Kamen Rider Zero One: Hero’s Brave Statue Figure Unboxing with English subs

hi guys for this video we will be unboxing and checking out kamen rider zero one rising hopper heroes brave statue figure by ban presto or bandai spirits and intro mona tayo so enjoy [Music] all right so check out the new box zero one driver so here's the front of the box kamen rider zero one rising hopper by ban presto bandai spirits so initial reaction look at the impulse because before me maya uh the xf figures and kamen rider and so here's the top of the box inside nice close-up picture here [Music] nice one aruto and different angles known figure with the rising hopper logo that logo is actually the same with this one [Music] logo okay the other side and the bottom of the box all right i like this close-up ganda okay so unboxing [Music] i'm not sure if this is counted as aqua personally i'm not a fan of articulated figures soyuma toy lines like marble legends uh oops sh figure arts figmas uh nenendroids hindi akhofan no maganong figures though of course android is the legend of zelda majora's mask because it's majora's mask and [Music] while shipping [Music] i yawn alright okay so here is the figure okay so three parts well two parts long plus a stand or support base support let's check that in part b part [Music] or but here's the legs torso zero one driver [Music] one [Music] the torso major flexible young antenna is and for the details the glossier eyes so major metallic young silver linings same with in silver so belt belt strap no driver then my red accents so liquid okay so [Music] so i'm assuming that this goes [Music] um [Music] support so so that is our figure initial thoughts malicia say next specco since apostle tapos number two um i'm not a fan of the base of the red support plate [Music] peace so that i guess that's it for this figure kamen rider zero one rising hopper heroes brave statue figure hopefully for the upcoming series kamen rider sabre mcgreen's dinner figure actually available for pre-order not sure i [Music] [Music] impulse so and thank you for watching and if you like this video please consider subscribing to my youtube channel and more content usually unboxing toys so stay safe put in the hat and hope to see you all soon [Music] bye [Music] [Applause] you

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