Kamen Rider Valkyrie Henshin Pose – Spinning Progrise Key Tutorial

Kamen Rider Valkyrie Henshin Pose – Spinning Progrise Key Tutorial

I am not responsible for damage to your toys because you have followed this tutorial, make sure you practice on the carpet or mat to avoid damage to the toy yo friends. Welcome back. I apologize for rarely uploading video before I’m busy with my work and this time we will learn. Henshin pose the henshin pose of kamen rider Valkyrie before we start make sure if you haven’t subscribed, this channel just subscribe right now and don’t forget to smash like button. So, let’s get started first thing that you need is DX, AIMS, Shot, Riser and Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key and make sure this is your own.

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Dothe n’t using your friend’s stuff next hoe to spin progress key. This is a basic move. You have to do just spin, the progress key to the inside way of your hand and use your index finger to push/spin progress key, so the main force is come from your index finger and this is your hand. Move looks like without progress key when you push/throw the progress key. At the same time, you have to spin it immediately, so you have to do 2 moves in 1 timing practice.

It will next start practicing spin and catch the progress key like this keep practicing. Until you get the timing, so you will get the same position of progress key at beginning and at the end, keep practicing until perfect. Next, you have to learn how to catch progress key in a different way, like this keep practicing until you mastered it and last you have to learn how to set the direction of the throw according to this way/line. Just like this, you have to set the direction from your lower right to top left next to your head practice until you go crazy.

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