Hello Sobat PRUL! Welcome back to PRUL Apa Nih?! I'm Ams, today we review the DX of Kamen Rider Calibur guys, who debuted yesterday The Henshin is so cool! Ankokuken Kurayami and Jaken Caliburdriver Like, subscribe and click the notification icon so you won't miss our newest video What do you guys think about Kamen Rider Calibur's Henshin yesterday? So epic right? I like the standby sound, it sounds like a RPG game, so epic for me and the color is purple ya, feels "dark" Now we look at the box, as usual, at the back side there is a procedure on how to Henshin, Hissatsu and to scan the Wonder Ride Book with the sword Let's UNBOXING! Okay as usual we are going to open the box first, we open the outer box and take out the cardboard box guys! Nah the cardboard box as usual to protect the content of the DX's Not colliding with upper, left, bottom and right (of the box) As you can see there is a lot of content, from the sword, there is the sword, let's take a look…..

Let's take a look at the sword, Ankokuken! It's already included…… And then…….the color is so cool….purple mix with yellow, unique Then there is the Henshin belt, this is the front, this is for put the Wonder Ride Book, if i remember correctly Next there is a lock, the lock is for us to put the belt (strap) at the back, so we lock the belt (strap) with it Nah this is what i mean, the belt, not belt but strap to place it on our hip And last there is the Wonder Ride Book, the Wonder Ride Book in here is Jaaku Dragon This is the Wonder Ride Book of Kamen Rider Calibur guys, purple colored, so cool! Okay let's see the gimmick! First things first, let's take a look at the Henshin belt! On the Henshin belt, there is a button at the top, if we touch it, at the bottom side will pop up some kind like yellow button maybe it's for opening the Wonder Ride Book And the back side………we see places to put the strap Now there is the Wonder Ride Book, this is Jaaku Dragon So it's story about Jaaku Dragon ya, a purple colored dragon, looks like rival of Brave Dragon Because the story of yesterday's episode is same like that The content is the purple colored dragon, cool! So cool! The sound is so mysterious! Let's go Hissatsu! Now we are going to Hissatsu guys! To Hissatsu, scan (the Wonder Ride Book) Now we are going to scan it 3 times, the sound should be different, let's go! The scanner is on the middle ya, not on the tip of the sword

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