Power Rangers – A noob’s review PART 1

Translation/Chen Yixin Correction/Timeline of Fresh Milk/Jing Zhai Please listen to A Zhai’s confession. I have never watched "King Kong Warrior". That is to say, I have only watched some clips and
never watched the whole episode, but everything is about to change. I am about to Watch "King Kong Warriors"
and share my first impressions with you. Remember, this is the first time I have watched "King Kong Warriors" and I am already an adult. I will never go back to the past and watch as a child. Many fans like
to watch it in a nostalgic and emotional way, but I still have a personal history and experience of this work. I was wrong in the past, and I am happy to share with you.

If you are a fan of this work, I may not be able to bring it. You have any new knowledge, but I can give you another unique point of view. If you are just like me, you are welcome to share my findings. When this work was first launched, I knew that its charm is extraordinary and popular. "King Kong" or "Ninja Turtles" I loved this kind of action movie when I was a kid at the time, but for some reason, I missed "King Kong Warrior". Maybe my mentality was a bit too mature at that time,
or I was busy watching horror movies and monster movies. Indulging in something usually means that you miss other things and I have a tendency to deliberately ignore the latest trends.
I am tired of the new trends. I only remember that this was the trendiest Halloween costume at the time.

This was the real Halloween film in 1994, when my brother’s brother was wearing it. When I came to the party in this costume, I just thought "Oh, that's the ridiculous "King Kong Warrior"". Even "Ninja Turtles" when I first heard it, I thought it was too stupid. "King Kong Warrior" some kind of patrol What do you mean by "transforming"? I thought it was morphine if I didn’t read it carefully. I decided "King Kong Warrior" as a children's album and discarded it as if I was mature and cool. I want to watch the Godzilla movie . I regretted it once. It happened a few years later, when a group of friends and I were sitting watching TV.

I accidentally saw "King Kong Warriors". But it was a momentary thing. I only saw a huge robot
and Monsters in rubber costumes are fighting in the city. My friend joked,
"It's that ridiculous "King Kong Warrior", it's fake enough." I sat there, thinking "God, it looks exciting." It looks like a Godzilla movie. I didn’t expect it to be different . I was the only Godzilla fan in the 1990s.

I didn’t know half of my friends who liked this stuff. But this fact is even deeper. My enthusiasm is wearing a rubber suit. The monster is all in life, do you think it's fake? [ __ ] you, wait, you said that the most popular TV series are full of monsters in rubber suits. This hit me a lot. Do you know what I was doing when "King Kong Warriors" hit the show? I ordered the latest Godzilla movies
and other unpopular monster movies on CDs and videos from Japan.

In fact, I can see new monsters every week as long as I turn on the TV , and then I learn the amazing facts that make me thoroughly familiar with "King Kong Warriors". The news is that this series was filmed in Japan, but the next time I watched it, I found a group of teenagers who look like situational comedies. This will never be the same drama. It looks like a copy of "The Bell for Help". It looks dull and stupid. It’s not the stupid way I like.

This is definitely not a Japanese movie. It looks like a totally American movie. So I was confused and decided to continue to ignore it. With the advent of the Internet generation, I gradually realized
that "King Kong Warriors" really suits me. But the series have been released for so long.
I want to start chasing dramas now. It seems to be difficult and the demand as an adult is increasing day by day.
I wonder if I have missed the opportunity. Is "King Kong Warrior" still attractive to me? I have to find out if this drama has been in my film list for many years.
Now I finally come to research and study first to check whether it is made in Japan or made in the United States.

Obviously both are generally speaking. The monster scene was shot in Japan. The scenes of teenagers were shot in the United States. It makes sense, etc., but the scenes in Japan are all recycled from a completely different album
"Super Sentai Series". The recycling and reuse is becoming more and more complicated, that is to say, there are two differences. 'S albums exist at the same time
and are still on air to this day . Does this mean I have to watch "Super Team Series" too? "Dinosaurs and Beasts" definitely depends on God, now I want to watch both of my albums. I feel that my responsibilities are multiplying as slow as giving birth to twins. "Super Rangers" has been filming since 1975 and continues to release new works today. This series has been shooting for 42 years. I can’t do it anymore . The story structure of the “Super Ranger Series”
is that a group of ordinary people transform into superheroes. They wear specific colored costumes to
save the world from the clutches of evil monsters. This setting sounds like “King Kong”. "Warrior" is no different from "Kamen Rider Series"

The original works of the two works are the same person. Basically, as long as there is a group of people wearing knight suits tumbling in the air
with explosions and lasers and beams shooting everywhere, you will understand. This drama is absolutely awesome. Have you ever watched "Electronic Splitter"? That drama is awesome and "Toei Spider-Man" Yes, Spider-man plus giant robot "Ultraman" is the starting point of everything.
This series of albums was launched in 1966 and is still on air today.

Producer Eiji Tsuburaya is a special effect. The ancestor of Godzilla
thanked him for creating Godzilla. Godzilla once fought side by side with Jet Jig.
This is a character similar to "Ultraman". Godzilla also appeared in many episodes of "Meteor World".
Others are in Godzilla. The characters in the series have also appeared . The same type of Japanese superhero albums including Ge Gang and King Gidola gave birth to "King Kong Warriors" are
also intertwined with the Godzilla series.

If this is not complicated enough, these series are classified as special films.
It includes all the movie categories that use a lot of special effects, such as giant monster movies, which I always call big monster movies. In addition, there are superhero series such as the human monster movie "The Manster" and "Super Team Series". Cosmos films such as Cosmos Horse 3" and the "Mecha" series where humans operate giant robots, such as the "Gunhed" and "Mechanical Titans" series and above, even merged with the Godzilla series to
give birth to the role of mechanical Godzilla. The machine Gidola then moved on to the combined robots that played a major role in the "King Kong Warriors". The robots combined to form larger robots such as "Sacred Warrior" and "Transformers". Now it involves the animation field. Animation, my god, I'm done.

You know , when I talk about this type of stuff, I can’t stop. I’m like a drunkard. At first I performed well but now I can’t control myself. I have to calm down. Now we’re talking about "King Kong Warriors ". Just watch the first season and it won’t be more. Just watch the first season to see if it’s good on Netflix. When we find it, let’s see if there are 60 episodes . Is there so much in the first season? My goodness, I have to find someone to help. I have always wanted to learn about "King Kong Warriors", but the structure is too large. I decided to watch the first season. Alas, I didn’t expect there to be 60 episodes .

The lazy bag Linkara, thank you. Once I argued with this guy,
who will win the machine, Ge Gila and King Kong War God. Although I don’t know what King Kong War God is. Anyway, he knows everything about "King Kong Warrior". Let me see what he gave me. Lazy bag Do I need this lazy bag? The first season on Netflix has two versions , the original version and the re-collected series. Do I have to watch both? Actually it’s almost no difference. To be honest, I don’t think there is any need to watch the
same content of 60 episodes twice in order to watch the explosion. Fortunately, I’m going to start watching "King Kong Warriors". This was originally going to be watched every week for the past 20 years. After reading it in one go, wish me luck! Come on! come on! King Kong Warrior….

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