#Kamenrider #kamenridersuper1 Review Pertarungan Seru Kamen Rider Super 1 VS Terror Macro

Review Exciting Fight Kamen Rider Super 1 Vs Terror Macro Hello, Hello Everybody Welcome How are you today ? Especially Kamen Rider Fans, Nice to see you all This time Me from Deddy Kurniawan channel Want to discuss one the best fighting in The Kamen Rider Showa Series This fight, Kamen Rider Super-1 vs Terror Macro This fight happened on episode 23 The Fight is very exciting, throughtout the film only show how fight goes Fight between Kamen Rider Super 1 with Terror Macro With course envolving other related parties between two camps the audience seemed treated to tension for tension endlessly to the end In Beginning without further ado, the audience was treated to scene Terror macro who is the highest leader of the kingdom of Dogma turns out to be able to transform into a creature called the Emperor crow immune to any attack at him Oki Kazuya or Kamen Rider Super 1 ignorance of abilities Terror Macro this then backfired for Oki Kazuya or Kamen Rider Super 1 The attacks he carried out were both physical and strength of his five super hands it was as if there was nothing in front of Terror Macro everything can be handled and Oki Kazuya himself was helpless in the presence of this super Terror Macro In the end, Oki Kazuya found out the ability of this Terror Macro that is not susceptible to all attacks finally became discouraged finally just imagine of all his attacks none of them work and he is instead laughed at by Terror Macro with a chuckle And at the end of this first battle, finally Terror Macro launched the final attack make kamen rider super 1 suffered a serious injury Kamen Rider Super 1 finally fled from the battle arena because his feel unable to fight Terror Macro who have the ability of Immortality and finally he was found by his teacher Master Genkai, Benkei, and several of his fellow disciples what then happened was a battle that was originally just like a one by one fight between Super 1 and terra macro finally turns into mass fight Fight between Dogma Kingdom with shaolin temple master Genkai victims finally fell one by one both on the sid e of the Dogma kingdom and from Shaolin Temple Genkai Kamen Rider super 1 which is still in the recovery process due to the Battle of Terra macro Got to see his fellow teachers fall down one by one tragic he could only watch it without being able to do anything about it and in the end he too must witness His teacher Master Genkai was killed by Emperor Crow or Terra Macro But before dying teacher Genkai had time to give hint to super 1 How to defeat Terra Macro has a weakness, namely on his right shoulder is a point of weakness it turns out to be not exposed Water of Eternity at the time Terra Macro asked the power of Immortality to the God of Crow due to known weakness point Super 1 then launched all his attacks towards the weak point making Terra Macro precisely what is now helpless due to the attack from the Super 1 and in the end Super 1 also launched the final attack, namely a super hit toward his weakness Terra Macro The power of this crushing kick finally made Terra Macro lose Ho oray and give victory to Super 1 because Terra Macro defeat is of course the era of glory the kingdom of dogma ended its place was later replaced by the dogma Jin kingdom ordered by Marshal Demon Okay, the YouTubers get here first, so we will meet again in the next discussion together Channel Deddy Kurniawan Ciaoooo

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