Review: 66Action Kamen Rider Series 2 (Figures 05-08)

he tubes you can shove hair through a view of the 66 action Kamen Rider to candy toy set and the set features zangetsu melon arms double cyclone Joker and Dino sword form Kabuto Rider form and dark Kabuto now one thing I do want to highlight right off the bat is the fact that Dart Kabuto is a secret figure it is not in a noticeable box my box contained three zangetsu's – double – demo and two Kabuto now one Kabuto is normal and one Kabuto was dark Kabuto I don't know if it is like that for every case or whether some cases might have three Kabuto I'm not sure but as far as I'm aware there's always one dark cowboy toe in a case so if you happen to see these at a local market or anything like that and you pick up a cowboy so there's a chance they might actually get dark Kabuto there's no difference in the boxes so kind of be wary on that but outside of that it's very cool these retail for about 500 yen apiece and they're pretty neat if you haven't checked out the first set um I did review those and there will be a link to that at the end of this video so without further ado let's get started with zangetsu now each figure is 66 millimetres tall hence the 66 action and each figure includes a weapon or two – additional hands and then this stage on this simple little stand that basically you take their feet and plug them in and that's their idea of a stand it doesn't really work I would have preferred since there is some those aren't really slots those are for the ball joints holes in the feet and pegs or just a less complex sort of tamashii stage since they do include a port in the back or Thomas she asked stages so you can get some really cool poses with these on that you can't get with the stupid little stand they include so so I'm get to includes fists hands and then two weapon holding hands to hold the melon defender and the mousou saber now one thing I do want to know is that the Moose LeSabre is cast in black plastic as opposed to blue since some zangetsu doesn't have any blue on him so they went with some black not a big deal just something of note and as with all of these in the first set the head scopes are phenomenal on these they do a really good job on the head scopes now the body isn't bad the body is not as accurate as it should be there's just isn't as much paint detailing on the body and that's what makes the head molds really stand out but we got the melon defender here that's really cool the Moose LeSabre is there as well and like guy and the mousou saber does have a little hole in it so you can pop the mousou saber on to his belt right there and have that chilling out while he uses the melon defender to defend himself because that's what it's for but it has a huge fan of zangetsu I really really am glad that they want with zangetsu before I'm battling which is a kind of surprising to me but still really cool and like I said you can get quite a bit of poses all the articulation of these guys is the same source just do with zangetsu but you have basically a series of ball joints for the head the shoulders so as you can see they pop right out you actually didn't see that because I was stupid and headed off camera but they just pop right off and then pop right back in single joints at the knee and the elbow ball joint their feet are on a ball joint and the hands just pop right off like that and then pop right on so zangetsu is really cool and like I said as a huge that gets you fan I'm really glad they decided to do one real quick so here's hoping for a zangetsu shin or something cool is I love him next up is another favorite rider of mine double in his default cyclone Joker form now this figure includes obviously cycling Joker doesn't have weapons so all he includes is two fists hands and two hands that are holding guy memories so you can kind of emulate maximum Drive sort of thing I guess or pretend that he's trying to do a form change but those are right there as I dropped them in that they're an interesting set of hands but nothing that I would use for displays or anything but here is double and they did a really good job on him doubles a very simplistic rider design so there wasn't a whole lot that they can screw up and there was enough paint allocations here to actually make the double driver painted which is really nice and all of Cyclone Joker's gold and purple accents are all painted as well and as always head sculpt is spot on the compound eyes are a very cool thing in this line and something I really appreciate in of course he includes his little muffler which is just a little tiny peg in a hole so you can kind of tilt that however you want but really cool and as a huge double fan I'm glad they decided to do double really quick too I kind of get him out of the way so I'm really happy with the choices for for this series order a song Joe indeed because we have Captain Rutter denno in his sword form in this set as well now included with this figure you have the den gasser in its sword form obviously as well as the two fist hands one weapon holding hand and another weapon all they can for this hand to both of our weapon holding I just realized that I'm a derp so you can hold the dang gasser in either hand I just went with the obvious right-handed method since I am right-handed and I believe momotaro's was right-handed not that he really cares but move that out of the way as always no hindrances of articulation or anything head sculpt is ace on this I really like Dennis head sculpt they have a lot of molding details up in the crest up here that are very surprising to me and like I said before the compound eyes turn out really good so this is actually probably my favorite of the group in terms of sculpt and head sculpt and everything I think they just did an absolutely terrific job on denno so huge props there obviously the weapon with all these aren't gonna be all that painted but the inclusion is definitely worthwhile since it's sort form and what's sort of warm without his sword he's just denim I guess but of course the back is not painted so you have to keep that in mind that these are like most cheaper toys not painted to the extreme so the backs usually are very much blank and so it's very noticeable on denno compared to zangetsu or double but really cool and I dig the way that this figure turned out and finally we have Kabuto and dart Kabuto which are essentially the same exact mold just painted up differently both actually have the same sort of Wiggly arm and both of these the other one doesn't do it as much but his left arm on both of these figures are very Wiggly I don't know what that is about but copper tells pretty neat not a huge huge fan but I'm probably my least favorite of the group but that's not saying that the figure is bad by any means again head sculpt is phenomenal I like the fact that all the writers have different effects in their compound eyes and they highlight that the Kabuto compound eyes are vastly different than dinos compound eyes and they actually didn't like screw around with it or everything it's legit how it's supposed to be and I really like that secondly they include hands with these guys that are unique like the follow the path of heaven hand right here is included with Kabuto when they could have just gave him default relaxed hands like with his other hand here so that is always a nice touch the Kabuto Ector leaves a little bit to be desired but given how small it is I can understand and the backs actually painted with Kabuto which is nice I can't imagine how crappy that would look with just this black nonsense back here so I'm very glad that they decided to paint that Kabuto is a rider that is pretty simple there's a lot of black on him so they could allocate some paint to the back here and also like I said before some Kabuto are dark Kabuto it's like some sort of weird trap and they did a good job on him too he's got more of a cybernetic red design in his chest and they did a great job tampering that on there now he is very much playing in the back but he is supposed to be so I can forgive that and it's basically the same exact figure said with yellow eyes and less paint applications actually if you compare the two this guy's probably got the least amount of paint on him for dark Kabuto you're a secret and relatively hard to get and yet you're very simple and probably the cheapest to make go figure figure go figure yeah jokes I hope it's still really cool and if you're a Capitol fan these are worth to pick up all that being said I do really like the lineup Zion getsu is one of my favorite game characters so having him so early on is really cool to me double was always one of my favorites so having doubled early on is great to do love denno duel of Kabuto so this set is very much tailored to my interests I think they can around it out a good bunch and the dark cop which I think was a surprise because I wasn't expecting it and until I watched some video reviews before I got my box I didn't even know he was a thing it's a little bit unfortunate that we're gonna have these chase characters maybe I don't know if they're gonna set that up in the third set or not that are flat-out hidden and you can't even tell by looking at the box whether you got it or not it's a little bit weird but hey chase perience what are you gonna do it's a candy toy sort of setup so overall it works I really like these the articulation is ace on these as always the head scopes are great and they're fun little figures for 5 bucks not including shipping obviously so full sets only about 25 dollars so that's not really bad they're opposable they're articulated and I really really enjoy them it's a shame that the stands included can't really support them all that well and you can't really get any sort of poses using them there are a nice place to hold the extra hands though I'll give them that so it's portable it's fun and I really do love this line the third set is announced I don't remember what is in it but I will include that in the description below so thanks for watching take care and have a great one

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