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Three, two one! Hello everypony tothe discussion video …[ Laughter] hello every Karn-y- to the zero one discussion live video.You know what, I’m down to bounce some – plans around cuz like I have hope forzero one I really like firstly kind of about he had like this weird spirit hecould summon that like stands behind him what if he dies in bout one and hehas to gather ninety nine progress keys on God why can the central Kamen Ridernever die in the middle of a series like I choose they would Gurren Lagann it andbe like alright central reference dead secondary you’re in neat before we goany further you guys know I’m Marcos the satsu with me I have bombastic the Blakealso have corn the carne and meta and carne let’s start off with you wheneveryou investigated Kamen Rider zero one initial impress initial marks thatdon’t look like a protagonist I was like oh cool so that’s the brutality scribe when’sthe primary chap gonna see he is yeah he appears so incensed and this to me he lookedlike a kick hopper he looked like the assholes that tenofovir through theseason I’m like I like the identify they don’t look like your protagonist I thinkI know what the problem is maybe it’s just because as I’m I’m a monotonous fivebut I I feel like theythey the arms don’t have enough armor on themoh it’s with your face for me it’s just that whole fit and the yellow-bellied as well itwas like a weird choice I would have figured like lettuce or maybe redauthorised I was sure you guys interpreted the recolors of zero one where they werelike lily-white and light-green and nonsense like that so what seeks oh dude yes that was dopeI adoration that that the white complexion was great but there’s this like yellowishfor the actual color it’s kind of yeah yeah I conceive grey-haired I did it as a it’s acombat service palette well I would blue noses and it searched pretty good but Idon’t mind like I recollect and looking at thethat’s the problem is always looking to the other accommodates with zero on from thescans not Stephen my own big-hearted spoilers it’s so father as the suits don’t lookgreat like on zero one that Vulcan is all korean-style yeah I like the theflying Falcon suit flying Falcon doesn’t look good simply because the teller steamit wasn’t enormous oh yeah I’m hoping the other ones we did it will mesh better Igot a question for you guys like yes maybe cuz I got that I get this in thefirst impression and that is do any of these clothings actually feel like KamenRider because when I looked at this I was like this is this is a nonwell-known toku suit right here it looks like it looks like it’s like it’s gotthings I reflect the part doll lion is super common writer and that’s like halflike 90% the reason I’m into it how shocking that’s what one appears if youshowed me that I think it was like like opening procrastinate or something like yeah yeahyeah you know like ever you in the appreciation I Cesar stock come out and someone willthrow like a weird like Korean and talk you out there as it doesn’t look likedoes I dough or whatever really weird like Philippine toku from like the 80 sand it looks really really weird it was meant to be like to the Philippinesanswer to space sheriff’s yeah I visualize the thing I been fucking loving zero one is thatit doesn’t looks just like a common scribe as where’s that rackets because like if youthink about the transition from support it to hey say that Ichigo and then you havethe Kouga lineup they don’t really look similar like this examines same enoughbut they gape different enough at the same time to like have a difference Ithink zero one is a perfect like futuristic modern change from heysee Tarawa yeah it may seem like they’re doing like there’s a lot of send up so Iwas like grasshopper thing goes back so all coming right is having falcon we’vehad like that he knows and stuff there’s a lot of things that are coming backbecause we’ve had so much time because of like rushes to be addressed the suitsthere’s a lot in the suit design which i think is really clever like how like 0/1 himself everything is all over his main form like yes i think it’s a black suitand it’s all over his primary form but then if you look at Vulcan and Valkyrie onlyhalf their body the half that they’ve like youdid the grease-gun into makes on the characteristics of the animal because they’re basicallylike spoofing what looks just like a like an Android body yeah there’s like a lot oflike little thematic things in the dres in both sides of season because like thewhole plot line is that Alistair was the only one who’s actually technicallyallowed to use the progress keys everybody else is various kinds of like putzingaround with them he gets like the fail consider what kind of consider yeahwhen I woke up and learnt that like the seeps and the previews I judged Vulcanwas 1:01 and I anticipated