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hello youtube this is generic JD or just JD and today we are continuing our Kamen Rider blade reviews with the Kamen Rider Blade deluxe bleh router the weapon used by Kamen Rider blade in Kamen Rider blade ah this is a first of all pretty big box for a pretty big weapon looking at the the front of the box again we've got the the terrible border on the box that I dislike blade on the side the blade rails are looking absolutely beautiful on the front all the cards played out in this blade comes with 10 Ralph cards but huh we'll see how many of those are actually show-accurate cards in a moment Bandai logo over here blade logo over here with the sake and deluxe play router up on the top masked rider blade on the side blade holding the blade razor it's kind of hard to get a good shot because this is a pretty large box on the side blade again holding his sword turn it around we have generic warnings shoot cards coming out of the blade razor shows I think actually this is the only cards that come in it that are show-accurate just four of them shows that ah it has a holster that attaches onto the buckle up here you bring this down actually it shows the blade router and the card that comes with from the back that same image of blade holding the rouser and then some things about how the how this thing works so right bottom you see blade pulling a card looking awesome and the browser and cards again so let's get this huge hulking box out of the way and in comes the blade rouser itself which like I said it's a huge sword to stretch out this far just to get the whole thing in the shot it looks really nice guess we'll start from the front side here you've got this knife kind of a glossy blue with a silver along the edges here silver spade here another Spade design here with some really nice molded in designs the same kind of red as you will see on the blade buckle four designs here some gold here leading up to a silver gray ish and then a grey kind of flexi foamy stuff or enough foam rubbery stuff for the blade of the weapon so I guess you don't kill someone with it a nice gold design line by blue for the sides of it it's got this beautiful molded kind of design here speaker right here and batteries right here using the screw instead of the usual push button singing more gray here gold along the black handle more little Spade things here slot for your browsing and then the LED display which just like the Garen rouser the last two numbers are just sticker zeros that kind of look out of place but whatever on/off switch again it has a on a mode and a B mode just like with the Garen rouser one your points go down one your points do not go down and then here is my favorite part of the blade and Garen rousers is that slides right out into the the card holders where you will place all 12 of your cards for easy access and slide them right back in so let's turn it on we will turn it into B mode right now we'll do a mode which I don't believe counts the points there you go same kind of sound as the Garen razor trigger right here in the handle the handle actually fits my kind of large hand really nicely with lots of room to spare that really made me happy so pull the trigger get this kind of crazy flashing sale and again as you can see as soon as the LED comes back up the zeros looks really out of place with the sticker ones but uh I guess it saves you on price so what are you going to do okay sending this down and turning it off for a moment let's look at the cards that comes with get B ah 2 of Spades slash lizard show-accurate very nice standard round squad back for all of them slash slash lizard on the bottom here and again the number of points it takes and a little Spade here that says it only works in the Blazer 3 oh and we're already getting started with filler cards Kamen Rider Blade stayed on the side a picture of blade showing the Spade on his face I guess whatever for tackle ok show accurate very nice tackle bore tackle on the side very nice picture kick locust ok again show accurate looks good got the grasshopper or I guess the locust right there just crazy steroids back legs looks pretty awesome got the Thunder deer another show accurate card which is fantastic looking very electric I guess pretty awesome buckle which um totally not show accurate has blade in his buckle kind of glowing like it's going to blow up which is ok it's a tension belt blade buckle down on the bottom whatever uh router has blade holding his rails were pulling a card out just like he looks like on the box uh who cares not show accurate and then it says say can play browser whatever let's see next we have machine to the picture of blade and his I have no idea what his motorcycle is called no idea but it says uh with a Kamen Rider blade down on the bottom whatever not important we've got one that says rider has him with the sword about the stab it looks like and against his kamen rider blade on the bottom Jack here oh yeah blade and Garen standing back-to-back in an absolute badass pose says blade and Garen on the bottom I like this one even though it's not show accurate it looks awesome ah Queen card which says Lightning says Lightning slash down here has him doing his lightning slash which is one of his finishing moves and then the last one says blast has him holding two cards says Lightning blast which is his rider kick um so that's that out of 12 cards only four of them were so accurate just like it said on the box okay um let's hurry up and get these horrible filler cards out of the way so I can put them back into the box once they came let's start rounding this is kind of awkward to hold and very tiring but okay come in late ah okay great next buckle card and a machine okay great browser Luka Timmy OH which I think means take that or something to that effect machine card ultimate attack or shore kill move whatever you want to call it right there Kamen Rider whatever hero card total meta which I think means this is it or this will finish it or something to that effect my Japanese isn't great next we have the lightning flash card which no surprise will say lightning flash and the lightning blast card which will say gee I wonder what it will say lightning blast okay big surprise there again like the Garen rouser it will hold up to