Review: DX WizarSwordGun (Kamen Rider Wizard)

hey YouTube's you can still be here through a few of the shaman router wizard DX wizard sword gun so this is the main weapon for pretty much all these styles of Kamen Rider wizard it's a sword it's a gun it's magical so it's a wizard sword gun I would like to point out that it is Wiz our sword gun because of puns and with us I don't know but it's funny and stuff so you got the sword gun right here in the gun mode flame style hurricane ring and land ring are include with this so this is a necessary toy to complete all of your four Wizards styles of course you can just pick them up in capsule and candy toy versions should you so desire so on yeah you can do that too all stuff on the back box is rather long because it's packed in the sword mode or at least partly into a sword mode so you got quite a bit of a quite a bit of a big package there then we got big baggage anyway this is our wizard sword gun and it is on right now so let's turn it off lots of chrome it's a lot like the wizard driver in terms of just general design you got the big hand up here that opens up when you pull up the thumb so you can shake his hand they'll tell you to do that so kind of a necessary thing and lots of chrome throughout the barrel of the gun right here a clear plastic right here with LED will be a thin kind of rubbery plastic for the blade components and then a greyish plastic or silver paint throughout the rest of the toy looks really cool and I do like it it's very inaccurate in size a horror toes wizard sword gun is huge it's like in practically huge and this one is very small the gun mode isn't too bad it's inaccurate to the show but it still feels like a nice decently sized gun in your hand the sword mode however if we transform that real quick is very very dinky it's about the same size as the engine blade give or take so engine blade peeps you know what I'm talking about here uh so yeah it's kind of dinky and sword mode but I think the gun mode makes up for it even if it's inaccurate to the show in terms of size and still feels pretty nice in the hand so anyway like I said this comes with me land in hurricane style rings so your wizard ring holder can now look like this which looks pretty neat and my humble opinion so I like that the fact that does come with these yeah it was kind of a kick in the face but it's Bandai you knew they were going to do this so it's not really a surprise whatsoever so go ahead and take these off and set that aside since we'll need those bring in our wizard driver which is on hopefully yes it is and activate the tension mode and the kick strike for the Hurricanes led Neverland style and the kick string there you know so now that we have messed around with those on to the functions of the wizard sword gun so this does take three Triple A batteries one here and two here this one operates the scanning mechanism and I believe this one activates all the other sounds since the scanner chunk is in this big hunk of plastic right here and that's how the batteries are out the power I don't know I might just be completely lying out of I'm up but turn that on you will get a white light right here is kind of hard to see the white light thanks to the white light I'm using as lighting but it's there I promise so every time you fire you'll get a nice change of color from here it'll cycle between red blue green yellow and white so like RA so only one firing sounds so nothing that amazing when you switch it to the sword mode nothing activates when you do that but if you press down the button back here that will unlock the blade swing that around and now you have the blade mode again it will cycle through the same colors but it makes two different noises so that's pretty cool um it does actually make more colors than that which we will see shortly when it cycles through attacks and stuff there is like an orange light a purple light it's a seven color LED I believe so you got a bunch of different little mixtures in there so pretty cool we've got a lot to do so let's get on with it obviously each of these styles has a slash strike and shooting strike so let's go ahead and do that convert back to our gun mode and like I said you just pull the lever on this in the hand will pop up let's get our flame wizard ring ready there's the LED color change I was talking about now onto water just close it like that and reopen it now for hurricane in land so kinda like the kick strike it heads the it hats it adds the element sound before the actual attack sound so it's not that huge of a change but you do get the hehehe the Doh doh-doh the Sui Sui Sui and the fufufu which is always fun as for everything else they all make a generic attack sound so for example let's use the kick strike ring now if you didn't notice when it was saying kick strike that was showing up as an orange color which i think is pretty neat now all of them play the same exact generic attack sound in them it does nothing additional here's big but just to show I'm not going to do it for everyone but just to show that you can do like Selina and so unicorn so they all do a generic attack so on to the slash strikes we have color / bacon and we'll use driver on for the random effect this balance under me yeah so there you go so you get the generic tack and then you have the four elemental ones so it's currently unknown if anything else can be activated in this like copy or something like that so there wasn't a copy ring made yet as of this recording uh so I don't know if it'll make a sound since he did use the copy ring on the wizard sword gun in the show and make two wizard sword guns so it's unknown if it'll make an additional sound in this or not the dragon rings all have a very similar function to the elemental rings so we'll take a look at that once I review the flame style set and of course just for kicks from now on in Wizards bring stat to reviews I will show them in both the driver and the wizard sword gun just so people know what they do even though most of them will end up being just the generic attack sound so as for this toy I actually really dig it I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I do um does the sword mode is – well not be there in fact it shouldn't be there so much I'm just not going to do it um at like it's not bad it's just so so small that it's just not good or not worth it whatsoever but the gun mode however does feel nice in my hand even if it is inaccurate to the show's presentation of how large this thing is but if you can ignore that it is a nice feeling gun toy and I don't mind it whatsoever and the fact that it actually has a full functioning scanner that will pick up all the wizard rings released is an additional nice touch as well so if you manage to pick this up and don't have the driver just yet because the driver still is actually kind of difficult to find every now and then uh then you actually have something that can scan the Rings a grindin it won't scan them as well because it doesn't have all additional sounds in it but I have the capability to do so and I think that's a nice touch that makes us a little bit more of a unique thing for the gimmick weapons so uh yeah pretty cool if you can pick this up I do recommend it it is the only way to get the deluxe Landon hurricane rings the capsule and candy toy ones won't have this painted rim right here it'll just be great plastic so that's something you have to keep in mind overall a very cool toy that I do recommend picking up if you're a fan of wizard so you can check out sugar chubby that compost updates in my reviews and also of course check out riders in rambles comm the podcast being they esto can use in crazy way possible and last but not least you can check out CS toys Japan calm for this and more Kamen Rider Wizard merchandise so take care of have a great one back

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