Review DX Buggle Driver II (2 , Zwei) & Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat!


Welcome back to Ex-aid toys review! And this time, we got… ~Buggle Driver Zwei~ And gashat.

.. ~Kamen Rider Chronicle~ First, let’s take a look at the gashat. Its size, shape and sound system are similar to others. The painting on gashat’s blade is slanting.

Just like Dangerous Zombie. This gashat can be used differently to transform into “Ride Player”. Who participate in “Kamen Rider Chronicle” game.

Talk about this game. This’s a muti-player game.

Đồ Chơi DX Buggle Driver 2 Kamen Rider Chronus Chính Hãng Bandai | Shopee  Việt Nam

MMO RPG. Many people can join the game to defeat the boss. With many levels. So we can see how the game evolves in KR Ex-aid series. From 8-bit game before, now develops into Online game.

Then Buggle Driver II. About shape and details. It’s totally the same at Buggle Driver I, excepts the color. It’s metalic jade green color. But the sound system is clearly different.

Buggle Driver II’s voice sound is at lower tone. When we turn it on. We will hear that “Buggle Driver Zwei”. “Zwei” in German is “2”. So it’s “Buggle Driver Ver.

2″. When using Bugvisor mode, turn switch on, we got different SE. It’s new and great point of this product. With Gashacon Bugvisor, Which weapon, we chose. Press the button on that side weapon for attack SE.

Press the other side button for Kimewaza SE. ~Critical Judgment~ With chainsaw, we got… ~Critical Sacrifice~ While transform.

.. We don’t have SE when putting the gashat in.

Push A button for transform SE. The SE of Driver is kind of electronic music, EDM.

.. In game, when we meet boss…

The music of that time is just like this. And we just do the same as ver.1 to transform. Put gashat in. Push the button.

We just finish the transformation of Chronos. Press B button to activate final attack. Press it again for finish. Beside the Rider Chronicle Gashat. We can use Toki Meki Crisis with Buggle Driver Ver.

2. About this gashat. It’s used by Poppy pipopapo. Kind of dating game. We can take a look at “The Sims”.

Chronos has an ability that others don’t… He can Pause and Restart game. ~Pause~ The time will stop flowing.

Everything will be freezed.

Only KR Chronos can move. To exist this mode. ~Restart~ People wonder why after “Pause” is not Resume but “Restart”. In programming language.

.. When you change something in software program system. We have to restart whole the system. About Chronos and Poppy’s position in the Chronicle game.

They’re not players in this game. But Game master. They keep the balance for players. Simplier, the hosts of this game server. But Poppy’s just a game guide girl.

Chronos has higher position. He’s the one oversights all players. Also controls the game and changes the number of players. As desired. We got a great news for big guys.

😀 Beside the belt like normal comes along with the driver. It got us 1 more to widen the belt. Which means adults can wear this comfortably. And that’s all we wanna show you about this product. All the great thing about it.

Also the funtions for 2 new Riders using it. Thanks for watching and see you in the next review!.

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