Kamen Rider ZO: The Perfect Introduction To The Franchise

it's Kamen Rider's 50th anniversary and some 
exciting projects are in the works for the   future which include a Kamen Rider W sequel anime 
which is getting dubbed in english by Funimation,   Kamen Rider black reboot known as black sun 
and Hideyaki Anno Shin Kamen Rider continuing   his Tokusatsu takeover after Godzilla and 
Ultraman awesome stuff is coming to Kamen   Tider so naturally newcomers are going to come 
in and ask where do i start with the franchise   well if you're in America the first series and 
Kuuga are legally available in the us through   shout factory tv and that's about it you'll 
have to rely on fan suburbs to get most of the   franchise's content in English not to mention 
each series is around 45 to 50 episodes which   is daunting for a newcomer especially if they 
aren't sure they're gonna like it however Toei   has been uploading the first two episodes of each 
Kamen Rider show on youtube and recently they've   uploaded Kamen Rider ZO a 40 minute long movie 
made in the 90s when Kamen Rider didn't have a   full show and just released the occasional movie 
signed out this isn't the film's first time being   released in America as it was released here 
as a Sega Cd interactive film back in the 90s   ZO was directed by Kenta Amiya who also designed 
the monsters for the film this man is a legend   getting his big brick designing characters for 
coming under black and black rx and eventually   going on to create the garo series in the 2000s 
so without further delay let me blab your ear   off about why kamen rider ZO is a phenomenal 
film and a great introduction to kamen rider.   Kamen Rider ZO follows Masru Aso the 
civilian identity of ZO as he receives a   mysterious message to protect a young kid named 
hiroshi from monsters known as neo-organisms   there's a lot more to the plot than that but i'm 
not going to spoil it however from the synopsis   you might grown up the focus of hiroshi since 
he's a kid but he's actually a good character   with a cute big brother dynamic of ZO which is 
relatable to anyone who grew up appreciating a   superhero towards the end of the film he actually 
gets some surprising moments of emotion when he   confronts his dad who's related to the big evil 
scheme in some way as for ZO himself he's a cool   determined hero who embodies all the traits of a 
standard commander really well from the tragedy   of his backstory to using powers usually meant 
for evil for good and a determination to protect   others he may not be the most complex character 
in the franchise but he sure is a great one ZO wouldn't be as good or well regarded if 
it weren't for the aesthetics and effects   work this story is great don't get me 
wrong but it's elevated by everything   else this is a gorgeous movie from 
the horrifying monster designs that   are treated as such to the eerie set design 
to the cinematography of the whole movie not   just action scenes with a killer musical 
score further enhancing the mood of each it's some of the best aesthetic work kamen 
rider has to offer kamen rider Zo is a movie   that i found hard to review and describe as it 
really needs to be seen to get it but if i were   to describe it ZO is a great crash course into 
what makes Kamen Rider great from the themes   of science and justice to the thrilling action 
scenes and amazing special effects worked on   display and now with the youtube release it's 
easier to access than ever not to mention it's   only 40 minutes so if you even have the slightest 
interest in Kamen Rider please check this film   out it's still a great watch if you're into the 
franchise already though with all that being said   i hope you enjoyed the show make sure to tip 
your waiters and i'll see you in the next one

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