Mainan POWER RANGERS Ini Masih Bagus Juga – LUCU BANGET !

this yesterday's toys collected together together yes waw lot push the switch ell can or not? boxing! boxing! keep what toys again? transformers Let me see changed! transformers bumblebee transformers continue next batman batman can sit not 'ell'? can can sit hahahahahahaha ow yes What are you batman? What are you doing? sleep well ow sleep well this batman toy is long there is a switch, to turn on the light this is the lamp it lights up ha ha ha this is not from BANDAI but a toy from CHINA similar to the original yes wah power stonenya is gone enter 'ell' push this is a lamp lights are small but flame the lights are on then what toys 'ell'? GOKEIGER wooooo this? ha ha ha ha this toy is still good who knows this toy? these toys belong to a power rangers megaforce waaaaww
how to play how? this is the key yes? already turned on yet? turn it on how? How? ow there ya? ow these are power rangers from america waw heeeeeee it's a toy belonging to power rangers but why is the dress spiderman? LARICS confused! wkwkwkwk ok, this is a power rangers megaforce changed! changed! waw has changed huh? the mask is not there, his face is still like this You want to wear the mask? you've changed wear mask 'ell' if here look wear mask it's wearing a mask, loose 'ell' off the mask change again! waw power rangers 'ell' ok waw very nice toy this This toy is old but still good This is an American power rangers, I think after this there are video of difference of america and japan toys like this there are 2 types there is a big one, if this one is small, if the big one is better.

The key? the key is great too many? many too. this saklarnya here 'ell' if pressed here waaaw
it's here 'ell' the key? two yes 'ell'? the only power rangers megaforce ok after this what 'ell'? hot weels hotweels that have been a long time ago this is at uh uh uh this is not broken lho 'ell' not damaged lho 'ell' waw not broken yes this can not be broken, it's great toy this car not broken too the garuda warrior bima x ha ha ha ha bima x tired and dizzy ha ha ha ha if bima x same batman different if batman can play his hands and feet if bima x this is made of rubber so can not be like batman if the transformer is just a hand that can move this is a McDonald's gift how 'ell'? Hehehe why kayak so hahaha not hit after this what else? so we should be healthy sport like who? like master crab it will be healthy like master crab this is a gift from KFC if this spongebob run Spongebob is usually invited to LARICS STUDIO yes who laughs HEHEHEHEHE laugh patrick patrick how to play? How to? wow behind the hole ha ha ha ha his ass stuck here dizzy not later patricknya? dizzy after this there? squidward squidward again bathing, it's no tool it looks like he sports shower yes ……

Can stand waw can muter-muter good yes after this there? it belongs to power rangers as well ow super sentai this there is his voice this? waw it's his power rangers as well wear 'ell' turn yellow changed! if this is an old toy too. already a year of this toy. been a long time hehehehe spinner this how to turn on how 'ell' there is bluetooth and spikernya bluetooth to play music for this music then there? maunan to play marbles how to install the helmet? fall down be careful 'ell' hallo ….

BHA …. wear this helmet Let me see cute yes cute like a mouse like a mouse? ha ha ha ok this toys 'larics' that have long been used but still good this is the best one best yes nice changed! ok. da da ha ha ha ha do not forget to watch other 'larics' videos yes do not forget toy and laugh ha ha ha ha.

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