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hello youtube this is generic JD or just JD and today we're continuing with my Kamen Rider blade reviews with thee deluxe kamen rider blade Garen rouser used by Kamen Rider Garen in carbon rider blade and let me say this box is absolutely huge for looking at the box let's start off our got a nice large picture of the Garen rouser on front cards upon top card being aroused through comes with 12 rails cards got the Bandai logo down here a nice kind of checkered background guys diamonds background here going along with Garren's motif the lining along the edges here so I don't like the lining that much it looks kind of odd but uh it's it's alright um on the top we have a image of Garen holding the router with all the cards stand out it says master I know Darren up here masked rider gar okay masked rider gar it's the UH Garen rounder on one side we have Garen holding two cards in a diamond background here on the other side we have him holding two cards again in the diamond background on the back we have another picture of the browser a picture of Garen doing his burning drop saying you can combine cards for special attacks and showing that its holster can attach onto the deluxe tension belt which we have reviewed in the past up on the top another image of the cards rounding how the card browsing works Garen holding the router and the box contents well not so much the box Hudson's and show the holder and then on the bottom we have again the gun the cards Garen holding the gun this box is so worn down but towards in good condition so speaking of the toy it's a huge box off the screen and here it is the deluxe Garen rouser I apologize if I sound a little odd my allergies are acting up again the summer being over so yeah it sucks anyway looking at the gun here we can see a nice diamond design up on the front again keeping with Garen's motifs have a nice silver this saw green and gold here some more gold going across more of that green silver designs got this black up on top and on the handle have another diamond down here and down here he really liked his diamonds trigger is a black this here is um an LED display that will display your rouse points however the last two digits are just a snicker they do not light up which I guess is fine because the highest anything goes into hundreds so a ten and a zero would be kind of useless it looks really odd though especially when you turn it on on the front mostly black have a nice gun spot various barrel here gold around it and a little spot to connect to the UH I guess pokey thing that he gets when he goes in the jack for and we'll cover that in the rouses over rails absorber review on the other side most of the same have some screws around have a speaker and have an on and off switch with two modes on it a mode and B mode and then up top you can see the cards which we won't get to shortly the Garen rouser and the blade rouser have what may be one of my most favorite gimmicks ever and that is the roused card holder which fans right out just like that holds all of their cards as you can see it's empty right now we'll we'll fill that up in a minute the UH the card holders are a nice soft kind of smoky color with uh very difficult to see kind of imaging on them then you just kind of pop it up they all fall right back into place very nice love that gimmick okay let's turn it on it has two modes I don't know if you can see the two different modes here they're really hard to see turn it one way for the a mode a mode gives you zero round points and when you roust something it just tells you how much points that something's worth so let's grab a card bullet we'll take a better look at those in a minute and you see you get the four 100 because of the stickers see what I mean 400 points for the bullet card if you do mode B you get 50 500 points and each card you used runs down points and once you run on a point you cannot browse anymore which is pretty cool show accurate pulling the trigger does get you a gun sound it's single shot you have to pull the trigger rapidly to get a rapid sounding shot fires as rapidly as you can pull the trigger so set the server here for the moment and let's get to the Ralphs card this comes with it does come with 12 cards which aside from the ACE will give you a full set however what you'll see as we go along first card is the two of diamonds the bullet card bullet armadillo I've got the armadillo one here some Japanese writing 2 of spades and bullet three of diamonds the upper frog it's going to go through these four of diamonds hmm this doesn't look familiar at all yes that's right Bandai actually included filler cards to fill in parts of the deck because they want you to buy all the cards separately so this is dr which shows us a picture of Garen not the card we were looking for let's put that to the side drop whale okay that is a show-accurate card got the whale kind of badass steam punk whale drop it's pretty much the same as the other ones I got the Firefly Firefly Firefly nice pun not the crazy bug flaming back there pretty cool buckle that's another card that we aren't it was not in the show not a picture of Garen and his belt just kind of spazzing out down there put that to the side scope that another show accurate cars have the bat eight of diamonds all that good stuff rouser nope not so accurate it's a picture of Garen holding his razor still looks nice but now we're looking for rhombus with Garen on his uh rhombus what was it called rhombus rounder I think rhombus Ramba something his bike he looks cool still not sure accurate Garen him holding his browser Hiro him kind of on fire with blade the background with lightning and another smash card with him doing burning smash so out of 12 cards only five of them one two three four five of them