Review: ACSP – Kamen Rider Gaim Drive Arms (Kamen Rider Gaim)

hey YouTube you can sub here with a review of the kalman Rider gaim my arms changed Series SP comin writer game drive arms that was really hard to say somehow so we're taking a step back and looking at in brand new arms change figure that was surprisingly released via normal retail in December 2014 right alongside the TK SP release of common order drive type fruits and this is a reverse this is game with a drive motif and it's just like the other previous Legend rider releases we took a look at that Legend rider SP arms shame set or that was an exs or something like that at a while back ago and this is very similar to that so we have taken a step back and design our pack is just like the other arms change series so it fits right in so if you're only an arms change collector the you don't have to worry about the box being mixed matched or anything like that because it fits perfectly fine with all the other arms change releases thus far and it does advertise tks peak and at the time the latest TK release of machine chaser which is number six so it has advertised new stuff even though it is an older design box and an older design toy line alright so included with this guy is the door gun the doors you and the handle sort of the handle Ken and they're pretty much the same as the ones we've gotten before except they're cast in red plastic instead of black plastic and unlike the others are actually a little bit different so while they look the same their functions are quite a bit different because the wheel doesn't turn on this one so the wheel is stationary and with the door gun the door doesn't open like the one that came with the TK type technique figure so that's a little bit out of the ordinary that it's essentially the same looking weapon that you got before but they're actually new molds because they don't have those features attached them so that's that's kind of strange but it does give you another handle Ken and another doors you to use with your TK figures since right now we only have one of each of course you do have the drive arms themselves which is shaped like drive type speeds helmet which is actually quite detailed and pretty neat I'll definitely give it that they did a good job with with the arms in that mode and here is the all-new gaim base body and you might be thinking why do we need a guy on base body we already have several actually that are all slightly different and that is because of this right up here that's right his head crust is different it is now based off of an R where does more-or-less drives logo as you can see right there so that is kind of neat actually that they went the extra mile with this and made his head crest shaped like drives and that's kind of cool here is the normal release of guy misses from orange arms and as you can see everything else is pretty much exactly the same it even has the hole here for the mousou saber a holster outside of the head crest it's completely the same exact figure so using the drive arms is pretty simple just line up the head with the helmet inside and that will pop right on to the slots right there to give you the drive arms and honestly a part of me just wants to keep it like this because I love the I love the legend rider helmets only over the simple fact that you get this and I think this is hysterical for whatever reason it's like the big head mode in a lot of a first-person shooter video games and stuff like that so it's kind of cool I dig that to unfold it I honestly don't really know where to start you just kind of pry it open and things will unfold from there it just generally easiest to start with the middle right here and that will swing backward this part will swing down and down and forward so we'll handle these first simply slide them down and they will fit right in that groove and peg right in with a nice little click so those are nice and sturdy and of course can still move but we'll get to the articulation later swing that backwards up and and just like that there's an accordion sort of a set of swivels right there so you want it to look like that and sit fairly flush against the flush rather not flush against the back now here's where it gets a little bit tricky make sure his heads all the way down so you got a nice cool drive motif going on there and this parts gonna kind of accordion out and down and around kind of like that so now the instructions actually have a nice little picture of what the accordions supposed to look like it's hard to get in there and look on a camera thanks to all of the armor but I will say the instructions you have a nice picture of that so this is not the most secure thing in the world and actually the – spoilers clash with each other a lot when you're trying to do a lot of head movement they come really close to each other and this part just kind of likes to wiggle around because nothing is absolutely secure so you're gonna end up with a lot of clashing and then most of the time when you're looking at the figures heads gonna get chopped off and most angles thanks to this how bulky his armor is but here we have the drive arms and I have to say while it's overall pretty solid I'm not a huge fan of it this is one of those designs where it's basically just the riders helmet unfolded to make an armor whereas the other ones carrying motifs of their chest design throughout and that's kind of what drew me to those this one doesn't really remind me of drive a whole lot outside of the color scheme in the spoilers so outside of that I wouldn't really necessarily immediately get a drive vibe from the way that the armor is designed obviously thanks to the color scheme the are and the spoilers and stuff it's immediately recognizable as Drive but I just don't really like the way that the armor is designed I don't think it's necessarily the coolest that we've gotten shoulder pads are incredibly bulky they are very very thick thankfully you can raise that up so the arm articulation obviously is hindered in the vertical but not necessarily on the horizontal so that can go all the way down that way and like I said head movement is not restricted whatsoever I can look back as far as you can and he's just lightly touching that spoiler but like I said in terms of actually photographing him you're gonna get in a lot of angles like that where he's just kind of glancing over his big bulky armor but it does fit fairly flush against the back and I do appreciate that with these arm change figures as well so well not the greatest design in the world by any means I still think it's a pretty solid figure I'm just not a fan now to convert it back into the drive arms free arm miss whatever you want to call it I don't really know what that's call is there does there a technical term for that I don't know basically just unfold everything and get that going there's tabs and slots for pretty much everything throughout the base of the armor so just kind of keep pushing and lining up and hoping that everything kind of fits where it is supposed to these tabs fit under there and then these will raise up make sure you accordion that properly just like that swing that up I'll show that those are tabbed on the back and these go under this goes up and around tabs in there and there and now we are back to the helmet and just slide that off stick your finger in there and make sure that a helmet is nice and secure inside and we are back to the drive arms the drive pre arms or whatever and of course the drive arms can be used with each and every arms change release thus far both at retail and premium been a living with about 20 or so different possible driver arms combinations give or take and so that is a lot hopefully I'll be able to photograph all those at some point and get them up on the blog post for this review but for now I'm kind of keeping it with the with the bass game here so overall it's not a bad toy it's a solid release and it fits well with the other Legend Rider arms perfectly fine especially in the little helmet mode I'm just not a huge fan of the way that its overall designed at the end of the day it doesn't perfectly match with them in the armor mode thanks to how this one is a little bit more abstract compared to how the chest designs were trying to Mir the bass rider previously so in that regard I'm not a huge fan of the way it's designed I think the back spoiler is just bulky too you get a double spoiler action going on there and like I said I'm just not a huge fan of the design however it does give you a new door jus and a new handle tend to use with your TK figures so that is a little bit of a drive pardon the pun to pick this up as well so it definitely has its merits it's just not my favorite arms chain truly it's not my favorite legend ride to release and the TK type fruits definitely wins out between the two of these for me so thanks for watching take care and have a great one night

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