Kamen Rider W (Double): DX T2 Joker Memory (Figure-Oh Exclusive) Review

hey guys cosmic here coming at you with another DX common writer review today we're taking a look at the figure o exclusive Kamen Rider Joker or Kamen Rider double T 2 Joker memory this is the DX version this thing's pretty hard to come by I was able to pick it up on Yahoo auctions Japan I paid like 38 or 40 dollars for it plus shipping so um this is a very neat thing it's from the Kamen Rider double forever a 2 Z movie I think it's called it was a pact in with Figaro magazine I don't have the box I do have the instruction sheet and it kind of just gives you a breakdown of what's going on here how to change the batteries putting it in the driver in the maximum Drive slot you got the memory sound breakdown list here I can't really read them out because I'm not too good with hiragana I think that's better Ghana but up here on the top you can see we got the movie logo figure Oh premium series and the tea to memory Joker there on the side so pretty cool um this thing is rare over here in the states so I really wanted to share with you guys so that you can you noticed and to kind of see what it does now on top of being a memory to use in the launch driver you get some extra sounds because it is a t2 a little cycle through all 26 letters of the alphabet it starts with axle uh like some of them are hard to make out cyclone dummy eternal Fang genie and I think I don't know Jean Jean Jean heat how do you say each I think King it skips J because it does the Joker um outside of the cycle Luna metal nazca ocean puppeteer queen rocket-like because for things I like that there's a rocket sound in their skull trigger unicorn violence probably one of my favorites above the sticker logo for violence weather extremes yesterday and xot and then you get Joker here it is with the regular DX Joker memory same size the only difference really in the makeup of it is that platinum blue tip there same color light so I look very similar and the Joker sounds are the same the only difference is and we'll see when we pop them in the driver here it is next to the gashapon or candy toy version so you can see this one's made out of that transparent smoky black plastic same as the DX Joker memory this one doesn't have a light but the give out the same Joker sound so let's pop it in the driver and hear what it sounds like and then we're going to do that wash driver since that's what it's used in pop it in get the waiting sound flip it open get the regular choker and the Joker fanfare there now the difference with this one is pop will pop the DX Joker in put the man up now that one's time to work with cyclone so that's why it's kind of that pause after you pop it in and then there's a pause before the music goes off so that's pretty much the only difference inside the driver let's pop it in the maximum drive slot you get the same maximum Drive sound so pretty neat unfortunately the cash upon one kind of works in the mouth you can pop it in it's not gonna make any noise you can open it sometimes it goes off if you kind of push on a little bit you need to go off no light but does go off and then the regular one we showed off so that's pretty much the T to the Joker memory very neat if you can pick one up for about what I paid for it it's totally worth it especially if you got a launch driver um I wouldn't spend what they're asking for for them on eBay or Amazon I've seen these things for like three hundred and something dollars no way is that worth it um as a matter of fact I thought I was going to get one of these the gashapon ones when I paid for it but it is the DX one so I got very very fortunate um so if you have a middleman or a proxy service that you use to get things from Japan see if you can pick one of those up for about $40 like I said is what I spent for definitely work the $40 not worth anywhere near the 300 but if you got a wash driver if you're a fan of common writer Joker or Shotaro definitely worth trying to pull some strings to find one stay tuned we got plenty more reviews coming up thanks for watching any questions leave them below I'll try and get back to you thank you

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