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hey guys welcome back to my second video my second toy review or with my new backdrop um if you haven't saw my in-depth Samurai Rangers toy review this will be M my permanent figure reviewing place for one of my my dad's alright so as you can see today I'm reviewing our mm comment at a tiger now I've reviewed this toy once already that was a while ago and they are an M two part special um which part one was blank form the part two was this guy uh keep in mind after the great cleaning that my of my room that my dad did but I was gone over the summer last summer he threw away a lot of my stuff including blank form I'm happy that you didn't throw this way though so that's cool so I'll be doing a review of this uh since it's now in better lighting and got the backdrop and everything so it all should be good so I'm sorry for the glare from my computer screen my it'll it will dim soon so once it does not going to mess with it I know the camera stolen so I have the box right here it's pretty nice that's a nice artwork of Tiger down there in the corner coming our Yuki a match our Tiger RM Rider and monster series number eight over there in the corner there's um you got the 15 Ricky point sticker up here which I gotta really know what the B key point system is but okay up here on the corner again it says it comes with three Advent cards I'll also be showing out there other stuff the figures obviously this blatant here this is where the Evan cards were they are in my binder I will show you them on these sides here if you zoom out besides you have picture of Tiger blah something on the other side on the top you have his Advent beast dust Walter same thing on the bottom there's this welder so lots of cool neat stuff going on in the packaging in the back is my favorite I love the backs of the iron in packaging because it's just a lot of random stuff going on so you got everything that is being displayed here you got everything that comes in the set got his Evan B's in the back him you got him on displaying the dust claw or strike event and then um every rnm package has the featured figure in your box I'm displayed with another figure in the series so this one is axe fighting survivor you can use so that's pretty cool Iraq's Tiger at night sorry so enough talking about the box when you get this figure open so the Box aside for a second let me get out the three Advent cards I think it includes give me a second okay so it includes these three Advent guards yeah a strike vent dust claw chimera tiger character card and that's Walter unfortunately did not have a um Japanese drag visor so I cannot show you the sound so sad face so okay so here's the figure itself very shiny and silver it's very cool looking um very nice display piece you have to say this is pretty beautiful looking because uh you know it's been out of Japan they had they have amazing work backs painted as expected all this awesome stuff so it really awesome I always love the tiger armor okay accessories here you have his a X is desta Pfizer which is his a card reader also is a pretty much signature weapon snap get him holding it give me a second here okay there is holding that zest advisor and hit that's Walter up him looking all dusty and there you go there's everything getting a set it's pretty cool and the guy can see that's Walter alright cool so let's get Simon be sent away for a second and go over the figures articulation now keep in mind um his fingers right here came off and I the superglue back on so I lost articulation in this hand for the fit for the fingers so yeah okay head is on a ball-joint can do all sorts of stuff arms can go 360 and they can go in and out it's on a joint with the shoulder pads so the shoulder pad doesn't move I look I just love doing that it's kind of fun I love that effect um single joint well it bends all the way so that's cool 360 at the wrist and 360 up here just above the elbow and two joints at the hand because they're you know the classic so choco tension split fingers 360 at the waist forward back in and out Bend 360 ball jointed ankle so you got a lot of opposed ability here fantastic blows ability let's say that lets go on to VD tailings on the accessory before we go on anything else so nicely uh tiger stripes even though not painted in I just think that um if bandai japan could paint those tiny little yellow eyes they could have painted the blue stripes I don't see why not it's a nice molded in detailing on the x-blade itself on the handle very nice okay now set him aside for a sec let's gone to his Advent East desk folder here he is no yes poseability also nothing in the head I'm going to say that right now but the arms can go or 360 and they have a single joint at the knee I'm at the meat at the elbow and I'm under his claws I'll be with him for a second because we're going to take him off anyway he has a fist I can rotate 360 degrees it's utterly hilarious looking but yeah are the legs I have big problem with because they go at an angle you can see this so you move at an angle same thing with me that's really stupid I don't like that once you know what you're going to do so he's kind of a brick missing waist no head disappointment oh well look onto this guy so let's get his a strike event going here as I drop him pick the desk claws on to his arms wrong on give me a boo-boo boo-boo choice bump the screen and I'm failing there we go you know and yeah reposition the screen because I'm going crazy with a stupid laptop here I'll get hang on you get this guy into a good pose okay let's pose this by the way but yeah so there you go you can have them all with a giant claw weapons and deal like oh I got giant claws that are huge and stuff and it's also nice is the claws actually have articulation in the wrists so that's cool it does go full to kids don't feel like turning them because they'll pop off the arms in there to get back on so yeah e claws of nice detailing as well very nice and so does it figure itself I haven't even talked about the figured uh detail you get the claws off Wow and get the figure no more just static pose shows off all of his detail so okay so as to half with the head I love the vibe always loved advisor in this guy ever since I saw him in the dragonknight opening I was like ah I got it guys such a cool helmet and I always loved a axes helmet or Tigers whatever very cool okay chest piece yeah okay it's got the claws as your shoulders nice molded and detailing on the suit underneath the armor all that stuff silvery here's look at the belt and everything is there even the little designs in all four corners except for mine it's missing one of them you can kind of see the top right corner is missing one of those little diamond thing Madhu's nice detail on the legs armor it's all cool all that junk look the legs are minor extremely loose so he has trouble standing on his own and fortunate the back even has nice detailing although a lot a lot of screw holes are visible but still this collar is nice detailing on it it's just a really awesome ticket to look at he has one of the coolest suit designs for me geeky I think and let me just get these guys in one my step oppose before I sign off why hook the claws back on the desk welder music shake and his leg pops off isn't that wonderful well I try the pose in I'm sorry this is taking a while there we go it's horrible but yeah okay so yep that's our em desk welder and Tiger definitely recommended if you can find them I have until the ROM one of the more rare are enemies to come by I have experienced that when searching for this guy on eBay um got them for $80 took him four weeks to come in because it was coming from Japan I can understand that but um okay um I got some news my uh I did order my combinator blade blazer if I didn't sorry to say this another video I think I did but I'll just go ahead and say the one that I was planning on by those eighty dollars and did the day I was gonna buy it so I mean the end of the day after I bought it I was gonna buy it so I couldn't do that and I got another one for one hundred and seventy dollars and you might think that's crazy it's almost 200 bucks I know I wanted it so I bought it and that that's being shipped tomorrow is coming from Taiwan and the guy said approximately 23 days this is a roughly three weeks actually it's not roughly this three weeks but I'm not good at math I'm sorry and I'm also going to be ordering I'm almost that time ordering on a Commodore Dino master pass and lux tickets set I'll be applying that on Friday so expect reviews of those two things soon I'll just I'll use the last 30 seconds just you guys can look at the awesomeness so these these two guys Advent cards I'll split out looking at cool – poop – cards that's watching and goodbye

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