wow 0 1 but really sick like the rendition 0 1Volken and I contemplated all imagine sleeping I working here when the leadsdropped I I woke I was like I’ll stay up so seeps maybe I’ll torrent and it gotsabout 2 a.m.And I hadn’t leak neatly fuck I’ll go to bed it was about an hourafter I went to bed that all efforts I reflect I tweeted this I did sugared this Ihave a my big theory is that the planned of 0 1 is just Operation Overdrive when youcompare an operation over J so I think it’s been secreted publicly now but 0 1shows up and over courts alright yeah and he hen shion’s into flyingFalcon yeah when he does it in during the henshin there’s this like weirdlooks like one of the robots like the iconic what I announced muggy paraphernalium yeah itlooks like the he McGee right and he’s the only one who can use like the fullhide end structure right now everyone else is using guns or there’s gin andhorribie who are using some other weird system right but he’s the only one usinga hide end driver and it says that he inherits it from his grandfathernow my part belief disappears out the irrigate we SEC the the second largest we recognize a mama anddad what busines on planet earth is a granddad died and the grandson inheritedthe Sun inherit maybe it’s like Batman reservoir that’s whatI would think right maybe that’s what they’ll use to explain it apart but mytheory is grandpappy hidin was too busy being a business mogul moving is MishimaZaibatsu forgot so I have boys and went wellthere’s all these lifelike human robots I better originate myself a grandson cuzthat’s wise all the way back into Showa with coming right overIchigo mostly being like 90% robot it would all come back together asmentioned a jinn and whatever I’m hoping we get to see more of constitutes for them andbecause they they do steal the flying fountain key for jinn so I’m hoping wedid or stolen formations like that well before we met the trailer we received likethe live discussion and when I heard that voice like you Karn like I was allin for that the hop to the sky turns to a rider kicking I jump to the sky turns toa rider knock kick that is so cool I desire that so much it’s grown on me I like it more nowbecause of like the other ones like flying fella kind of stuff but it’s theauthorised pro-growth I’m like and now that I’ve seen how the plaything text workseach of the you know like Holly it’s like Scott squash scintillating and whateverthe fucking I was in gyeom mmm-hmm in this it’s like killer Rhys mega Rhysterrorize terrorize someone so I fell in love with that to you so the anthems often out of ten I time desire that it sounds like it would be a futuristicmodern like how “- its” 2019 it just sounds so goodlike we’ve had those like hour long jingle-jangle especially with grande geo and Ilove how like sort of simple the jingle is four zero one and the stand by soundsreally cool and the English that departs along with this under the cold and theMicrosoft Mike Sam whatever voice seems really cool and I exactly I only affection thatjingle so much like I can’t I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the rest ofthe toys to do all that yeah yeah when we actually met the trailer trailer iffor some reason it didn’t steal me as much as I thought it wouldit’s it’s been 40 years of common scribe chaps sometimes having the same problemwhat can we do well how can how can they keep this upguessing is gonna be like an sporadic thing with an overarching storey or maybethere’s like some narration dispersed around but sometimes having fairly trouble asit is and that it that didn’t even have a hiatus like common scribe did so likewith common novelist I just really hope they can have a good story or maybe agood character good characters to follow along with or if Karn is right and goeswith the creepy Operation Overdrive thing that would be great I would adoration thatI’d be cool but like the suits is impossible to do so much better I so wishes a good story ora good character tourists memes make it like blade all over again it does thatmeans everywhere something you know yeah the this I was super onboard and thattrailer sag is well known I was like yes yes yes he does that cool thing wherehe’s like ambling in and it’s all gradual miles like yeah he’s like Jin Kazama I’mloving this and then turns around and does the 1 OC Castro and tendo are inthe minority yeah I don’t need an absolute asshole but just like really justone chap who time wants to be about us and I know maybe that doesn’t line wellwith the teenagers or whatever yeah but I’m a I don’t care about Japanese grownupsoh being that reminded everyone the stereotype for Romero and Kamen Riders we’re manlymen makes back you to Joe practically caressing in the first time I got yoursame current cuz I had the exact same question with sentai for a while like Iwant more of a serious leader type like everybody else can be