were show-accurate cards way to go Bandai the good news however is I having a complete round set and having worked in to fill the gaps in that as well do have the other seven cards which we will go over in a minute for now let's round these cards and get them the hell out of here we'll set this over to the other mode so we don't worry about running out of round points and we'll start with VR says change it doesn't cost anywhere else points I bet none of these are going to cross route points so you pull the trigger and it will repeat whatever cards you've had rouse it'll hold up to nine cards in the rouse memory here so let's run a couple through and then we'll see it cycle to them next we have buckle another change rouser that's the bullet card apparently apparently rhombuses fire another change another change way to put some variety in there Bandai okay let's pull the trigger you see it cycles for the ones who valve and then smash much like the card that comes with the buckle gives us burning smash which is both fire and drop together okay now that we've got these horrible things out of the way get rid of them now let's look at the other card these let me make it clear do not come with the Garen rouser you will have to buy these separately one way or another rapid pecker yeah let's get the jokes out of the way now okay so we've got the the woodpecker on here crazy beat thing I guess rock tortoise not the nice turtle whatever Gemini zebra being all cool split in half thief chameleon um ignore the shiny diamond up there that's just because I couldn't find a 9 shiny and non shiny version the fusion key which what's him turned into Jack form we'll see that again in the browser's over review along with absorb Queen the absorb serpent awesome and the evolution jurors are a very good or it's something cool beetle thing awesome so now that we have all of the actual cards let me put them into order quickly okay now let's get on to routing the cards that actually matter start with bullet which we heard a minute ago upper Decker a rather rapid pecker rapid though drop fire whoop then if you don't swing it through the right way it'll say miss as you can see each one has a unique barcode on the side that tells it what card it is Rock scope chief okay see whatever fusion actually the last three cards are Jack Queen and King when you're in the other mode will give you Rao's point instead of take them away puny so um if you run out of Browse points in the other mode the best way to get more back is to use one of the last cards instead of one of the current ones finish this up now I'll pull the trigger and the last ten that I swiped will cycle through okay awesome now let's flip it over to the other mode because we have one other thing that this can do yes as if it wasn't enough already as you recall in the show certain combos would execute finishing moves will set those out such as his finishing rider kick fire and drop together for the burning smash that can be done with ease so pull the trigger get burning smash on a nice little sound effect awesome next up let's do his arm I guess evolved finishing technique which I forgot to grab jamming on I don't know there you are okay which is basically the same ones adding in Gemini burning divide with the same special effect now if you look we have a hundred points left so we can demonstrate try and use bullet which is four hundred points you get that nice lovely sound that says you're out of points so we'll take the evolution king card forty is or four thousand more points perfect so we can use that to show the last combo is a preferred attack while in Jack form and you get burning shot same special effects sound whatever so turn that off and or very quickly put all of these are cards into their slots just to show you how awesome it looks and uh while I'm doing that I will wrap this up because this one kind of uh ran long which I expected because these rousers do a lot which brings me in my conclusion actually as far as the toys go I absolutely love the rousers they are my favorite uh Kamen Rider weapons as of man whoops I would highly recommend anyone to pick these up even if you're not a fan of blade these are really fun to play with I love the playing card motif all of the cards from any of the rousers can actually rouse with the blade router so I mean if you want to get anything at least get the blade razor so you get that playability getting a complete set of rails cards however will be difficult the complete box set of rails cards costs a ton of money usually should I miss one um mine costed they lost I'm not going to say how much and even that was used but um it's gonna cost you if you want to get a full set and even the complete set doesn't have all the cards there's still a few more you need to get on their own once you get a full set though it's just absolutely wonderful I don't regret the huge amounts of money I spent on my blade toys for a second and again I can't recommend the browsers enough sure the belts from blade we're kind of a letdown but the browsers are fantastic and there we go all the cards in there looking badass on the other side have all the backs again looking badass then we just kind of flip up all go in and there you have it that all about wrap it up here Oh almost forgot come just this nice gray holder diamond design just kind of pop it in the right way where's the right way damn it man you yeah I can't even put it in the hole okay put it in the holster this will attach it onto the belt itself whoa sorry and uh just kind of chill there and uh okay that actually wraps it up ah damnit what's been in like 18 minutes by now okay so uh be sure to thumbs up give comments subscribe make requests criticism what-have-you and I will see you all next week

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