PERFECT BEYBLADE! Spriggan Requiem .0.Zt Starter (B-100) Unboxing & Review

What you have been waiting for Today, I will unbox Let's see the box The box is in black, means it's a Left Spin Beyblade But Springgan Requiem can change mode left to right spin, vice versa It's a Balance type Beyblade and it's a starter set Meaning, launcher will be included And in this set, we will get Light Launcher LR Let's see the top It seems, Spriggan Requiem is a combination of 4 Beyblades Let's see the back It has Layer, Core Disc and Driver. No Frame included This is the God's Ability. I will explain it later Let's unbox! These are what we will get in the Starter set Which are the Let's see the manual It explains how to setup and play the Beyblade If you have problem, you can always refer to the manual Next, the sticker Wow surprisingly , the sticker is not for the layer. It's for the Launcher Meaning that the layer doesn't need stickers So awesome Let's see the layer The layer much like Legend Spriggan which can change into both L & R spin modes But now comes in a rounder design with rubber parts Like Drain Fafnir It also has a non-removable Metal God Chip in the middle of the double-bladed axe design to make the layer a bit heavier It's a color combination of white, gold, red and blue Spriggan Requiems’s God Ability: SHIN-Dual Spinning where 真shin means True Let's see the back Wow, gold color We can change the mode here To change the mode, like Legend Springgan, you need to use the winder Place the winder at center and spin until you hear the "click" sound You can see the R and L indicator here The indicator is at L, means it's in Left mode Next is the core disc Core Disc number 0 You can see the number 0 here Core Disc “0” (Zero) is THE HEAVIEST core disc in God-Layer System and probably the BEST core disc for stamina due to balanced design with high Outward Weight Distribution Due to it’s heavy weight it is also recommended for attack the round shape grants Life-after-death effects as well However due to it’s heavy design, it has a higher risk to burst itself too.

Next, the driver, Zeta Driver Zeta driver like most balance type parts. Like Trans Driver it features mode-switching gimmicks The tip can be manually changed to Defense, Stamina and Attack mode. Now it's in Defense mode To change mode, just pull up the tip, and move the tip and side you like Now it's in Attack mode Now it's in Stamina mode After you have selected which mode you like, just push back the tip until you hear the "Click" sound In a match, you can’t change into other drivers but with Zeta, you can change the mode and play like a different driver Lastly, the light Launcher LR with the LR long winder The launcher is the same as Legend Springgan, just the color is different The differences is the winder The winder is longer Let's compare with Legend Springgan's As you can see.

Spriggan Requim's winder is longer The longer, the better You can insert in any slot depending on Left or Right spin Beyblade type Time to battle I will battle with Jakuzach I will be using Jakuzach will be using Wow! Such an EPIC battle Springgan Requiem is the BEST It's what you have been waiting for I will announce the winners of the previous video 2 winner will be chosen And the winners are… Congrats to the winners To whom did not win, don't be sad and give up…as I'm doing another..

The winner will win Let's see who the luckiest to win this Beyblade 2 winners will be selected To win, please make sure to follow the rules as it seems many did not follow Okay guys, how's the video? AWESOME right? This Beyblade is the BEST What you waiting for? Go to the nearest mall and toy shop. Or you can just buy online. I will provide the link at the video description and pinned comment For more information on Beyblade in Malaysia, please like this facebook page and subscribe this youtube channel If you like this video, please See you on the next video Bye bye

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