Review: DX Lock Seed Kamen Rider Taisen Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

he chips you can stop here with a review of the Kamen Rider gaim DX lock seed come and ride our Tyson set so the set includes the haseyo rider lock seed end the show a rider lock CD officially the Heisei 15 rider lock seed in the show a 15 rider lock seed but I'm shortening it because it's easier to say so these are the two lakh seeds featured in the Kamen Rider Tyson film the show of versus hey say thing that they're doing because whatever and so basically in the movie these channels the powers of the legendre rider lock seeds into one convenient little form so you don't have to keep switching them around and such so it's actually pretty neat each of these holds 15 different sound sets which is absolutely incredible when you think about it so altogether we have 30 riders present within these two lakh seeds so without further ado let's get this out of the way and get started alright so here we have the show of 15 riders locks assume the Heisei 15 riders lock seed each features the main rider right here in the show as case it is Ichigo and then around here we have all of the Shoah riders which is actually kind of neat I'm not a huge show of fan but I appreciate their existence because without it we wouldn't have what we have today so we have Ichigo right here in the middle his face is right there now we have nigo v3 Rider Man X Amazon stronger sky rider super 1z cross black black Rx shin uh J and zo I think that's the right order jo j & co are like the same exact suit so it's a if he they're gonna goes I don't remember which one was which but there we go and then on the inside we have the main little fan thing of the typhoon right there and then ichigo's logo right down there so pretty cool it is a black ink kind of greenish teal color to match ichigo's main colors the Heisei 15 Ryder lock seed is orange and blue to emulate gaim a kind of space being right there smack dab in the middle and then we have Kouga agate oh ryouki thighs blade Hibiki Kabuto denno Kiba decayed double those fours a can wizard right there even though the inside is actually really cool we have games logo down there which is to be expected and instead of doing any sort of belt thing up here we have a kind of orange look to it which i think is really cool but it's colored to match the 15 Heisei riders so very cool they kind of implemented that in there so I think that's really neat and the way that these work is actually very ingenious and I really really like it it's pretty neat so if we snap we'll start with the show along if we snap that one off and then on so the LED is working there but my lights are kind of bright so it's a little hard to see but in fact I will do something real quick so you can kind of see this the orange lets itself be a little bit more bright than the red the fact that it shines through the visors of their helmet I think is really cool so basically how these work is the back button here will cycle through their riders so we have if it starts with Ichigo oh yeah so with zo and then Jay well I was wrong and then for the hey say one it actually goes backwards we have I forgot Ichi clears Ichigo right there and start talking over it of course me my big mouth but very cool so it cycles through those and when it lands on one that is the one that you are using so it's pretty neat so without further ado let's go ahead reset that bring in our San Goku driver for the show a lock I am using the guy in faceplate since game uses the show a lock seed in the film so every writer we do will have their transformation sound the arms call and the scosh all day and sparking attack sounds for that particular writer and it takes the transformations on the right out of the rider lock seeds that we have been collecting that I haven't had the chance to review but that's not the point so it makes the rider lack seeds a little bit of a moot point but the attacks are all just generic Scott audience parking instead of the exclusive ones found in the rider lock seeds so you still have a point of collecting those now of course being a deluxe lock seed this also has functionality in the Moose LeSabre and other weapons I'm going to use a mousou saber in third mode for all of these just to show off the charge and power noises and without further ado let's just keep on going Oh me here goes Oh Oh Oh and finally let's move right along to the Heisei 15 lakh seed now for this sangoku driver damn I'm using the boozing game face plate because 15 actually uses two hey stay lock and he uses the rock riff so I figure it was fitting and because I like the sound so let's do it anyway of course this guy has function on missile sabers well Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh so overall I just really really like these I not only do they look cool they represent the entire history of Kamen Rider and only to lock seeds and that's actually rather incredible they use the functionality to their advantage by being able to cram 15 different transformation sounds in there by eliminating the attack sounds by repeating the name and having generic attacks well it's a little bit unfortunate because I would add a ton of Play abilities they were able to cram those in there too it's completely understandable why they couldn't and just having the transformations in there I think is incredible because when these were first announced I was honestly just expecting the name and a generic transformation sound but the fact that they incorporated every single arms transformation sound from every rider Loxy even a bunch that aren't even made yet is really cool and it's a nice sneak peek at some show of writers that are hopefully to come as well so that being said it is an incredible pickup especially if you've been a fan of kamen rider for so long that you can get a nice two little noisemakers that span the history of the entire show the only complaint I have to say is that the back button is quite touchy I've swapped riders on accident very easy just handling it is a very touchy button on both of them so you do have to watch it but other than that the designs are cool the sounds are incredible it's got Musso saber functionality it's got santoku driver functionality and of course because of that you can use it in things like the DJ gun the sonic arrow on the genesis driver as well even though they don't do a whole lot more additional in those toys so very cool I'm glad that they made these it's really neat having every writer right into convenient lock seeds so I have to hand I have to hand to them they did an absolutely fantastic job on these and they're definitely a must-have for every Kamen Rider thanks for watching take care and have a great one bye

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