goofy they can becomic relief for all I care but like I cherish TendoI love Tsukasa and they’re like hear my favorite scribes ever more but they gottabe serious at some stage even Center clearly sends a lot of serious momentsbut it’s all act like someone who’s really good at a thing really gooddetective really good Underpants really good at friends andthen goofy that shit happens and I like oh this is sad and then they’re likeserious material secondary shows up yeah serious I would just adoration it just ifonce we are only had like art so whatever his reputation is Arturonot even has become a like a Tsukasa type simply exactly be like yo I’m serious I want tofight I want to take care of this and the secondary is like dude dude give uslike a fleck a akira yeah yes I feel like that would be the excellent fit cuz likehe’s the most serious badass second day I can think of because like this man’sover here being a war doctor and stuff the next day chief he’s like good foryou yeah Congrats if the primary writer isn’texactly how I required like the cast can can brick could pick up the slackbecause at least sentai there’s it’s five or six parties so someone can pickup the slack now you to um King had a lot of focus but at least his crew hadlike they’re focused bouts and stuff so to pick up like their personalitiesthat I choose they had same with coke suggestion at least each one our personality solike if if zero ones cast can pick up a lot of the slack that the head doesn’thave or maybe since we have two more columnists this time there can be a lotmore focus because you know you got to focus on “the authors ” more than the nonwriter throws like how X they did they had a lot of writers so they had a focuson a lot of “the authors ” to to sell those toys and hey if they have a toy eachepisode then at least it’ll have like characterization for something orsomeone so I identify a lot of different seasons in zero one one of the thingsthat I am checking and it’s not just because like the cruel gene look likeblood stock but there is a build feel I have yeah I think that’s something whyeven though I like geo as well as build I conceive I wish their last name yeah Iknow what I what I love about banjo gentoku and Casimir is while they allinteract with sento none of their motives are intrinsically restrained tosend yes yes whereas like I enjoy entrances and walls butthe whole deal is gumption oh come here sense oh I love you I hate you Magnus they all defrosted into each otherbut like in construct it was like you know there was like the taco and thedifferent regions and I kind of do that feeling out of like Ames and obstruct in andthe whatever they’re called Operation Thunder Hawk calm or whatever the fuckthe other guys so I like the idea that maybe like they’ve all got differentgoals so rather than it being like hiding preoccupied like yeah obviouslyvolkens eventually gonna be like don’t with that she like hopefully they’llhave something a little bit more today even their own little departments whenthey come together it’s not just all about zero one I say this like everysingle time it’s previous seasons for a common columnist I’ve said this ever sinceI started the canal back that back when when like but like four years threefour years ago every single time I choose I could say more other than I hope it’sgood because I was pointed out that for develop geo x8i that the clothings can be cold thatcharacters can be cold I only hope the show is good okay let’s applied it this wayhopefully the crossover movie zero one and erect fuckin Takeshi hongo shows upcuz he’s on borrowed duration as it is he needs to be in I write and move me onelast meter I thought he said Ichigo is his last one that GhostIchigo movie it that would be it can you you know what I’d be fine with that thatmovie really is not that bad supernatural belief aside I actually like the moviebut it’s good even if it was good the fact that this is like next generationsand it’s gonna have like claim is gonna have light bathe our and possibly a say itwould be a nice way for him to be like okay I’m done now for real I’m gonnaenjoy my retirement and I oh say though is I think there’s a lot of expectationput on sentai camera narrator if the season is not for you that’s fine yeahit’s okay so if you’re if you’re the person who wants to then analyze why itisn’t for you that’s fine to me like I time didn’t care about like a couple ofseasons recently so I exactly various kinds of did well and I merely considered I’d it’s not theend of the world obviously I crave come around you’re in some tights you beamazing but I don’t even know what it waslike I don’t even know if and this might be something that a great deal of beings feelis that or don’t realize they feel is that maybe isn’t that the indicates havechanged there are parts of the shows that were modified perhaps you just don’tfeel the same as the