Kamen Rider W 1/8 MG Accel Box Review

hey guys this is staying home team rlh and i'm here today with the kamen rider excel model kit review this is a master grade kit so let's get to exploring box here's the bottom side of the box you will see the engine bleh a weapon some gadgets the front how he looks info more info about the common area his back his driver head and this is him with the stand I believe this model kit comes with a stand so that's really close it and some policies some poses you can do with them and here's the other side kamen rider exhale master k figure rise kamen rider w exhale here's the other side another picture of him some poses then he actually does turn into his bike forum so it's really cool so more picture picture of him and double kamen rider double and some more pictures and then some other figures I mean models on the line okay let's get to open the box stove as you can see you guys a lot of penis cases of Master Grade just start up for this one yes metallic red pieces it's really cool you see it eyes up there stickers I believe that's the driver that's the bike and the the rubbers are the tires and tires of rubber guys pretty cool then I willing to stand that's the stand right there is more metallic red pieces and then that's instruction manual looks really nice so that's all guys I will do a review of the model kit after I'm finished so stay tuned like subscribe for more views of yugioh and other stuff see team our lips saying signing out here we go

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