FROM THE TV) Henshin. Phantoms are born from people's despair. One magician continues to fight… these creatures as they try to increase… their ranks by secretly attacking humans. Haruto's still sleeping? He used a lot of magic in the last battle. He pretty much collapsed as soon
as he got back. Garu is out of mana. It's about time, Haruto. – You should get more rest.
– I'm fine. Any more sleep, and I'll be
more tired.

Garuda, Please. Now then, I'm off. Hold on. Have a look at this first. – A new one?
– Yeah. Here. What kind of magic is it this time? I wonder. All I do is make the rings. While listening to the magical stones. I got it, Wajima. Does this magic put enemies to sleep? This can be useful for Ghouls. I need to try this out. Huh? Wait a minute. Sleep, Please. This magic puts the user to sleep. I see. This is punishment for trying to test
it on us. That's right.

Wizard Rings: rings with magical powers. The magician of today… wields the shining gems on both hands… as he turns despair into hope. (KAMEN RIDER WIZARD) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (Opening Song) (EP 2: "I WANT TO BE A MAGICIAN") – It's Daimon.
– Come in. Excuse me. What did you want to talk about, sir? You're Rinko Daimon, correct? Nice to meet you.

Mr. Kizaki's in the National
Security Bureau, Section Zero. National Security Bureau Section Zero? Do do anything impolite. I'll just ask you straight. Daimon, when you were attacked by a
Phantom, you met… a man who called himself
a magician, correct? Um. Do you have any info… that could be used to identify him? Not really. He just saved me. Is that right? Um, Are you going to keep the Phantom
incident under wraps? – At least let us in…
– Daimon, enough! We're supposed to protect people,
we should…

This case is under our jurisdiction. You are not involved. Don't mention it again. Section Zero? Oh, please. "Not involved?" Are you kidding? We want to protect people, too. Oh, that's hot! Found it. About time, Medusa! Where? Which
one is it? – That one.
– Huh? Which one? Hellhound. Make that Gate fall into despair. Get us a new Phantom. After all, Wiseman must… perform another Sabbath. Understood. We're counting on you. It is an honor to have your trust. – You okay?
– Hey, Yuta, you all right? Hey, you okay? Can you stand? Doesn't look like anything too serious.
Thank goodness. Yeah…Ow! How about I cast a spell that'll get rid
of the pain? "Chichinpuipui". Go away, pain! What's "chichinpuipui"? What kind of adult believes in magic? Let's go. Hey, come on. Wait up! Kids these days are so practical.

It's nothing like when I was a kid. Oh. – You okay?
– You all right? Hey, are you okay? Oh no! Come on! Be afraid! Despair! Leave the kid alone! Run away, hurry! Sorry for showing up late, Phantom. You must be the ringed magician. Magician? Driver On! Henshin. Flame, Please. It's showtime. Connect, Please. Hurricane, Please. Big, Please. Incredible! Real magic! Whoa. Huh? What? He got away. That kid must be the Gate.
Got to find him quickly. Excuse me! I'm Shunpei Nara. Please, let me be your apprentice! What? Apprentice? Yes! I want to become a magician, too! I can understand why you think I'm cool. But magic isn't something you just study.

Well, see you. Wait! How long are you going to keep
following me? As long as I can! Until you change your mind! Master! Master! I'm not your master! Wait up, Master! Thank you. Welcome, Haru! Your timing is perfect. Try one of our new rainbow donuts! I'm being chased. Let me hide here. Master! Hey, what about the rainbow donuts? – Rainbow!
– Rainbow! – Rainbow!
– Plain sugar, please. Come on, you always order the same thing! No way. I found you, Master! – Come on…
– Make me your apprentice, please! I'll do anything! – Get off me.
– Please! Pretty please?! – Please teach me!
– What's with you? – Please!
– Okay, relax! I'll listen to your story.

Good afternoon. Welcome. That detective… You! You were the one with Haruto Soma,
right? How'd you find us? Well, I am a detective. – Is he here today?
– No. – Out fighting another Phantom?
– Yes. I see. I'm a little jealous. I wish I were a magician, too. Don't say that in front of Haruto, okay? Why not? When I was a kid, my dream was to
become a magician. – Dream?
– Dream? My dream was always to
become an ido…. Yes. There was a magician in my favorite
picture book… who would use the incantation
"Chichinpuipui'… to use all kinds of magic. I really looked up to that image. I thought about how fun it would be to
use magic and help people. But as I got older, I realized that… there was no such thing as magic. I had given up. But now I know the truth! Magic is real! Magicians are real! – So…
– It's not all fun.

One magician is more than enough. What? I listened to your story. Let dreams be dreams. Haruto and I… were Gates. We were kidnapped… about half a year ago, during the eclipse. We were used in a ritual to create
Phantoms. Lots of people were forced into a
state of despair… so they would produce Phantoms and die. I… I…! But Haruto was the only one… able to keep his Phantom inside. You did well to survive without
giving up hope. You have the makings of a magician. Magician? Defeat the Phantoms. That is your
only path. Haruto and I were the only survivors. I lost my memories. And he became a magician. He never wants to see a person become… victim to a Phantom again. That is why he decided to… risk his life and fight.

Wishing to be a magician is not
something… you say lightly. (KAKINOKI CHUO LIBRARY) (MAGICIAN OF THE FOREST) Here it is. My inspiration. This takes me back. I read this every day and practiced magic. "Chichinpuipui!" "Chichinpuipui" All right! No matter what, I know
magic is real now. If he won't teach me, I'll learn it by myself! What? Monsters again?! Is that… Stay back! "Chichinpuipui!" No way. So, it wasn't the kid. He's the Gate. Hey, Shunpei Nara. – Driver On!
– Run. Henshin. Flame, Please. What is he doing? Hurry up and run! Hey! Are you all right? Get to safety. Hurry! Rinko, why are you here? You never learn. Even if I'm not a magician, I want to protect people. Just as much as you. I see. Trying to run away again? Not going to work. Connect, Please. Where'd he go? Clever. But so am I. Connect, Please. Time for the finale. Come on Shooting, Shake Hands – Flame, Please.
– Shooting Strike Whew. Chichinpuipui! I can use magic, too. On the next Kamen Rider Wizard.

This isn't a trick, it's genuine magic! I don't want to see another tragedy. Despair and die! Why regret when you can move forward? It's showtime..

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