nature you yeah yeah so when you found tokusatsu five yearsago you were a different person so maybe it’s it’s almost like intangible what weactually want out of writer and penny I know I precisely want to inject one smallthing all right I will agree with you on everything there except for toquter andOHS exist in what involve and good or bad in there perfect sometimes it’s just acase there is a different quality so it’s like all right look you guys fromTokyo to the ninja you’re certainly gonna be like I knew I could be friendswith you Mehta you said to Cooter’s the best I will attack the tokuji recreation withmy dying breath from wine a great deal of beings don’t like Tendo so G from Cavutoand I think that season is great it is good I love Kabutodon’t lend me whoa whoa people cannot dislike Tendo so G he is a God among mensay what you will about geo but at least it eventually devoted the exponent ofcupboard so the right sphere’ that’s what I say geo likewise rendered the worstcharacter in an Hibiki the primary character’s the skills and I still hatethat zo also locked AG in his closet for the entire cross over it oh yeah no Iwill not like you’re gonna hear me attacked the arrows before they did yeahthey induced him a hobo window washer like come onwhen are you learnt the next episode preview and curse her done was on Idon’t care whether you like or despise her done that’s not the degree but when Isaw the curse had done was the focus of the OHS tribute I’m really relish Geonow but I do that’s about as close as I’ve come say the geo discussion forwhen it I “re just saying” geo how dare you do that – bleh bleh No – I hope they don’tkill off Valkyrie super early or at all oh my god they’re gonna kill the femalewriter but like I honestly think they’re gonna be left-field and kill the maleright hey perhaps that may be a thing they may kill her off but this comesfrom this preconceived notion in the girl equestrians get killedI mean poppy didn’t die sort of here’s some fucking statistics for you I wentin a utter code my lover the other week and I went through a schedule of everyfemale scribe and every male columnist and there are less girl writersproportionally not just number numerically percentage than male writerswho have died I have all the female writers that exist and all the malewriters that exists more epoches have died than daughters percentage-wiseso even if al curry does die she’s not another statistic second best way youcan employed that expressed appreciation for placard I don’t want to die I really hope that we prevent heranother thing I conceive would be cool is if they start doing a cupboard so thingwhere designation get swapped around a lot the central people going followed around bythat robot girl and it sure would be fucking with if Valkyrie one died androbot girlfriends unexpectedly was like what are emotions and merely through the broad risekey into a artillery – wait wait wait so what if that happens and like you know you’relike cuz they’re sanctioned human rights or they’re only exercising like half the suitwhat if that happens and she gets like full access oh I just like do you thinkI wouldn’t probably say on my coziest reverberating but like if something like thatdoes happen and they get full access to the secondary suits probably so cooldude that’s why I would feel like it’d be cool if they like if the maincharacter terminated up not really like even dying but like wasn’t able to do itanymore in the to secondaries made it on throwso I would adore that when I first started watching kibbutz Iwasn’t into that where they’re like “the authors ” varied like why there’s so manythe bees he’s like Omo or something but then I rewatched it like like a couplemonths ago for my videos like I really liked it I and I hope what I would enjoyit MC everyone did the same thing yeah well specially when it came to the belike my my intelligence tries to foam puns and presumptions and everything so I was likethere’s so many bees because they’re a hive Karnes simply big braining it justlets me I spent like an hour looking at a hue show Venn diagram one nightlike deterioration it is pink privilege oh yeah the thing is I hinder encountering a great deal of otherseasons in 0on which will either mean that like they’re gonna be the samestory or they’re gonna simply gather like a peculiar combination that entails it’s completelyunique yeah like Haribo and jet cruel hoboand gin they’re just they’re just plagiarist and graphite they’re like weird hockeyboys in different costumes who are probably going to end up being good guysor like I’m costume like you know them in the more you’d gowhat the fuck he wearing I not here in California that’s normalokay when someone’s place of work and it’s like doctor doctor doctor guywearing cosplay you know you can assist someone’s office and it’s like a guywearing no no not typically well you know what I convey