Review DX Kamen Rider Ghost! Ghost Driver – Mega Ulorder – Eyecon Driver G!

Review DX Kamen Rider Ghost! Ghost Driver – Mega Ulorder – Eyecon Driver G!

Hello Everyboby! Welcome back to Kamen Rider TV! Today is the first post of the series that discuss Kamen Rider online. And now we start with DX Kamen Rider Ghost. And we will present about 3 henshin devices in Kamen Rider Ghost.

First is Ghost Driver, Mega Ulorder, and last is Eyecon Driver G. Before we talk about these 3 drivers, we must mention that motif of all Rider is Ghost series is about ghost, soul… We usually said “The eyes are the window of the soul” so that Ghost series are all focus on Eye.All 3 devices relate to eye: Example to an One-eye ghost… an eye dropper-based like a biological microscope. And a very Big eye. And now we start with Ghost Driver. As we knew, this is the main henshin device of both Kamen Rider Ghost & Kamen Rider Specter. Its appearance remember us a ghost covered a white cloth fly around your house.

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So this opalescent plastic feel like white cloth cover a ghost. Kamen Rider Ghost is a 45th Anniversary of Kamen Rider Series, In the other side, this eye also remember us Kamen Rider Ichigo’s Typhoon.About the mechanical movements of this Ghost Driver, It’s somehow similar with Genesis Driver (Kamen Rider Gaim): We set Kamen Rider’s Items into Driver, so pushing the lever, It is same as when we push the lever of Genesis Driver. About sounds, it is also same as Sengoku Driver (Kamen Rider Gaim). It has waited sound, action sound (Kaigan, Soiya,..) and catchphrases for each form. From past to present, DX belt usually have 2 types: Sound available in the Driver and Sound from items outside. This Ghost Driver has almost sounds, almost Forms in film and others.

Except some special Eyecons have their own sounds. When we have this Driver, we can use some tricks so we can see all sounds in this Driver. Advantage of this Driver is when you buy it, you don’t have much money or chance to buy some Eyecons, but you can use some tricks to have all sounds in this Driver. Different from Sengoku Driver, We can only have some waiting and action sounds of some Rider and we can’t have Lockseed sounds. And about disadvantages, the first time we see this driver maybe we don’t like it much.

Because it is so big also with adults. Moreover, the ghost style is so cool but the lever on the right feel not fit in much. And next we’ll look at Eyecon Driver G. As we also knew, Eyecon Driver G in film is a henshin device which has all 15 heroes’ souls. This is the first time that a main Rider use another driver to have an upgrade form.

As we see its appearance, Eyecon Driver G is a big size Eyecon. On the right we have Revol Trigger and left we have resonated Trigger. The yellow color is so light. I must say that the producer use so good in optical mechanism to change between apple of the eye and Grateful form logo. Eyecon Driver G has Revol Trigger to change logo face plate of Grateful and 15 heroes.

Example to Musashi. Resonate Trigger to call soul of a hero. Also use to make Omega Formation. Beside its plentiful sounds, it also has a really cool special feature, that is we can have combine Omega Formation of any number heroes we want. Now I’ll try with 5 heroes Omega formations.

However, Eyecon Driver G has some disadvantages that is we can’t use Eyecon with it to make my own creative imagination. and the the 15 heroes can only go cyclic ordinarily and we can’t choose heroes ramdomly. In spite of that, with its cool appearance and plentiful sounds, This Eyecon Driver G still well-earned to be had in your collection. And last we’ll discuss about Mega Ulorder. This is a device of the 3rd Rider – Kamen Rider Necrom.It is so mechanism and scientific, If we see in total, this device is so look like an eye dropper-based. It because motif in series use feature is eye. So everything related to eyes are all mentioned. Attached to this Mega Ulorder is Necrom Eyecon. About the mechanical movements, the different of Ghost Driver and Mega Ulorder that are Mega Ulorder doesn’t read eyecon from this plate, It only read from this stick outside.

Because of that, Mega Ulorder only has the sound of Grim and Sanzou. And the others only have sound “Ghost! Mega Ulord…

“. I’ll try this with Ghost Ore Eyecon.As you can see, it also doesn’t have action sound (“Yes, sir”). So you see that? It only said “Ghost!

Mega ulord”. Now I’ll test with Specter’s. As you see, athough this is Specter but it still said “Ghost”. Dismiss mention about advantage or disadvantage, Ghost Driver and Mega Ulorder have an exciting feature. That is the contrast in design.

Ghost Driver designs like a ghost, it belongs to spiritually. But Mega Ulorder designs like an eye-dropper-based fuse with a biological microscope, It belongs to modern science. And that all I and Mr. Tun Anh want to present to you about 3 devices in Kamen Rider Ghost. And maybe in the future we will discuss some limited DX of this online.

Example Proto Mega Ulorder or Ganma Eyecons… Thank you everybody for caring and watching. Goodbye and see you again in the next posts of Kamen Rider TV.

Goodbye and see you again!.

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