ten different cards in a row and then recite them all when you pull the trigger so if I pull this trigger it goes through all the stuff we just went through then goes back to slashing so that takes care of the horrible filler cards whatever get rid of them um should I put them out of the way hang on one second and here we go thanks to my complete Browse box I have the other cards that we're missing so without further ado let's look through them we've got the three of spades the beat lion line with this huge steroid hands the seven of spades the metal trilobite you've got the badass-looking trilobite I guess digging through the ground again metal the side magnet Buffalo which is the eight of Spades the Buffalo with the huge hulking magnets kind of awesome looking the mock Jaguar which looks like this crazy Jaguar dude of course the time scarab you got the bug with a huge frickin clock on him the fusion Eagle which looks very nice got the Eagle there we'll probably see this again when I get to the rouse absorber which might be my next review the absorb what is a Capricorn thing which is all kind of weird-looking okay looks cool and then finally the evolution what was a carcass at a Coca sauce whatever the thing that car Berto fought in his movie the caucus whatever that's a big bug big bug evolution big bug okay great so when we combine these with the ones that we already got we have a complete set of fade cards beautiful let's get to Rosen and I'll set it to a whoops wrong mode I'll set it to the 50 points so when it runs out I'll show you what happens same thing as the Garen router anyway /so slash beat says beat tackle says tackle kick says kick Thunder I would like to point out that this is a lot easier to browse with than the Garen razor because all the slot actually has a point right here the garand rounds was a little awkward to run it through also worth noting if you screw up routing it then you get the myth just like the Garen razor moving on whoops looks like I ran out of points so I don't have enough points to route this 1200 I only have 1000 so let me just reset it because I don't feel like skipping ahead to fix that yet moving on metal as I recall the the blade rouser actually has left points from the Garen rouser I think Garin starts with 55 blade starts with 50 magnet buffalo muck or maja if you're Japanese not out of points again so let's restart this time scarab and again the face cards on this one just like with the Garen rouser will restore points so fusion eagle Fusion absorb and evolution well hey I've got 99 100 point 9999 hundred points okay well now we have more than enough points let's look at the the combo attacks that this is capable of which I pulled the cards out of the way for now you can do any of these except for the one involving mock straight out the box because mock Jaguar does not come with the set so yeah that's something kind of need to get on your own so let's start off with lightning slash so pull the trigger get lightning flash and a sound effect next up the rider kick lightning blast kick and thunder lightning blast that same sound effect now finally lightning sonic which again uses kiss thunder and Mach or maja and you get the lightning sonic which is awesome so that actually about wraps up everything with this blade rouser oh I almost forgot again holster that attaches onto your blade buckle has the nice pain on the side it's all grader which is kind of annoying the blade goes right into the holster like so the strap comes down snaps in so it will fall out I don't know why would fall out but yeah as you can pull it back out ready for action pretty nice holster pretty sturdy it's a nice thick plastic anyway get rid of that and Allah as I did with the last review start wrapping it up while I off put all these into their rightful places overall again this rouser is a freaking huge but it's also really awesome looks fantastic a lot smaller than the show but they're always going I'm going to take this off screen I'm sorry because I can't fit this into the screen and put all that on there once like any weapon usually especially swords it's a lot smaller than in the show because it's supposed to be a kid's toy and a kid's toy probably shouldn't be a life-size sword but um if you can get past that it looks really nice especially once all the cards are in it it plays out a lot nicer if you have more cards actually one thing that um I should definitely note is that this is the only rouser that can rouse every single card other ones can only rouse ones in their own suits that this can handle any card in any suit so if you're going to get anyone rouser definitely get this one again because of that playability and actually um I completely forgot to um grab cards from the other suits but um if you use the six of every suit on this and rouse them all through at once I think you get what they call extreme shot which wasn't used in the show but it saw thunder fire tornado and blizzard I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to show that off maybe during my King rouser review because I'll need them for for card anyway if I remember to and now real quick all of them in there looks absolutely beautiful very very nice I love how this looks just like with the Garen router and they all clip very neatly in nice stored ready for easy access so yeah if you're going to get any router unless you really hate blade for some reason then get this one because it comes with a nice amount of cards and it can rouse any cards from any suit so you've got that kind of playability that the others don't um as you may recall with the Garen rouser there was actually a car or the Garen buckle there was a card that came with it the wooden rails in the Garen buckle it would only rouse in the blade rails or find play in the garand rouser it will only browse in the blade rouser so yeah I think this one hit like 18 20 minutes to so I should probably stop here these reviews are really long because of all the cards they come with all the deck a driver will probably be the same if I ever do that anyway um real quick thumbs up comments requests subscribe tell your friends and I'll see you all next time once I figure out what my next review is going to be so ah I will see you all next time

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