Review: GC01 – Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Damashii (Kamen Rider Ghost)

hey YouTube sequence mebbe here to review the kalman rider ghost ghost change series zero one coming on a ghost or a dummy she so this is coming on a ghost main base form and this is one of the few ghosts change set releases it actually includes the figure unlike drive where we got a figure almost every single time just the way that ghost system works so we get very few figures this time around but we get a whole lot of parka ghosts so I here's a quick look at the package won't we expect a no window here it's actually just an open face package with the inside plastic bubble there do protect the figure how it works on the side here pictures as a toy in the front suit and show up on top well there picture the toy and a brief description of how it works on the back with an advertisement for gc0 2 featuring musashi ghosts and Edison ghost in a set together and that is really about it this was released October 2015 for about 30 to 100 yen or so give or take depending on where you picked it up the typical price that we pretty much had since arms change at least so without further ado let's go ahead and will not get this open but bring in the actual toy alright so included in the set is the base figure for Kamen Rider Ghost the Gungan saber in its blade mode as well as the parker ghost 4 or a dhama sheet we'll take a look at all those go ahead and start with the weapon real quick just because it's right here it is made of black plastic but it's a nice sort of smokey translucent plastic you can kind of see through it and it gives off a nice sort of ghuli vibe so to speak and I drop it like a stupid it's a little bit inconsistent because I think the weapons in the GC 0 to set are either pure black or gray or something it's a little inconsistent and that bothers me a bit but it definitely looks really cool there's a lot of kind of inside details on that so it looks really cool there's a lot of possibilities if you are a painter to make this look really really nice so go ahead and set to that aside and jump into the figure next so if you have collected the arms chain series or the tire cocon series you're pretty much know what to expect from the space figure not a whole lot has changed whatsoever up here on the face you have a nice compound effect right here it kind of looks like a fencing mask that will give a lot of really pretty effects when you insert the Parker Ghost to make the full helmet there is a full rotation here it's just on a ball and socket joint so you get a little bit of up-and-down movement as well full rotation here is just on a swivel system a swim will add the bicep a single joint at the elbow swivel at the wrist you do have the typical two finger bunches right there to hold on the weapons of note the hands are actually a clear black plastic as are most of this figure a lot of this figure is made of black transparent plastic I mean you can see kind of seeing my finger waving right there right through the body I actually saw that that it's kind of neat it give us a nice ghostly appearance and I really dig that and you got a nice clear plastic coating on here as well too to fully emulate how the suit in the show looks and I think that's really nice as well so that looks really neat lots of transparent plastic even down here at the feet is a little bit transparent so it's really cool it gives it a nice effect I like it a lot and worth noting is the the ghost driver is actually very nicely done all the paint that really needs to be there is really just the handle right here is right there you can't see a ghost icon on there obviously because you're changing the form that would get a little problematic on such a simple toy but um one is molded in there so you get that at least and there's a nice clear plastic coating on the ghost driver to emulate the actual coating could have been a little bit more smokey to give it a full accurate effect but as it stands it's not all that bad so I like a lot what they did the orange nice to continue the articulation you get a swivel at the waist swivel system right there at the hips ice will let the thigh single join at the knee and a bond socket joint right down there at the ankle for the feet so that about does it like I said the articulation is exactly what we have known to expect with these gimmick figures they really haven't changed the mold quite a bit over the years so here is an arms change figure using the watermelon arms on getsu base body since that's like the only one I still own and so as you can see they're about the same height all the same articulation points basically looking at them they're like twins it's really the same exact mold and to further drive home my point here's proto dr puns since he's the one that was sitting on my desk so there's a little bit more differences in the dr body obviously just because of the way that the gimmick worked but even then you can see the size is the same the points of articulation are the same the camera is a little bit off and it's pretty much out what we've come to expect with these gimmick figures and just for a size comparison for something that might be in the house here's a can of soda give me a kind of bit of scale on how big these are they're about 5 inch figures so that's about it for the actual mane of figure let's go ahead and set him aside bring in the park a ghost gc0 2 includes 2 stands that are basically just like a clear circle with a like a pole it's a it's a decorative pole it's a nice looking stand thing that basically just kind of I don't wanna use my middle finger that's rude kind of just slots right into the ghost and they can stand on the little pedestal thing so that's really cool Ron I wish this came with one just in case you wanted to display ghost-like untransformed non transform but without a Parker Ghost and just sort of have all the ghosts lined up right next to them I'm gonna make an really nice display but unfortunately they did not include one with with the figure so well the party ghost really doesn't do a whole lot it can kind of nose me wave it around there is a little bit of arm articulation up here in the shoulder there's a swivel and a ball-and-socket joint connecting it so you can get a little bit of posing with these this is just a soft rubbery plastic so it is very much pliable so be careful where you store this otherwise if it gets all bent up it could stay that way and you don't really want that to happen so now that is really about it before the parka goes how these connect is basically inside of here I don't know how well I'll be able to show it off but there's two tabs right here and then there's two slots just like the arms change figures right there on his shoulders and that basically just plugs right in so to do that do you just flip these up they don't tab in anywhere other than this and ones that I've seen tab but these aren't sewn tab they just fold right up like that then you flip that forward to reveal the ordered ah mushy face and that opens up another little slot somewhere up here in the front of the right up there in the front and that will plug into this little slot right there on the top of his head so you take your figure and you just kind of slide him in and then push down and then keep pushing down to lock everything in place and there you have camera at a ghost what a dummy she and I like the way it looks for the most part it is a little bit bulky these these shoulder sleeves and a lot of thickness to the to the shoulders and the arms so it does end up looking rather bulky but for the most part I think they nailed it pretty decent in terms of design I think it looks nice outside of looking nice though I can't say a whole lot of good about this figure and I know there's people I really like this line and that is fine your opinion is fine but me as a reviewer as a person and not