Opening Kamen Rider Build(Be The One Pandora Ft Beverly) Lirik

I will keep walking straight And follow the only footprints tonight extremely This wander has no end, but merely you This journeying has no end, but merely you Who is waiting for me somewhere with your same smile There you will … Be one, be one All right! Because we can’t give up on Earth tomorrow Be a knight, be a knight! Good! We can be strong, so don’t give up on love Save something and espouse him Touch his center, reach out and transmit the contents Be One, be a knight! Say it and oblige our sense reverberate The most important thing to do is to live being There is no choice but to live and move forward tonight This backbone and tenderness is better than yesterday Everyone feels as if they are getting older There you will … Be one, be one We will Surely hoping for the sunrise to rise for the next Be a Knight, be a Knight! We will We will Connect the future and face the past Let’s continue to live in the moment and don’t forget There are supernaturals and co-occurrences, like the sunlight and the moon Be one, be a Knight Carve and give our content La la la~ You are likely to be the one You will be one Yeah Be one, be one We will We will create your entirety thought Be a Knight, Be a Knight! We’ll turn darkness into brightness, yeah Lead you to that light-footed Be a knight Oh, “youve been” the Light Be one, be one You will be the one We will create a path

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