Two. -That voice-It can’t be! It has been a while, Kamen Riders. You’re the leader of Gel-Shocker! Indeed. We have met once before, but that was not my real body.You will die herewithout ever knowing my genuine kind. What? Destron is the ultimate organization, composed from the remainders of my forces. The life will be mine! But firstly, I must dispose of you, the bane of my cosmo! The Destron scientists fabricated this. We call it the Cyborg Disintegrator Ray. I will finally be ridof the two of you forever. As for Tobe Tachibana, he will join you in the blis. There it is. Your figures will disintegratein ten seconds. Farewell, Kamen Riders. Hongo! Stay back, Kazami! No, don’t! Over there! Kazami, get a hold of yourself! -Kazami? -He’ll die if we don’t do something. He gambled his life to save us.He doesn’t deserve to die! -There’s only one way to save him.-Agreed. -Full power! -Full power! -What was that? -What’s going on? There’s no way the Riderssurvived all those missiles.The Kamen Riders will never die, not before Destron is destroyed! Darn them! They’re alive! Get them! Zooka! -Hayato, vanish assist Pops! -On it! You’re not going anywhere! -Hayato! Are you okay? -I’m fine. This is where you die, Kamen Riders! Zooka! Not so fast! We did it! Who are you ?! Kamen Rider V3! “V3”? Destron, a new misery society, immerses the world countries into chaos yet again. Shiro Kazami, whose familywas murdered by Destron, returns to fight as Kamen Rider V3! The shroud riseson the Riders’ crusade against Destron!( TO BE CONTINUED)( NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW) Next hour on Kamen Rider V3 Destron’s monstrosity, Turtle Bazooka, has a nuclear bomb inside him. How does Shiro transform into V3? What are his special moves? What will happen toKamen Rider One and Two? Next term on Kamen Rider V3, “The Double Riders’ Final Words.” Don’t miss it!

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