a huge fan of this series thus far for starters the shoulder articulation is definitely very much hindered fix it a little bit in giving this a ball-and-socket joint up here because you can raise the arms still it looks really stupid when you can raise the arms still same with this direction again it looks really stupid but you can do it so that's not a huge problem it just doesn't really look that nice the biggest problem I have is it no longer has any sort of a head articulation because of the way that this is designed you can't turn his head at all no head turning whatsoever you can get a little bit of up and down because of the way that this moves during of the transformation that's it they can't look up all that far it can't look down all that far you get a little bit of wiggle and that is that's it there's nothing else to this so if you wanted to get like a cool sort of side view pose you can't there there's nothing you can do about it really and I I think that's the biggest unfortunate thing about this is that during arms change entire cocom you were getting very posable figures that didn't quite to meet the standards of figure arts but they could rival figure it's given the fact that they were a bit cheaper especially if you gave on sale and stuff like that but these really can't they can't compete and while this certainly is probably a lot more fun you only get one figure and you get all the little parker go so you can display any goods to pitch in mix and match and it's a lot of fun I'm sure but in terms of having a presentable displayable collectible figure it certainly doesn't meet that point so it does a great job on being fun I'm sure because putting the Parker goes on is quite fun I suppose but in terms of like a sort of collectible display sort of thing that people have come to expect from the improving gimmick figures over the years it doesn't quite hit that mark the the lack of how-to articulation is what really really gets me I now I think it was a well talking fighter what the file that I had this the first time I said that really fast and sounds funny sorry what if I but there's there's a way around this sort of and that is – I don't particularly want to do this on camera because it is a pain when you take it off his head gets stuck in there a lot that might just be mean the way that I'm prying it off with my cold dead hands but what I didn't say that so you're back to the figure basically what you do is you take the Parker Ghost apart not quite that apart but now they connect right up here that little tab right there will go through this slot right there and so you can take these apart if you pop this segment back on because that wasn't supposed to come off so if you take apart the pieces of the Parker ghost sorry about that and set that aside basically you can tab these into the back where they plug in right here and then tab in the other side are they tab in back there and so you got the you got the arms situated and then so this segment can then plug back in here and then plug into the top where the head is plugged in and now that that's unsegmented you can now kind of get our head articulation it still doesn't work all that well in all honesty yeah you can raise it up and get some side-to-side movement now but again if you look at it in any sort of pose besides straight on not looking too great there it kind of like a little bit segmented there ghost so it's it's a fix but I still wouldn't really classify it as something that is like redeemable I think there's a lot of ways that they could have improved this figure and this is where like my total rambley review segment comes and I apologize for anyone just wanted demos of this to me I think this would have benefitted from having different segments so like Armour pieces that attached like have the armor the the Parker Ghost in in segments like like this I'm gonna kind of there's gonna be a little bit longer of a video and I apologize for that so kind of if you dismantle everything you can't really just mantle where I want to right here but basically pop this entire hoods section off and basically have the hood in the helmet the back Armour piece these front armor pieces and then the shoulder armor for when it's applicable like Musashi doesn't have shoulders and the base figure basically have little slots and you just plug in the parka pieces as necessary and then you plug in the back and then the helmet would just slot right in sort of similar to the arms chain of series or like this just plug it into the top this would allow head articulation this would allow open a shoulder articulation because the pad right there would be unhinged and you really wouldn't have any sort of problems whatsoever and given the fact that outside of this and this can simply just be attached through some pull on pulls some pegs and holes and I combined them I don't see why this wasn't something that could have been done like because really honestly with all these pieces or they're almost there and the parker ghost would have totally still been workable this could still have a hinge and do its thing so I think that's a little bit disappointing that they ended up going with this because honestly if if that could happen if it could still have unhindered shoulder articulation and still have head movement I would really love this figure and I'd probably buy into it as it stands right now I have not bought G c02 it was released last weekend and I'm not sure if I'm going to continue the the ghosts change line or not this figure despite the fact that I like how it looks in both modes that sort of thing kind of bothers me a lot and for the price of these I'm not 100% sure it's something that I should do here's where you guys come in if you really want to see more ghosts change reviews from me please let me know in the comments if there is enough demand for it then I will certainly look into buying into the line even though there are quite a few releases scheduled and that is quite a bit of money if it's something that you guys want to see then I can't ignore you guys completely so if you want to see more ghosts change reviews please like this video and comment below and we will see what we can do but as of this moment as of this recording I do not plan on purchasing them like I said if you want to see them let me know and I will certainly possibly change my mind if demand is strong so overall like I said it's it's a fun figure I like the base mold a lot they did a great great job on the base mold of the figure the parker ghost looks nice on display and the little stands they look great but the combination of the two is where things start getting messy there's like I said there's a lot of ways that they could have done to fix this and still retain the articulation but unfortunately they did not and that really does bug me for the price that you are paying for the use 3 200 yen is about 20 bucks or so I expect to figure with pretty decent articulation sorry but that's just how I feel about the subject so it's unfortunate that things happen the way they happen because there's a lot going for this figure and if you can look past the articulation I think it is a really fun figure that you probably won't have too many problems with but the head articulation thing is a really big letdown for me given how much I liked the tire cocon and the arms change series figures so it's kind of like a step backwards to me on this and I not sure how I feel maybe it'll pass and I'll end up liking it a little bit more in the future but as of right now fiddling with it for about a week or so I just can't get over that lack of had articulation after you combine the two so that about does it for this review if you liked it go ahead and blast that like button comment below and subscribe for more so as always thanks for watching take care and have a great one bye

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