like I just feel likethey’re gonna be like pardon graphite they’re probably gonna turn there’sgonna be like a prayer right humid breeze kind of like kind of like Smosh kind oflike buggsters yeah they’re gonna boulder is it gonna be like you know imperfections dude Imean humid garrick humen – we gotta liberate them there’s a lot of hercaring themes that could happen I hope it’s not the same I just got thisfeeling it will be beings in check restrain likening it to Iron Man so like that’swhy I’m like so glad that when it came out like day 1 I was like this isliterally toku Iron Man armored undertakings like this is literally gonnaadd to the I am on the thing that holds the progress Keys and is alsoweapon is a briefcase oh man you got something like I am unto shit withoutlike kick the briefcase on he knocks up and sheds a pro Christ Keon can weappreciate that they’re literally precisely cassette tapes yes the area just likeyou know what the ruse should be cassette tape my fist or I’m like Ididn’t know they’d fling though I genuinely felt I flipped out you know I meanyeah crazy I truly thought it was full-on cassette strips I was like bro webut I got a vapor gesticulate coming columnist like this is like full-on indulgencelike it’s gonna be like a little cassette tape player and if they’re likewine the tapes shit you got a rewind a free hand yeah about like be species rewindI charity this is basically Detroit become human Quantic Dream’s don’t get on thatthat’d be actually Quantic Dream’s get on that I want to see an intro on acounter at a game that’s not a beat’em about I’ll take interactive David cageeven if it turns out to be political commentaries yeah legit like ramble giveme something good give me an on Kamen Rider smash game Iwant like a full-on RPG same-same it maybe like an original Ryder the maincharacter you can recruit yeah the trip is always liked about theone of the box ride plays want to say it’s like Genesis 3 with the cinemacharacter oh they doing like an original story plans but then the actual game isjust brand-new so travelers and geeky on the Dia’s was kind of it close as we’ve gotto that but it’s still a beat’em up so like well guys it’s the 30 hour markslet’s let’s have our approximately final preview anticipates final preview thoughtsfor this matter let’s go first final preview anticipates on zero one before itactually breaths next month I’m hopeful I exactly hope the devils attract it togetherwith precisely more than their attire kill off the primary novelist please that channel wecan like have a throne for curve story fix the secondaries become all cool youknow you that isn’t double precaution I evencautiously optimistic I’m like nice Lake Placid right now I’m just waitingto see what happen again they say what you will about guy I’m not getting intodiscourse but well I would just cherish again ought to have that Yuya moment in akamen equestrian recognizes them where you go literally two minutes of an episodemakes you go oh everything I knew has changed build when we die again buildhad that but it was more like gradual like it was like it was little like one-twopunches he’s like oh this is happening I was kind of golden build yeah it wasamazing I adored I’m built but I miss like a mix of that with precisely amoment where someone’s it’s just like just has this like I like I want to feellike I wasn’t expecting something and maybe that’s why I’ll probably to go offto peace with exactly lead to air 1-0-1 material I’m gonna go bankrupt for the toyschat on youtube if you want to say something for now I’ll I’ll post yourcomments on the video once I edit it togetheralright well for my final concludes I to resemble the past three yearsI hope 0 1 is good it’s the first season of the Rae WA era so like I’ll get thatit’s having germinating sufferings that it still needs to like get into the rainbow feelwhatever that’s gonna be because so far it seems like it’s gonna be a hey sayphase 3 which is my biggest concern I hope it’s not a hey say time 3 under anew epithet so I hope it’s good and we’ll wait tosee when the when the season’s over oh can I have a meme a sec you know likehow double started and it was like 2 in 1 and then I was come earlier than thatcouple parties like perhap it’ll be three in one I shall be determined by that’s what shouldset ray irrigate sound is every season it’s just announced 0 1 then 0 2 and 0 3 butthey’re completely different seasons but it’s just more equestrians by the time we goto the 10 th anniversary it’s just 10 parties in two decades like oh I can’tdeal with this again soldier it’s true oh my gosh Kent okay I’m gonnableep that whole convict out meta all right well thank you everyone forjoining the slice tree thank you carne and meta for affiliating methank you I watched ryu kendo hang a serviceman ofculture good light everyone

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