KAMEN RIDER ZERO ONE EX-AID (仮面ライダーゼロワンエグゼイド)

food is food! yes! thats aruto gag! why? why they cannot understand my jokes? i think the jokes is perfecto! there! young man! who are you? im just passing through old man! you want this? eh? is that henshin device? this is the newest henshin device! zero one gamer driver! i want it! you must be! but 50.000.000 yen please! ehhh? thats very high! forget it! what? monster? *please look the subs before this. lol hey! with that driver! i can defeat those monster right? yes you right! but! that's fine! give it to me right now! here! go for it! learning complete! transform! the only one that can stop you! is me! my job here is done!

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