Lagu Kamen Rider Zi-O Opening「Over Quartzer」By: Shuta Sueyoshi Feat ISSA

[ Instrumental]~ Translated By: Vina ReynaMeysaModerator Ooh Yeah,~ Ouh, Ooo … Catch In An Instant Are You Ready?, That’s where New History Feels Nya! Feel it !, Use your Light to speed up !, Let’s Keep Walking[ 2x ]( To the Sky) Future. Now Overtz Quartzer, Let’s Spend Time Together, You Are Quartzer, Never Quartzer, Let’s Move To The Future !!!… Lies can’t lie to the future, feel it in your feeling!, Future Nexus! NOW! Overtz Quartzer That Enchanting World Fascinated Me …, Fate Starts Asking You, Can You Do It ?, Can You ?( This Is Crazy !). No, There Is Only One Answer, Listen!, Believe In Yourself … Run As Fast As Possible Until The Last Second, Surpass All Obstacles, Yes My Lord …[ 3x], Yes/ No ?, Yes/ No ?..

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